We haven't heard a whole lot about the upcoming story DLC for Dishonored, but a newly updated list of PlayStation 3 Trophies for the game offers some details (via PS3Trophies.org). Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios haven't confirmed anything beyond the initial announcement, which spoke of a Daud-focused pack called "The Whalers," pegged for a spring 2013 release.

The updated PS3 Trophy list offers up a different name for what is presumably the first of the two planned story-expanded DLC releases: "The Other Side of the Coin." No spoilers here, but it seems that the DLC will offer two or three story missions, and it will bring back the main game's High/Low Chaos scenarios. The Trophy list offers up a few other details, though nothing that suggests this is (or isn't) the Daud-focused DLC that was previously teased under a new name.

Sound Shapes Includes Three New Beck Tunes

Queasy Games will release DLC for Sound Shapes on March 12, 2013, along with a patch that, among other things, allows players to play through community-created levels offline. Sony confirmed its plans to issue the patch -- out the same day as the DLC -- to PSNStores.com when asked for comment on the DLC (via Joystiq).

The content of the DLC is something of a mystery at the moment for Queasy's Cross-Buy-enabled PlayStation 3/PlayStation Vita game. The music-driven platformer unfolds in a series of multi-level stages, each of which is built around the music of one particular artist. Both Beck and Deadmau5 contribute their own work to the game, which makes many wonder which musical artist will be the focus of the upcoming content pack.

Bugbear Entertainment, the developer of the FlatOut series and, more recently, Ridge Racer: Unbounded, is teasing its next "car game" with a pretty but non-revealing trailer. The video up top shows off a symphony of vehicular destruction that is apparently all in-game footage, according to Bugbear.

FlatOut is the most likely contender for a revival from the studio, though that has always been a destruction-focused racing game whereas the above clip seems to be more in the realm of a demolition derby. A post on Bugbear's website specifically refers to the project as a "demolition derby racing game," coming to PC and "yet to be announced platforms."

Keep up with this one on its just-launched official website, at www.nextcargame.com.

Crysis 3 Is Out Now - The Reviews Are In!


Posted February 22, 2013 - By G4 Staff

Crysis 3 Is Out Now And The Reviews Are In!

Crysis 3, the 3rd installment of Crytek’s always visually impressive, yet narratively murky, first person shooter series is out now and the game is getting favorable marks across the board.

We’re playing it here (on the Xbox 360) and it looks fantastic. So-so enemy AI seems to be the only thing really holding the single player experience back (although it never ruins the experience). Crysis 3 introduces a lethal compound bow to your arsenal. The bow can kill just about anything in one shot, and it allows you to remain cloaked when firing, so there’s never really any reason to use another weapon. For some, that’s making the game less enjoyable. Me? I feel like the Predator and isn’t that sorta what Crysis is all about? The multiplayer experience, in particular Hunter Mode, is a lot of fun and plays a lot better than the demo did.

We're really enjoying the game and if you’re an FPS fan that’s looking for something to play, this might be the game for you – but don’t just take our word for it:

IGN: “The biggest reason that Crysis 3 is such a consistent joy to play is because its control system is near flawless. The fact that you can quickly augment your weapons with different sights and grips without retreating into menu screens, or the ability to quickly pull out a grenade by double-tapping the weapon-switching button; it all works wonderfully and means there’s never any kind of artificial interface standing in the way of your natural instincts."

Game Informer: “From the gorgeous water effects and global illumination to the detailed character animations and photo-realistic environments, Crysis 3 is one of the best-looking games on the planet. I often found myself activating the cloaking device while in the presence of enemies just to watch a frog hop along the jungle floor or to regard the wind effects on a canvased shipping container."

Game Spot: “Crysis 3 is neither a pure linear shooter in the way popularized by Call of Duty, nor an open-world romp like Far Cry 3. Instead, its levels are sometimes large but always manageable, giving you freedom to put as much room between you and your foes as you like. The nanosuit encourages further experimentation, once again allowing you to activate the aforementioned cloak mode (which renders you invisible) and armor mode (which lets you soak up more damage). And once again, you can leap a good distance should you wish to reach higher ground in a hurry."

Destructoid: “While Crysis 3 boasts the usual offering of deathmatch and capture-and-hold modes, the Hunter gametype by far stands as its jewel in the crown. This mode pits two nanosuited players against a larger squad of Cell operatives, armed only with their basic weapons and innate wit. Hunters are perpetually cloaked and armed with deadly bows, and any Cell player they eliminate will respawn as a Hunter. The goal for the hunters is to wipe out Cell, while all Cell has to do is survive for the allotted timeframe. While such elimination modes have been present in other games, it's an absolute blast here."

Have you had a chance to play Crysis 3? What do you think?

Halo 4

The Halo franchise has a long history with map packs - some good, some bad - but ongoing and ever present. These map packs have been important in keeping players engaged with the franchise between new entries in the series. Yes, sometimes they’ve felt like filler, but fortunately for players, the Majestic Map Pack does not. In fact, it feels like some of the most “pure” multiplayer Halo mapmaking in years.

The pack comprises three extremely small maps: Monolith, Skyline, and Landfall, making for great small teams or free-for-all matches.

