Nintendo E3 2009 Press Conference

Posted: June 2, 2009
Nintendo E3 2009 Press Conference
Watch the entire Nintendo press conference from E3 2009, where they reveal new games like 'Super Mario Galaxy 2,' the Wii Vitality Sensor, 'Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles,' 'Metroid: The Other M' and more!
Nintendo E3 2009 Live Blog

Nintendo E3 2009 Live Blog

By Brian Leahy - Posted Jul 09, 2009
[8:39] Brian Leahy: "Man, it's early. Ya'll ready for Nintendo?"
[8:39] Brian Leahy: "Raymond should be setup shortly."
[8:40] Raymond Padilla: "Good morning everyone! Coffee completely rules!!!"
[8:43] Raymond Padilla: "Ah, excellent morning question. A viewer asked my what my favorite coffee was. It's not Starbucks. I grind my own beans at home, drink a cup there, and bring a cup to work. I usually stick to organic or biodynamic beans. Love Sumatra mandheling and Ethiopean harrar."
[8:43] Brian Leahy: "Coffee snob!"
[8:43] Brian Leahy: "I represent Dunkin' Donuts 4 Life"
[8:44] Raymond Padilla: "Brian, making coffee yourself is much cheaper than Starbucks."
[8:44] Raymond Padilla: "Back to Nintendo! It's time for a poll!!!"
[8:45] Poll: What Nintendo franchise to you want the company to go big on at E3 2009?
Zelda:  ( 58% )
Mario:  ( 19% )
Metroid:  ( 11% )
Kid Icarus:  ( 7% )
Eggplant Wizard vs. Brian Leahy:  ( 5% )
[8:46] Brian Leahy: "Zelda better be in the cards. A new DS game is good, but I want a full release that isn't just a GameCube game with Wii controls thrown in."
[8:47] Brian Leahy: "The stream will start up when Nintendo starts. For pre-show, you'll have to tune into G4 on your TV. http://g4tv.com/channel to find it on your provider."
[8:47] Poll: When will you buy Wii MotionPlus?
Now!!!:  ( 18% )
Later!!!:  ( 45% )
Never!!!:  ( 37% )
[8:48] Brian Leahy: "If you aren't watching the pre-show, you're missing Billy Berghammer being a total Nintendo fanboy."
[8:48] Patrick Klepeck:  "Where is the rawmeatcowboy? Show yourself! #e3"
[8:48] Raymond Padilla:  "I'm pretty into Wii MotionPlus. Enjoyed it in EA's Grand Slam Tennis and it made my golf game even more laughable in Tiger Woods 10."
[8:48] Brian Leahy: "Should be kicking off in 12 minutes or so."
[8:50] Brian Leahy: "I'm scared... I'm scared of charts."
[8:51] Brian Leahy: "We have a couple readers that are scared of James Cameron showing up again."
[8:51] Raymond Padilla: "Btw, there should be a new Mario game announced today, according to TheFeed's Jake "The Snake" Gaskill."
[8:54] Raymond Padilla: "For the record, the Ubisoft press conference totally killed me last night, so much so that I skipped out on Jay-Z and Eminem at the Activision party. That's how powerful James Cameron is. Scary, hey?"
[8:54] Patrick Klepeck:  "I'm having trouble imagining what Nintendo can pull off after yesterday's impressive kick off #e3"
[8:55] Raymond Padilla:  "Someone asked what the best way to watch E3 2009 press conferences was. The answer is watch it on G4, also watch it on G4tv.com, and chat away with your fellow G4 gamers!"
[8:57] Poll: Which Nintendo executive are you looking forward to hearing today?
Satoru Iwata:  ( 53% )
Reggie Fils-aime:  ( 37% )
Cammie Dunaway:  ( 10% )
[8:57] Raymond Padilla: "This is a tough one. Iwata-san is very charming. Reggie has eye beams. And Cammie...."
[8:58] Raymond Padilla: "Fun fact: Reggie Fils-aime used to be a marketing executive for Panda Express and Guiness beer."
[8:59] Raymond Padilla: "orange chicken + stout beer = Wii MotionPlus?"
[8:59] Andrew Pfister:  "Trying to decipher clues about PC from pre-show Nintendo trivia on the screen. Failing. #e3"
[9:00] Raymond Padilla:  "I would love to beat up Xbox 360 Milo with a Wiimote."
[9:01] Raymond Padilla: "Looks like Nintendo is starting a bit late."
[9:02] Raymond Padilla: "I think James Cameron is giving the Nintendo peeps a pep talk."
[9:02] Raymond Padilla: "Or maybe Nintendo is being naughty so that people are late for the Sony presser."
[9:03] Raymond Padilla: "It's on!!!"
[9:04] Raymond Padilla: "Opening montage is showing gameplay clips and happy people playing Wii and DS. I love playing games, but I don't sport a ridiculous smile while I'm playing."
[9:04] Raymond Padilla: "The clip was fun and lighthearted."
[9:04] Raymond Padilla: "Cammie Dunaway is kicking things off."
