Videogame Deathmatch
Vote for your favorite games of 2010 and enter to win one of 10 Xbox 360s or 10 Sony PS3s!
Welcome to Videogame Deathmatch, where you get to choose the best game of 2010. 32 of the year's best games will battle it out... we supply the bracket, you vote in each round and the winners move on until there's only one left.

How to Play

Simply pick a battle below and have at it. You'll need to be logged in to vote, so that we can automatically enter you for a chance to win a PS3 or Xbox 360. If you don't already have a G4tv.com login, register for a new one. Its free.

Final Round Battle: Complete

The final battle of the Deathmatch pits PC strategy game Starcraft 2 against multi-plat role-player Mass Effect 2. Decide the fate of Gamekind with your vote.

Round Four Battles: Complete

The Old West and the Final Frontier come face-to-face in this red hot match-up between outlaw and soldier.
Mankind will either be overrun by banelings or a super-secret order of killers; either way, world domination is close at hand for these two contenders.

Round Three Battles: Complete

BioWare’s sci-fi, RPG masterpiece looks to put an Incisor Rifle to the temple of Sony’s hunky, deity-slaying simulator in one of the most epic showdowns in the gaming universe.
Can the king of all fighting games unleash an Ultra before the greatest western game of all time skins its smoke wagon and fires? Find out in this brutal Round 3 faceoff.
It’s going to take all of Noble Team’s elite Spartan training to out maneuver Blizzard’s strategy juggernaut on the Deathmatch Round 3 battlefield. Whose fight will be finished for good?
Ezio and his band of assassin’s take to the rooftops as they prepare a surprise attack on Lionhead Studios’ Dickensian, crown-seeking, adventure tale.

Round Two Battles: Complete

It’s a Japanese action game versus an American role playing game. The battle will come down to who wears a tight suit better: Bayonetta or Commander Shepard?
Will Kratos' Chains of Olympus be able to overpower the boys of Bad Company? The Battlefield is set, indeed!
Capcom’s most famous fighters line up to hurl combo after combo in battle with the frightening demons of a writer who has lost control of his imagination.
One man rides into town armed with a six-gun while the other one sneaks in armed with stealth and high-tech weaponry in this showdown.
Does Ron Gilbert’s downloadable darling have the micro skills to out maneuver Blizzard’s strategy masterpiece over 10 years in the making?
Bungie’s swan song shooter hit all the right notes, but Capcom’s bloody sequel let us hit thousands of zombies with chainsaw oars. Decisions, decisions.
One slays vampires, the other has an awesome dog... but don't underestimate the power of Molyneux. Will holy whips outshine The Love Sword?
One of the most acclaimed FPS games of the year has settled into a good sniping spot, but will a stealthy stalwart be able to sneak up from behind and take it all?

Round One Battles: Complete

Would you rather be a sexualized witch fighting baddies or a guy piloting a sub to rescue trapped subterranean researchers? One has hair for clothes and the other can manipulate lava. It¹s sexy lollypops vs. science in this showdown.
In one corner, we have an awesome fighting game that looks like Japan threw up all over it. In the other corner, we have everyone¹s favorite space soap opera. Will Commander Shepard be able to beat out Chun-Li and fiends?
A medium-bending psychological thriller takes aim at a wall-blasting military fragfest in one of the tournament's most compelling clashes.
A stalwart of the RPG world goes up against the most feared man on Mt. Olympus. Will the anime clan on a mission best Kratos and his awesome strength? Let¹s find out.
Would you rather be hit with a super-combo flurry of fists, or a baseball bat? It's our national pastime versus our favorite pastime (read: button mashing). Is that a baseball flying toward the outfield, or a human head?
Which would you use to inflict utter pain and horror on some unsuspecting victim -- a razorblade or a typewriter? This is the battle to prove which force I mightier in horror, the pen or the sword. One drives you mad; the other draws blood. But which will be the first to die?
The little plumber might not seem like much of a match for tough John Marston and his cowboy guns, but Mario's always been all about the unexpected, whether it's the famous Tanooki suit or flowers that shoot fireballs.
Is there anything more magical than Legos? Combine the plastic bricks with the boy wizard literary sensation, and you end up with something extra super magical, but is it enough to pose a series challenge to Solid Snake?
Virtuous angels pitted against unicorn-poo wielding Vikings! It's East vs. West as JRPGs go against the insane mind of Ron Gilbert; who's gonna get spanked?!
It's Davey vs. Goliath: the indie darling that's as beautiful as it is haunting, and the finely crafted RTS behemoth that was over 10 years in the making.
It's a battle of the bullets as post-WW2 sequel Mafia II takes on Covenant war prequel Halo: Reach. Vito Scaletta may have gangsters and tommy guns on his side but is that a match for Noble Team and their assault rifles?
When the inevitable zombie apocalypse occurs what skills will be more useful? Civ 5's time management, strategy, leadership skills, and tactics or Dead Rising 2's ability to combine a teddy bear with a machine gun? Only time will tell. Time, and you.
Can the Belmont's play basketball? Can LeBron kill a Lycan with a serrated crucifix whip? It'll be nothing short of a bloodbath when gaming's most famous vampire hunter hits the court against some real-life slam-dunkers.
These threequels are going to duke it out. Fable 3 lets you be a polygamist, dog owner and a powerful leader. Rock Band 3 lets you play a keytar. King or Rockstar? Tough choice.
Tighten your scopes and tune your engines as the king of all shooters brings ballistic knives to a spike strip fight in this high-octane showdown.
What’s black and white and red all over? Find out as the world’s most famous mouse attempts to outflank history’s greatest assassins in this round’s showdown.

What is Videogame Deathmatch?

Enter to Win an Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation 3

Each vote that you cast during Videogame Deathmatch results in a sweepstakes entry into a random drawing to receive one of 10 Xbox 360s or 10 Sony PS3's. So be sure to vote in each round.

Winners will be selected randomly the week after Deathmatch ends.