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Victory Tour Posters

It appears that this fall's sequel, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has started its promotional campaign with quasi-propaganda posters from Panem's Capital, celebrating the victory of Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) in the 74th Annual Hunger Games.

Of course, this "Victory Tour" has nothing to do with the Jackson family and is certainly not genuine. As anyone who saw the film or read the books will tell you, the Capital is doing anything but celebrating the victory of this District 12 duo after they essentially outsmarted the pusillanimous police state, using the politics of the games to break the rules and ensure their collective survival when the rules called for only one winner. Now, touted as "star-crossed" lovers, the spin cycle is full effect to mitigate the damage done to the games itself and its purpose of scaring the population into obedience.

Despite the pomp and circumstance, vengeance is still surely in store for the concocted couple in the form of a 25 year tradition called "The Quarter Quell" which introduces a twist in that year's games. Consequently, the 75th annual Hunger Games will shamelessly redact winners of past games for an all-star edition...of death. As it so happens, Katniss and Peeta could find themselves right in the cross-hairs of the game's most elite killers. It looks like that whole "showmance" angle won't save them this time.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ignites at theaters (metaphorically, of course) on November 22. Check out the full posters below in all their white, shiny, sort of creepy glory.

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Iron Man 3: New Posters Featuring The Mandarin

Iron Man 3 has unveiled yet another character poster which may end up being its most revealing. This time, the film's maniacal mastermind, The Mandarin played by Ben Kingsley takes the spotlight.

While we've already seen bits of this sinister schemer in the various trailers for the film, including the already-famous manifesto monologue in which the villain decries the classification of him being "a terrorist," instead declaring himself "a teacher." Yet these new posters, exclusive to Empire, give us our first real glimpse of him in full-figure view amidst a background that's ripe with clues.

While The Mandarin is certainly Iron Man's main nemesis from the pages of Marvel Comics, this film has given his look and back-story a serious facelift. In the comic title, he was depicted as an exiled and disgraced Chinese aristocrat who encountered a crashed alien spaceship and finds a powerful set of artifacts in the form of 10 mysterious, power-infused rings. He would use their power to build an empire of crime; a situation that would regularly pit him against Iron Man. However, in Iron Man 3, he is an ethnically-ambiguous shadowy leader of a militant group called "The 10 Rings" (presumably named after his bling) who, as those who saw the first film recall, were responsible for the initial kidnapping of Tony Stark, leading to him creating his first Iron Man prototype armor to escape.

Indeed, these posters (which essentially show the same image) visually depicts Kinglsey's Mandarin as an amalgam of the comic Mandarin and Lieutenant Kilgore from Apocalypse Now. While we're not sure if he too enjoys the smell of napalm in the morning, he does seem to appreciate an Asian aesthetic and plotting malevolent machinations to make Tony Stark suffer in the most definitive way.

This "teacher" makes his debut when Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3. In the meantime, check out the full posters below and ponder about who does his decorating.

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It's always a great day when you get to see Freddie Wong working his magic, and this latest -- First Person Mario: Endgame -- is damn impressive. Think back to your days with the SNES and that time when you finally reached the late stages of Super Mario Bros. 3. Get that memory in your head and then watch this two-minute short.

You're looking at the final stage of SMB3 played from a first-person perspective, bolstered by graphics on par with what you'd expect from Unreal Engine 3. It's pretty. And dizzying. This would be tough to play, to say the least. You can follow along with original footage in the top left corner of the screen. Neat stuff. Give it a look.

Megan Fox Joins Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot

It appears that the upcoming Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot project, tentatively titled, Ninja Turtles, will be a reunion of sorts. Bay himself has confirmed on his website that the one and only Megan Fox will return to "the family," cast in the reptilian reboot film. The (extremely strong) assumption is that she will play the Turtles' cute and constantly-kidnapped cohort, April O'Neil.

Indeed, the casting news falls within the "hell has frozen over" category, especially after the highly-publicized "he said, she said" behind-the-scenes drama between Fox and director, Bay on the set of his 2009 franchise sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Long story short, they found each other incredibly-impossible to work with, culminating in Fox making a serious infraction of Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogies when the inked-up ingenue dropped the "H" word when referring to Bay.

Now, four long years later, the sexy starlet, since then becoming a wife and mother, has let this rivalry, much like Jennifer's Body and Jonah Hex, fizzle out. Now back under the Bay tent-pole, she could be gearing up for a career comeback of sorts, possibly playing the iconic TV reporter with a thing for giant anthropomorphic turtles...and occasionally, vigilantes in hockey masks.

With that being said, the Transformers trustee is still only serving in the capacity of producer for this TMNT reboot, which, according to Bay, will depict the foursome being reinvented as aliens. -- Yeah. So, while the reunion with Hollywood's auteur of explosions seems to indicate the hatchet has been buried, Fox will nevertheless be working with a more immediate overseer in director, Jonathan Liebesman. (Wrath of the Titans, Battle Los Angeles.)

Ninja Turtles busts out of alien space sewers for pizzas covered in pineapple, marshmallow, and anchovies at theaters on May 16, 2014.