[9:05] Brian Leahy: "The stream is live. Please refresh your page if you don't see it yet."
[9:05] Brian Leahy: "She's building up to a chart. I can feel it."
[9:05] Raymond Padilla: "Cammie's outfit sure is angelic. That's a whole lotta white."
[9:06] Brian Leahy: "This feels like a Steve Jobs speech."
[9:06] Raymond Padilla: "She's spouting that" videogames are the biggest thing evar" rhetoric."
[9:06] Raymond Padilla: "women on planes + uncles = everyone's game"
[9:07] Raymond Padilla: "This press conference needs more Pele."
[9:07] Raymond Padilla: "Mario montage is playing. I'm thinking of the "Montage" song from Team America."
[9:08] Raymond Padilla: "The tesseract comments are cracking me up. Great nerd joke!"
[9:08] Raymond Padilla: "New Super Mario Bros. for Wii!!!"
[9:09] Raymond Padilla: "The excellent Bill Trinnan is taking over. Bill is pretty awesome."
[9:09] Brian Leahy: "Multiplayer Mario?!"
[9:09] Raymond Padilla: "Four people on stage playing the game."
[9:09] Sterling McGarvey:  "NSMB Wii? OH SNAP! #e3"
[9:09] Patrick Klepeck:  "Some serious lack of clapping for a new Mario game #e3"
[9:09] Raymond Padilla:  "Item boxes = an item for each player."
[9:10] Sterling McGarvey:  "This is Nintendo's answer to co-op. :) #e3"
[9:10] Raymond Padilla:  "It looks like fun, but I'm not seeing the fourth dimension."
[9:11] Raymond Padilla: "Oh yeah, there was a serious lack of clapping -- surprising for a new Mario game."
[9:11] Raymond Padilla: "Propeller suit looks pretty cool."
[9:11] Brian Leahy: "I'm kind of underwhelmed. They added multiplayer to the DS Mario."
[9:12] Raymond Padilla: "That's sounds like a poll Brian!"
[9:12] Brian Leahy: "They should be showing off new things besides four players."
[9:12] Poll: What do you think of the new Mario game?
Love it!!!:  ( 19% )
What's this 2D crap?:  ( 38% )
Reserving judgement at this time.:  ( 43% )
[9:13] Brian Leahy: "Why isn't that on DS?"
[9:13] Sterling McGarvey:  "Somewhere in these propeller suits is an ADULT. reference. #e3"
[9:13] Raymond Padilla:  "Launching worldwide holiday 2009."
[9:13] Raymond Padilla: "Playable on the show floor today."
[9:13] Brian Leahy: "Hey, is it time for Zelda?"
[9:13] Brian Leahy: "Oh, Wii Fit."
[9:13] Raymond Padilla: "Wii Fit Plus time?"
[9:14] Brian Leahy: "Separate gaming platform?? Is that because it is, itself, a tiny platform."
[9:14] Patrick Klepeck:  "Moving on from Mario this quickly? Maybe Nintendo has some serious bombs ahead #e3"
[9:14] Andrew Pfister:  "NSMB Wii called "Miyamoto's Latest Masterpiece". New Miyamoto 2D Super Mario...time to revise interview questions, Billy. #e3"
[9:14] Raymond Padilla:  "I know there are a lot of Wii Fit haters here, but it's important for Nintendo to talk about this product in front of the mainstream press."
[9:15] Brian Leahy: "Wii Fit Plus won't call you fat."
[9:15] Raymond Padilla: "Six new strength and yoga activities!!! Project Natal is teh doomed!!!"
[9:15] Brian Leahy: "Six?!"
[9:15] Raymond Padilla: "That's like one more than five! Amazing!!!"
[9:16] Brian Leahy: "This is the kind of thing DLC is made for."
[9:16] Patrick Klepeck:  "This press conference is unusually quiet. Almost creepy. It feels like everyone is just staring and judging. #e3"
[9:16] Brian Leahy:  "Whoa, 15 new balance games."
[9:16] Raymond Padilla: "Oh...it's also a lot of fun because of the 15 new balance games."
[9:16] Raymond Padilla: "Cammie says it's Brain Age for your ass."
[9:16] Raymond Padilla: "Nice one."
[9:16] Brian Leahy: "Perfect 10 - Swing your hips to hit balloons that add up to ten. Math & Exercise, the two most fun things."
[9:17] Sterling McGarvey:  "Wait, Wii Fit will be more efficient? Gotta take on those Johnny Come Latelies. #e3"
[9:17] Andrew Pfister:  "Ms. Dunaway seems nice and all, but we need Reggie Energy this early in the morning. #e3"
[9:17] Brian Leahy:  "Pausing for applause is not working today."
[9:17] Raymond Padilla: "Well, at least it's not James Cameron...."
[9:17] Brian Leahy: "Sizzle reel for Nintendo's current catalogue."
[9:17] Brian Leahy: "REGGIE!!!"
[9:18] Raymond Padilla: "Reggie Fils-Aime and his eye beams are ready to conquer the crowd."
[9:19] Brian Leahy: "WiiMotion Plus time."
[9:19] Raymond Padilla: "Interface is the primary weapon. That's why Wii has been selling like spicy pork."
