CES 2010: 3D Televisions Review

Posted: January 8, 2010
CES 2010: 3D Televisions Review

There’s no denying that 3D TVs have been making the rounds at CES 2010. Kevin Pereira and Alison Haislip tackle new television sets from Samsung, Sony and Panasonic to see what’s in store for those planning on some 3D viewing fun at home.

Samsung C9000 3D LED TV

  • Features full HD, 240 Hz refresh rate and ultra clear display.
  • Super slim design of silver metal and a square stand.
  • 4 HDMI outputs, 2 USBs, 1 Ethernet port.
  • 3D-enabled.
  • Color Touch-screen remote.
  • Price TBD.

Sony Bravia LX Series 60" 3D TV

  • Built in 3D.
  • Comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses.
  • Monolithic design.
  • Available in 2010 for pre-order.
  • Price TBD.

Panasonic 152" 3D Plasma TV

  • Offers 4K2K resolution (4096 x 2160).
  • Full HD.
  • Employs the same technology that will be used for all of their full HD 3D plasmas.
  • Available in Spring.
  • Price TBD...probably not available anywhere near you.

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  • silentshadow867

    Makes me wish I had an endless supply of money...

    Posted: January 9, 2010 10:52 AM
  • derbard

    What about glassesless 3d tvs I know they are there http://hackaday.com/2010/01/09 /ces-3d-tv-without-glasses/ Find them, Kevin.

    Posted: January 9, 2010 10:28 AM
  • Nat1990

    LOL The TVs are awesome however I believe seeing 2NE1 [Korean pop stars as Kevin put it] made my day xD as a Kpop fan I wish to see coverage on Korean Pop Music one day on g4 that day I'd be happy all day long lol 2NE1,SNSD,Super Junior,DBSK,2PM man I could see it now xDD anyways I want one of those tvs xD

    Posted: January 8, 2010 8:56 PM
  • Aerindel_Prime

    If only I could afford one.

    Posted: January 8, 2010 8:14 PM
  • SteveKB

    I hope my dad is getting to see all of this awesome stuff :D he's there for business purposes.

    Posted: January 8, 2010 7:05 PM
  • monkeyzamm

    You guys on Attack of the Show MUST do a gadget pr0n on these new 3d tvs coming out especially all of the new Bravias seeing as how the one I had planned on getting is might just be a waste.

    Posted: January 8, 2010 6:23 PM
  • BBHSbenito

    two of my favorite CES items are

    True wireless tv not even a power cable

    http://dvice.com/archives/20 10/01/teslas-dream-of.php

    and seethrough or flexible OLEDs

    http://dvice.com/archives/20 10/01/samsung-goes-se.php

    Posted: January 8, 2010 5:58 PM
  • fr_A_nk

    The second TV with another TV built in to the remote is the best out of the three well 152' is okay I guess lol

    Posted: January 8, 2010 5:36 PM