One of the more tantalizing game reveals at Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2013 was Infamous: Second Son, and Sucker Punch Productions has a few more details to share now. Writing on PlayStation Blog, the studio's Brian Fleming shares the first concrete facts about the game's new protagonist and its near-future Seattle setting, picking up seven years after the conclusion of Cole McGrath's own adventures.

Our new superhuman is Delsin Rowe, a 24-year-old dude "who is absolutely convinced he's destined for greatness." He grew up on the outskirts of Seattle (the new game's setting), and was blessed with his abilities after saving passengers from a bus wreck. There's some suggestion that he might have absorbed those powers from one of the people he saved.

The seven-years-later story picks up in a world that is watched over by the bio-terrorist watch organization, Department of Unified Protection (DUP). Delsin falls into their crosshairs, and the latest Infamous adventure ensues, complete with the same sort of branching story that characterized the previous games.

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Sony gave a first look at Killzone: Shadow Fall during its PlayStation Meeting 2013 earlier this week, but late night host Jimmy Fallon actually got to get his hands on it on live TV. Both he and actor Anthony Anderson don't exactly show off any serious skills, but hey! Non-Sony, non-NDA'ed humans have played the PS4 and lived to tell the tale!

It was pretty clear at the Sony event that Killzone really was a live demo, but this Fallon appearance proves it beyond any doubt. It's the same chunk of game that was revealed at the PlayStation Meeting (no surprises there), so don't expect to see new footage. They do call attention to a slow-mo feature -- though it's not clear if this is a debug option for demo purposes only -- and you get to see a lot of melee kills. Shadow Fall is definitely looking sharp.


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Mass Effect 3 DLC Teased In Screens

We've reached the end of all things (for Mass Effect 3). BioWare and Electronic Arts announced the final DLC blast for the 2012 RPG in a press release, with the multiplayer-focused Reckoning set to arrive on February 26, 2013 and the campaign-focused Citadel to follow one week later, on March 5.

Reckoning is yet another free Galaxy At War add-on, bringing an assortment of unspecified "new firepower and character kits" into the co-op survival mode. BioWare will offer a peek at the content on February 25 via its Twitch channel at 9:30am PT. Citadel is a $14.99 / 1,200 MS Points add-on that returns Shepard and his crew to the Citadel for one last hurrah.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Is Coming To PS4, Other Platforms In 2014

CD Projekt Red is getting a bit more specific now with its plans for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, confirming that the open world RPG will be coming to PlayStation 4, PC, and "all high-end platforms available" in 2014. The press release doesn't come out and say that the game will come to the next-gen Xbox, but the writing between the lines is clear enough.

Interestingly, the press release mentions a few of the other developers who were offered early access to PS4 hardware for work on titles "shipping early in the PlayStation 4's life cycle." All of the names that you'd expect are there, but they're joined by LucasArts. The Star Wars 1313 dev has yet to confirm release timing or platform availability for that game, but this suggests we may be seeing the underworld shooter again soon.

CDPR's press release only mentions a 2014 launch for Wild Hunt, though the wording of the press release suggests as well that it could surface in the early days of the PS4 as well. Q1/Q2? Perhaps. We'll have to wait and see.

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Killzone: Shadow Fall Confirmed As PS4 Launch Title

Sony revealed the first details on Guerilla Games' Killzone: Shadow Fall at the PlayStation 4 reveal, and now Guerilla Games producer Steven Ter Heide confirms on PlayStation Blog that the game will be a launch title. There's no release date yet, for either the console or the game, but we'll no doubt hear more info on that count in the months to come.

Killzone: Shadow Fall picks up 30 years after the events of Killzone 3, with the world split up between the Helghast and Vektan factions, living side by side in a future city that is cut in half by a giant wall. You play as the Shadow Marshal, "the most special of special forces," as you're tasked with keeping the peace.

Based on Sony's brief look at the game during PlayStation Meeting 2013, you're not very good at your job. But hey! Shooting things!

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The Wolverine: New Photo Gives Evil The Stink Eye

This summer's long-overdue X-Man solo outing, The Wolverine has released a new photo of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine squinting at someone...hard.

Yeah, so it isn't exactly "stop the presses" kind of material, but given the ultra-secretive, piecemeal way that revelations about this film have been rolled-out, it's equivalent to your waiter bringing out a lowly, but welcome piece of bread to the table as your stomach growls in hunger, desperately waiting for, in the very least, your appetizer. For the purposes of that metaphor, the "appetizer" in question is the film's trailer, which, much like the film itself over the years, keeps getting delayed.

So, is there anything we can glean from this new photo? Clearly, some people in this Japanese joint have rubbed Logan the wrong way. Rather than utilizing his usual method of breaking out his trusty adamantium claws to eviscerate the bastards before lighting up a big fat stogy, he's killing the bad guys with the overwhelming power of righteous indignation. (Which, for all we know, may be a supplemental mutant power he possess.) Watch out, Silver Samurai, that shiny armor won't protect you from the all-powerful Stink Eye of Doom.

The Wolverine stares disapprovingly at evil in the Land of the Rising Sun at theaters on July 26.



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