[9:19] Raymond Padilla: "Little extender. *snicker*"
[9:19] Brian Leahy: "Just looking, you almost don't notice you're ponying up more money."
[9:20] Raymond Padilla: "Physical reality?!?"
[9:20] Patrick Klepeck:  "I want to feel the difference, Reggie! #e3"
[9:20] Brian Leahy:  "If you guys didn't know that Wii MotionPlus added precision. You will now."
[9:20] Raymond Padilla: "Screw this virtual reality stuff! Nintendo is all about physical reality!!!"
[9:21] Brian Leahy: "Also, once again, impossible to make a trailer or video for the Wii without also including some real-world component."
[9:21] Raymond Padilla: "No people, that is not Lady Deathstrike playing ping pong."
[9:21] Raymond Padilla: "I'm digging these promo videos. They're pretty slick."
[9:22] Raymond Padilla: "They totally work for explaining what Wii's about to non-gamers."
[9:22] Brian Leahy: "I wonder what peripheral they will add next year?"
[9:22] Raymond Padilla: "Wii anklets?"
[9:22] Sterling McGarvey:  "My money's on enhanced remote w built-in Motion Plus within 18 months. #e3 http://twitpic.com/6gygw"
[9:23] Brian Leahy:  "Time for stage demos. Awkward stage demos."
[9:23] Raymond Padilla: "Bill Trinnan is back to be demo boy."
[9:23] Raymond Padilla: "Did Bill Trinnan get more applause than the Mario game?"
[9:23] Brian Leahy: "Starting off with Wii Sports Resort."
[9:23] Sterling McGarvey:  "My money's on enhanced remote w built-in Motion Plus within 18 months. #e3"
[9:23] Andrew Pfister:  "Agreed -- RT @Sterling McGarvey: My money's on enhanced remote w built-in Motion Plus within 18 months. #e3 http://twitpic.com/6gygw"
[9:24] Brian Leahy:  "One reader pointed out that we don't know what the bottom of a Mii's shoe looks like... Zing."
[9:24] Raymond Padilla: "By the way, the tweeters joining us are G4tv.com's Sterling McGarvey, Andrew Pfister, and Patrick Klepek. They're all excellent people with impressive karaoke skills."
[9:24] Brian Leahy: "Your hand will feel like its skydiving."
[9:25] Raymond Padilla: "Will this dry my hair too?"
[9:25] Brian Leahy: "But you'll feel even more immersed with the new Wiimote Fan, blowing air on your face from the bottom of the Wiimote."
[9:25] Brian Leahy: "That isn't real, I'm just kidding."
[9:25] Andrew Pfister:  "Guessing Nintendo's acknowledgment/response to Natal will be "you don't have to wait, and we have motion from the start." #e3"
[9:25] Raymond Padilla:  "You know, this actually works for me. My brother broke his spine skydiving (he's okay now), so I'm scared of that activity."
[9:25] Brian Leahy: "Ok, now we're on to Archery."
[9:26] Raymond Padilla: "Wii needs a Green Arrow or Hawkeye game. I'm going to pitch my friend at Marvel."
[9:26] Brian Leahy: "Cool for archery, but you won't feel tension in the string."
[9:27] Brian Leahy: "He missed one. Nintendo's stock drops by 5 points."
[9:27] Raymond Padilla: "All of this stuff is great for the mainstream audience, but Nintendo is disappointing core gamers again...so far anyway."
[9:28] Patrick Klepeck:  "Nintendo is having a tough time with this audience, but they're following Microsoft's lead and showing, not telling. #e3"
[9:28] Raymond Padilla:  "Reggie doesn't need a bow and arrow. He has eye beams."
[9:28] Brian Leahy: "But we had new Mario, Raymond! New. Mario. Isn't that enough?"
[9:28] Raymond Padilla: "New 2D Mario? That's not enough."
[9:29] Raymond Padilla: "Brian, I bet Reggie wins this basketball contest."
[9:29] Raymond Padilla: "And I'm not just saying that because Bill's white."
[9:29] Brian Leahy: "This is my biggest issue with the Wii. It can only simulate sports in the small scale. Instead of a full basketball game, we get a shooting minigame."
[9:30] Raymond Padilla: "Gimme my $5, Brian."
[9:30] Brian Leahy: "I never took that bet!"
[9:30] Raymond Padilla: "Physical reality vs. Milo?"
[9:30] Brian Leahy: "July 26th in US for Wii Sports Resort."
[9:31] Brian Leahy: "Tiger time."
[9:31] Brian Leahy: "I actually really like Tiger. Golf is the perfect sport for the Wii because you don't have to work your feet around and no one wants to simulate walking to your ball."
[9:31] Brian Leahy: "SEGA's Virtua Tennis will use Wii MotionPlus."
[9:32] Brian Leahy: "Red Steel 2 name-drop. Requires MotionPlus."
[9:32] Brian Leahy: "That's not quite a chart..."
[9:32] Raymond Padilla: "Again, most of the people that read/watch G4 already knew about all of these games, so this is more for the mainstream press."
[9:32] Brian Leahy: "But it sort of is."
[9:32] Sterling McGarvey:  "The worst habit I have at #e3 press conferences is when I stumble onto the teleprompter. It ruins things for me."
[9:32] Raymond Padilla:  "RPG?!? I'm interested!"
[9:33] Brian Leahy: "Square-Enix - Exclusive open-world adventure."
[9:33] Raymond Padilla: "Ohhhhh, Crystal Chronicles?"
[9:33] Brian Leahy: "Final Fantasy."
[9:33] Raymond Padilla: "It's Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers."
[9:33] Sterling McGarvey:  "Crystal Bears! #e3"
[9:34] Raymond Padilla:  "No sterling, it's not Crystal Bears."
[9:34] Brian Leahy: "Classic franchise for DS - Sept. 29th, New Kingdom Hearts - Roll trailer."
[9:35] Raymond Padilla: "Okay, I'm totally down with Crystal Bearers and Kingdom Hearts for Wii."
[9:35] Brian Leahy: "Kingdom Hearts for DS, Raymond ;P"
[9:35] Andrew Pfister:  "Crystal Bears and Kingdom Hearts Math both looking expectedly decent. #e3"
[9:35] Brian Leahy:  "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days."
[9:35] Brian Leahy: "Mario & Luigi RPG 3 coming to US."
[9:36] Raymond Padilla: "Btw peeps, I'm checking out Crystal Bearers at E3, so stay tuned for my preview."
[9:36] Brian Leahy: "I played the Japanese import. It's a good game."
[9:36] Raymond Padilla: "Yeah, I love most of the Mario RPGs."
[9:36] Patrick Klepeck:  "Kingdom Hearts on DS looks great, though I still don't expect to know WTF is going on. #e3"
[9:36] Sterling McGarvey:  "Mario & Luigi: the only RPGs I get amped for. Can't wait. #e3"
[9:36] Andrew Pfister:  "Mario & Luigi 3 game of the show. Callin' it! #e3"
[9:36] Brian Leahy:  "Some fun interaction between Mario & Luigi inside of Bowser to help him do things in the overworld."
[9:37] Raymond Padilla: "Oops. Forgot to put my phone on vibrate. I'm that guy."
[9:37] Brian Leahy: "Release Date - Fall 2009"
[9:37] Brian Leahy: "More RPG news?!"
[9:37] Brian Leahy: "Legendary?"
[9:37] Raymond Padilla: "What could it be?"
[9:37] Brian Leahy: "Back to portables... last game 6 years ago."
[9:37] Raymond Padilla: "Ha!"
[9:37] Brian Leahy: "Golden Sun DS."
[9:37] Raymond Padilla: "Golden Sun DS = gamers, go get a frickin' tan."
[9:37] Sterling McGarvey:  "It'll be Super Lemmiwinks Bros! #e3"
[9:38] Raymond Padilla:  "Cammie is back."
[9:38] Brian Leahy: "Bye, Reggie. *sniff*"
[9:38] Patrick Klepeck:  "Golden Sun gets the first "yes!" from the crowd. Also, first trailer to make this theater's subwoofers go brwbrwbrw. #e3"
[9:39] Raymond Padilla:  "I'm pretty underwhelmed with the presser so far. Is Iwata-san saving all the big announcements for himself?"
[9:39] Brian Leahy: "James Paterson's "Women's Murder Club" coming to DS in October."
[9:39] Sterling McGarvey:  "Ha, I was expecting Alex Cross on DS. #e3"
[9:39] Brian Leahy:  "Interactive mystery."
[9:40] Raymond Padilla: "I'm already in The Women's Murder Club. Too many women -- especially Korean women -- have ruined me."
[9:40] Brian Leahy: "Hotel Dusk, but for casual audiences."
[9:40] Raymond Padilla: "Games of passion? Nintendo is making romance-novel games?"
[9:41] Raymond Padilla: "I'm still mad at Ubi for yesterday's presser."
[9:41] Patrick Klepeck:  "James Patterson gets mocked, but good move. #e3"
[9:41] Sterling McGarvey:  "Why does this Women's Murder Club announcer sound like the Lifetime lady? #e3"
[9:41] Raymond Padilla:  "Agreed with Klepek. James Patterson is great for the mainstream."
[9:41] Brian Leahy: "Ubisoft adventure - Cop: The Recruit."
[9:41] Raymond Padilla: "Where's the hair-styling game, Brian?"
[9:42] Brian Leahy: "You called it."
[9:42] Raymond Padilla: "Here it is, G4tv's Billy Berghammer's game of the show."
[9:42] Brian Leahy: "Girl games are only allowed to be about fashion, babysitting, and virtual pets."
[9:43] Patrick Klepeck:  "Cop: The Recruit is GTA: Chinatown Wars if they'd modeled it after the PSP games. #e3"
[9:43] Andrew Pfister:  "Did I just go back in time to the Ubi conference? #lost #e3"
[9:43] Brian Leahy:  "Something for everyone?"
[9:43] Raymond Padilla: "Diversity shmiversity. Gimme more core games!!!"
[9:43] Brian Leahy: "Maybe this will be the announcement of my secret DSi game..."
[9:43] Brian Leahy: "DSi: Miami."
[9:44] Raymond Padilla: "You know Brian, sometimes the DSi...plays you!"
[9:44] Brian Leahy: "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
[9:44] Raymond Padilla: "(Does that joke play on text?)"
[9:44] Brian Leahy: "You know what's great to bring to E3. Stuff you've already released."
[9:44] Raymond Padilla: "Ha!"
[9:45] Brian Leahy: "Number drop!"
[9:45] Patrick Klepeck:  "Where is Miyamoto? #e3"
[9:45] Sterling McGarvey:  "Observation: It's funny how quirky Japanese games that cynical nerds scoffed at are now being taken very srsly by publishers. #e3"
[9:45] Brian Leahy:  "Over 1 million DSi's sold."
[9:45] Raymond Padilla: "Nintendo is dangerously close to being Ubisoft bad with this presser. At least the A/V stuff is going smoothly and nobody is talking about 10-foot tall blue people."
[9:45] Brian Leahy: "But my PSP can already play NES and SNES games ;)"
[9:46] Sterling McGarvey:  "DSi. Bring it on. Gimme Virtual Console on my DSi! #e3"
[9:46] Brian Leahy:  "Flip Notes Studio coming to America this Summer. DSi movie maker."
[9:46] Raymond Padilla: "Mario vs. Donkey Kong"
[9:46] Brian Leahy: "With level design."
[9:47] Raymond Padilla: "User-generated levels? Think it'll work?"
[9:47] Brian Leahy: "Not on Nintendo's online service."
[9:47] Raymond Padilla: "Powered by GameS...wait, I don't work there anymore."
[9:47] Brian Leahy: "Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again - playable at the show - available on June 8th (Monday) - DSi Ware"
[9:47] Andrew Pfister:  "Mario vs. Donkey Kong is probably the reason I'll get a DSi. If you haven't played the first two, they're excellent. #e3"
[9:47] Sterling McGarvey:  "Mario vs DK 3? Ooh. #e3"
[9:48] Raymond Padilla:  "Wario Ware DIY"
[9:48] Raymond Padilla: "40-year Old Virgin: "Do you like, doing it yourself?""
[9:48] Brian Leahy: "That's pretty cool, but it's a little bit: "Why don't you just create your own games. We're busy.""
[9:48] Patrick Klepeck:  "Nintendo should have recruited some fanboys for this thing, damn #e3"
[9:48] Raymond Padilla:  "Design your own Wario Ware micro-games."
[9:49] Brian Leahy: "This summer, upload your DSi photos to Facebook."
[9:49] Raymond Padilla: "More Facebook madness!!!"
[9:49] Brian Leahy: "Thank God they didn't go with MySpace."
[9:49] Brian Leahy: "Sony better have some Facebook news."
[9:49] Raymond Padilla: "Will you be able to tweet from the DSi? *joke*"
[9:50] Brian Leahy: "Spirit Tracks!"
[9:50] Raymond Padilla: "Zelda: Choo Cho"
[9:50] Patrick Klepeck:  "Nintendo and Microsoft nab Facebook support. Sony? #e3"
[9:50] Sterling McGarvey:  "Facebook is fighting not to go out like MySpace. #e3"
[9:50] Brian Leahy:  "Playable at E3."
[9:50] Raymond Padilla: "Is Cammie Dunaway killing the applause? Is she blinding the crowd with her white ensemble?"
[9:51] Brian Leahy: "Back to the Wii now for...?"
[9:51] Brian Leahy: "Who's up next?!"
[9:51] Raymond Padilla: "Satoru Iwata!!!"
[9:51] Brian Leahy: "Iwata-san!"
[9:51] Raymond Padilla: "He's the president of the globe."
[9:51] Raymond Padilla: "Including the Indian Ocean."
[9:52] Brian Leahy: "His suit is spectacular."
[9:52] Andrew Pfister:  "Did I just see a new Metroid logo in that clip? Am I crazy? Someone verify... #e3"
[9:52] Raymond Padilla:  "His hair is awesome."
[9:52] Raymond Padilla: "I think it's detachable."
[9:52] Brian Leahy: "Three groups of gamers - Those who actively play games - Those who never play - Those who might someday."
[9:52] Brian Leahy: "New gamers must come from the group of "maybes""
[9:53] Raymond Padilla: "If Iwata ever gets frustrated with hardcore gamers, I'd love for him to say, "Screw you guys! I'm frickin rich!!! I can buy real Milos!!!""
[9:54] Brian Leahy: "Nintendo's next goal - create individual titles that satisfy every type of gamer."
[9:54] Brian Leahy: "Goodbye, hardcore games?"
[9:55] Raymond Padilla: "Nintendo's real next goal -- Continue to make godly amounts of money."
[9:55] Brian Leahy: "They can't raise or lower the bar..."
[9:55] Raymond Padilla: "Nintendo bought the bar."
[9:56] Raymond Padilla: "For those complaining about Iwata's English: I find his accent more endearing than a French accent."
[9:57] Raymond Padilla: "Time for a poll, methinks."
[9:57] Patrick Klepeck:  "Zelda? Metroid? Something new? Bueller? #e3"
[9:57] Brian Leahy:  "I'm very curious at what type of game would be a game for "everyone.""
[9:57] Poll: Nintendo's press conference has nearly hit the hour mark. What's your grade so far?
A:  ( 3% )
B:  ( 10% )
C:  ( 31% )
D:  ( 32% )
F:  ( 25% )
[9:59] Raymond Padilla: "Wii heart-rate monitor?"
[9:59] Patrick Klepeck:  "You can hear a pin drop #e3"
[9:59] Andrew Pfister:  "Whhhhhhhhhhhh.....hmm...whhaa...wait. What? #e3 NO SERIOUSLY WHAT? Please be more."
[9:59] Raymond Padilla:  "Because videogames aren't already relaxing?"
[10:00] Raymond Padilla: "I need to escape the stress of gaming with this peripheral?"
[10:00] Raymond Padilla: "What?!?"
[10:00] Raymond Padilla: "Wii Vitality Sensor = jumping the shark?"
[10:01] Raymond Padilla: "Cammie has come back to stimulate us. Sounds naughty."
[10:01] Andrew Pfister:  "Isn't this just Nintendo Earclip 2? #e3"
[10:01] Sterling McGarvey:  "This is the #e3 that Skynet becomes aware."
[10:01] Patrick Klepeck:  "Project Natal vs. Vitality Center -- fight! Neither has a release date. #e3"
[10:01] Raymond Padilla:  "More Mario!!! Thank Hera."
[10:02] Raymond Padilla: "A real Mario game!!!"
[10:02] Raymond Padilla: "Okay, I'm totally charmed by the gameplay clips of the new Mario."
[10:03] Sterling McGarvey:  "Nintendo manages to satisfy hXc gamers and get attention for mainstream stuff. Good show. #e3"
[10:03] Andrew Pfister:  "Great recovery. GREAT GREAT RECOVERY. #e3"
[10:03] Patrick Klepeck:  "Mario Galaxy 2 looks like Mario Galaxy 2. This is not a bad thing :) #e3"
[10:03] Raymond Padilla:  "Super Mario Galaxy 2"
[10:03] Raymond Padilla: "The crowd finally woke up."
[10:04] Raymond Padilla: "And I have eye beams"
[10:04] Andrew Pfister:  "SMG2 looks *very* far along. Please be soon! #e3"
[10:04] Raymond Padilla:  "Ohhhh, talking third-party smack."
[10:05] Raymond Padilla: "Talking third-party Wii exclusives."
[10:05] Raymond Padilla: "The Conduit"
[10:05] Raymond Padilla: "from Sega...but y'all already knew about that."
[10:06] Raymond Padilla: "Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles next"
[10:06] Raymond Padilla: "It would have been nice if a third-party partner used the presser for a big reveal...but was that hoping for too much?"
[10:07] Raymond Padilla: "Deadspace 2"
[10:07] Raymond Padilla: "Dead Space Extraction"
[10:07] Andrew Pfister:  "New context puts Vitality Sensor in a not-as-big spotlight. #e3"
[10:07] Patrick Klepeck:  "There must be something else. No Miyamoto, an complete glossovers of two new Mario games?? #e3"
[10:08] Raymond Padilla:  "I'm with you Klepek. I hope Miyamoto is here to surprise us."
[10:09] Raymond Padilla: "All three aforementioned games will be playable at E3."
[10:09] Raymond Padilla: "New edgy game from first party?"
[10:09] Raymond Padilla: "Dennis Dyack?"
[10:09] Raymond Padilla: "Team Ninja!"
[10:09] Raymond Padilla: "Team Ninja + Nintendo = ???"
[10:10] Raymond Padilla: "Screen says Project M presents"
[10:10] Raymond Padilla: "Metroid: Other M"
[10:11] Raymond Padilla: "Trailer is dope. Shows another dude in a suit asking Samus, "Remember me?""
[10:11] Raymond Padilla: "Coming out in 2010"
[10:11] Sterling McGarvey:  "OH MY DAMN. METROID! #e3"
[10:11] Raymond Padilla:  "Remember folks, Itagaki left Tecmo and Team Ninja, so it's not quite the same."
[10:11] Brian Leahy: "I'm back. Silly 3G."
[10:12] Raymond Padilla: "Still, looks pretty frickin' cool."
[10:12] Raymond Padilla: "Reggies says Nintendo can provide something for everyone."
[10:12] Patrick Klepeck:  "Okay, that looked pretty good. #e3"
[10:12] Patrick Klepeck:  "No Pikmin, no Miyamoto. Sob. #e3"
[10:12] Raymond Padilla:  "He's wrapping it up."
[10:12] Brian Leahy: "Looks like it's over."
[10:13] Raymond Padilla: "For me, it was 50/50."
[10:13] Raymond Padilla: "Wii Vitality Sensor and too much Cammie"
[10:13] Andrew Pfister:  "No Miyamoto, but still a good, good show. #e3"
[10:13] Raymond Padilla:  "but you also have some cool RPGs, Mario and Metroid"
[10:14] Raymond Padilla: "Be sure to head back to G4tv.com to read my final grade for all three major pressers!"
[10:14] Raymond Padilla: "Brian and I have to head off to the Sony press conference. I hope you'll join us there (virtually)."
[10:14] Brian Leahy: "Sony will kick off in around 45 minutes."
[10:15] Brian Leahy: "See you there!"
[10:15] Raymond Padilla: "Milo 4 life!!!"

Comments are Closed

  • K71393

    I love my wii a lot. it is rele cool and i just wanted to wait to see if they have some rele cool games coming out for more hardcore gamers. i'm 18 and i have been playing video games since i was 4. This is kind of a downer. Majority of the games are just sequels and the vitality sensor thing is probally the dumbest thing they can think of. to sense how stressed you are. i hope that nintendo doesn't waste too much money on that. I skipped through the DS part cause i can rele careless about it. The stats were prtty stupid. Towards the end, it was prtty cool w/ the third-person party games. I just expected more innovation and not just some more add ons. I'm not trying to be a anti-wii. i love the wii, but this stuff is pretty wack.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 10:03 PM
  • dinohunterx

    I will admit the new Metroid sounds good, and Mario Galaxy 2 is a great idea. Everything else, however, was nonsense.
    How many Wii Sports like game do they need? And I have yet to see a point in buying a DSi. I had a DS, but got rid of it after looking at all the little girl games they had for it.
    New Super Mario Bros. on Wii.......yeah, so they remake a game that they remade on the DS, and they make it 4 player....fantastic....

    Posted: June 2, 2009 9:09 PM
  • turtlesangel

    I just wanna know why the videos don't work. I mean, seriously, some of us have jobs, and we can't sit around the house watching tv, although I'd loooovvvve to. Anyway, I missed the 'big 3' press conferences, as I like to call them, and now, I have no hope of seeing them in the near future unless G4 decides to re-broadcast them, or they fix their videos, like, NOW. honestly, don't put them up if they don't work right is all I'm really saying. And I'm really pissed.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 8:48 PM
  • Octaviux

    not working, extremely annoying

    Posted: June 2, 2009 8:34 PM
  • Blue_Vortex

    This was a epic fail for nintendo, didn't they learn not to use sales charts. Also They have all these other games from 3rd party developers that they could have shown but instead they just talked and didn't reveal anything I wanted. There are too many mario games out there, I want a new IP or a zelda like game but has no characters and a new land. Also 2 game series that I want to end are halo and metroid, I don't care about them (WHEN I THINK TEAM NINJA I WOULD HAVE MORE HOPES FOR A ZELDA GAME OR KID ICARUS). And What about earth mother!!!
    Oh Well at least the wii has Silent hill, Red Steel 2, the conduit, and No more heroes 2. Other wise I would trash my system now.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 8:26 PM
  • megalinkzelda

    repeat, rehash, thirdparties, and flop. Serious gayness! only thing to look forward to are sequels. This is poop served on a silver platter.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 7:48 PM
  • Ruscle

    I am not impressed with nintendo at all. Metroid seems kinda cool but I am tired of nintendo. I am selling my wii 2morrow. Bye nintendo.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 7:33 PM
  • ThisIsBran

    Wow g4, your off your game today. I cant watch these videos live, so i do what you tell me to do (watch them online) and absolutely none of them are available!

    Posted: June 2, 2009 7:05 PM
  • dethx33

    WOW thxx for nothing AGAIN nintendo i have no idea why in gods name i still have my wii i cant believe i said well maybe this year they will have some star fox or a new zelda or sum thing ANYTHING but no we get stuck with this thing that can tell me mu pulse when i can just put my finger on my neck i think the wii is turing into a hospital STOP worrying about my health and they made a new wii fit add on sorta game NO ONE CARES even the casual gamers they prrbly wont even find out about this in a year or 2 bc they dont care about video games ok so we get a metroid in 2010 thxx for that and what else this year nota nothing zipo so nintendo if u are reading my comment stop working on ppl who play video games 30 min a year go for the people who care about games not people who r like wow wii fit is so asomwe CUZ ITS NOT so make better games!!!!!

    Posted: June 2, 2009 6:30 PM
  • bluecaboose12

    someone needs to get fired because almost none of the videos are working. Im out of town and cant watch it on tv so the only way i can see anything is online and just my luck none of the videos work!

    Posted: June 2, 2009 6:20 PM
  • skylerGX

    i was looking forward to a new zelda but there wasn't any so it's ok but atleast we have the two MARIOS and METROID but still i wanted zelda oh i forgot kingdome hearts, finalfantasy, and more.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 6:13 PM
  • iProfessional

    i'm a real Gamer(27 years strong) I heard ppl praise the Wii and their show. I'm like What!! they must be one of those new gamers from the casual side of things.Ptooey. I actually like all three systems. I have all 3. Sony have the best exclusives and continue to bring a steady flow of great titles, X-box continue to surprise with a lil mii too innovation that slaps Nintendo in the face at every chance *smiles*, and even though Nintendo have a few great hardcore titles (about 6) they continue to sell Dreams. I really think they should stop dreaming and thinking with their bank accounts and step it up before the Natal wipe another smile off of their smug faces. Also, I don't think that Reggie Fil-Aids don't really play video games. He talk like he only play with his Blackberry. listen to his interviews. Blink Blink

    Posted: June 2, 2009 6:09 PM
  • GoldenMoon

    Anyone who says Nintendo is ignoring the hardcore audience is the kind of person who thinks something isn't hardcore unless its rated M. Thats called having unrealistic standards. They had new Mario on both Wii and DS, new Donkey Kong on DS, new The Legend Of Zelda on DS, new Metroid on Wii, and new Golden Sun on DS. True they could have talked more about Kirby Wii, Pikmin 3, and Sin And Punishment 2 but still. Its obvious that a lot of people hear didn't actually watch the conference they just came here and posted anti-Nintendo messages. They spent 3 minutes talking about Zelda Spirit Tracks and you are going to whine that they aren't making a new Zelda? Go back to playing the 6 million shooters on xbox and ps3 and let the hardcore Nintendo fans enjoy the hardcore games that Nintendo is making. Golden Sun DS FTW!

    Posted: June 2, 2009 6:07 PM
  • nintendolegend

    Wheres pikmin 3!!!!

    Posted: June 2, 2009 4:41 PM
  • beachless

    also i must disagree with narutoakatyrell, nintendo really didnt show me anything i really want to buy except KH for the ds, while after seeing sonys presentation they finally made me want to buy a ps3.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 4:21 PM
  • beachless

    only reason i keeo my wii is to play RE, how stupid is nintendo really i mean come on when will they come out with a new zelda

    Posted: June 2, 2009 4:18 PM
  • dancinghan1

    Go to IGN.com they have the videos running

    Posted: June 2, 2009 3:49 PM
  • dancinghan1

    Read all the post in a row, its hilarious when you do.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 3:44 PM
  • awesomeshark

    ur mr gay 2 horay

    Posted: June 2, 2009 3:37 PM
  • CorruptPrime

    nintendo obviously doesn't care about their rep in the veteran community. that, or they just underestimate the importance of the current majority in the gaming community. either way, they don't care about the faithful. they're too busy tryin to get new gamers and practically ignore the faithful gamers they already have.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 3:17 PM