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Joseph Olin Steps Down From The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences

We've just learned that Joseph Olin, longtime president of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, has decided to step down from the position. He will be replaced by Martin Rae, the president of Boss Game Studios. Olin will retain the title of president emeritus at the AIAS, an honorary title bestowed as recognition for exemplary service.

“It has been an honor and absolute pleasure to serve the Academy’s Board and members,” said Olin. “The dynamic nature within the interactive entertainment industry is always best served with new ideas – now is an appropriate time to transition from the Academy in a way that will ensure its continued growth through Martin’s leadership and energy. I look forward to working with Martin and the Board as their representative in the months ahead.”

Olin has headed up the AIAS for the past seven years, and in that time has grown the organization considerably. AIAS's DICE Summit has become one of the most important developer gatherings in the gaming industry, and their Interactive Achievement Awards are regarded by many as the Oscars of the video game industry. Through DICE, gaming scholarships, the Interactive Achievement Awards and the Into The Pixel art series, Olin has been instrumental in presenting gaming in a more serious light.

Check out our interview with Olin in the video below:

DICE 2009: AIAS President Joseph Olin Interview »


BioWare's 'Dragon Age: Origins' Will Not Include SecuROM Authentication

BioWare community coordinator Chris Priestly has confirmed via forum post that the PC version of the company’s upcoming Dragon Age: Origins will not include SecuROM’s online authentication program. As many of you know, SecuROM was the controversial DRM application used in Spore; it angered thousands of users and caused a class-action suit. For Dragon Age, all PC users will need to play the game is a computer, a lot of disk space and even more free time.

Ah. Reminds me of a simpler time. A time when UAC’s and SecuROM were but flickers in the eyes of obnoxious do-gooders hell bent on being as overprotective and frustratingly obtrusive as possible (oh, being concerned about rampant piracy).

To find out more about what awaits you in the Dragon Age when the game hits shelves later this year (Xbox 360, PS3, PC), be sure to check out TheFeed's Raymond Padilla’s interview with Bioware founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk from DICE 2009.

I’m sure no one has anything bad to say about SecuROM, so I won’t even bother asking you to comment…



DICE 2009: Games Developers are Excited for in 2009 »

Developers are gamers, too! Find out what some of your favorite game developers are looking forward to in 2009. Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor, Insomniac's Ted Price, id Software's Todd Hollenshead, Universal's Pete Wanat, and Bethesda's Todd Howard share their wish lists for 2009. Dawn of War II, inFamous, Resident Evil 5, StarCraft II, God of War 3, Mafia II, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Prototype were among their picks.

After you check out the video, let me know if any of their picks surprised you!


DICE 2009: Used Game Sales... Evil? »

With the economy on the decline, used-game sales have become a major boon to consumers, as well as an irksome bane to publishers and developers. While TheFeed has examined comments on this issue, I used DICE 2009 as an opportunity to learn what some of gaming's biggest hitters think of the issue. In some cases I learned something new and gained a perspective that I hadn't considered. In other cases, I was very much surprised.

Check out what Universal's Pete Wanat, Bethesda's Todd Howard, Raven's Brian Raffel, Insomniac's Ted Price, Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor, and id's Todd Hollenshead have to say on the hot-button issue.


DICE 2009: Economic Challenges for Game Developers »

In case you haven't noticed, the economy is currently in a state of major sucktitude. For many gamers, this means being more careful about which games and how many to buy. But what does it mean for your favorite developers and publishers? At DICE 2009, I asked some of the top minds in the business about the challenges they're facing in the current economic climate. On tap are Insomniac's Ted Price, Bethesda's Todd Howard, id's Todd Hollenshead, Raven's Brian Raffel, Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor, Universal's Pete Wanat, Acclaim's Dave Perry, and the legendary Bruce Shelley.

Prepare for a somber look at the immediate future of game development and publishing.


Catching up with Jun Takeuchi, game director and producer at Capcom, at DICE 2009 was a real pleasure. Brian did a fine job covering Takeuchi-san's DICE session, while I met with him to discuss the racism issue in Resident Evil 5, the Monster Hunter phenomenon, making fun of Epic's Cliffy B, and more.

Takeuchi-san also answered some of your questions. Be sure to read to the end to see if your query made the cut.

G4: Are you worried with the racism controversy that some people in the mainstream press aren’t going to judge Resident Evil 5 on its merits, but focus more on the controversy?

Jun Takeuchi: I have to say I’m not too worried about that. I think the content of the game speaks for itself. I think the people who play the game and see what it’s about realize that there’s no intent, no racial content in there, once you see everything in context. So no, that’s not something I’m worried about.

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One of the gnarliest things I saw at DICE 2009 was Todd Hollenshead's injured pinky. After getting over that gruesome sight, I had a lot of fun talking with id Software's CEO about Quake Live and general trends in the gaming business. Todd is also one of the buffest guys in game development (don't let the shirt fool you -- dude is crazy cut!). I found out what he's benching these days.

This interview also contains my favorite slip up of the show. It has to do with Quake Live's special "skin" feature and the name of the company I work for.

DICE 2009: iD Software CEO Todd Hollenshead 

DICE 2009: iD Software CEO Todd Hollenshead Interview »

Although he's a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox, I adore Universal's Pete Wanat. Every developer working on a game-based movie license should take a look at Wanat's work. From The Thing to The Chronicles of Riddick to Scarface, his games are outstanding examples of what licensed titles can be. During DICE 2009, Pete and I chatted about his approach to crafting games based on popular movies, how the Riddick game was kicked off, and why you should be excited by Wanted: Weapons of Fate.

And just in case Pete is checking out this video: Let's Go, Yankees!!!


DICE 2009: Universal Interactive EP Pete Wanat Interview »


From Earthworm Jim to Wild 9 to Messiah to Enter the Matrix, Dave Perry has had a long and storied career. Although he's best known for traditional console games, Perry's future is going in a vastly different direction. Currently, the chief creative officer at Acclaim, Perry is convinced that the online free-to-play model is where gaming is going. Considering the current state of the economy, he has a huge opportunity with this model.

In addition to talking about free-to-play gaming, Perry discusses what the Acclaim brand means these days. After you check out this interview, be sure to read Brian's excellent write up of Perry's DICE 2009 session and leave a comment on whether you think free-to-play is in your gaming future.

Lastly, my arm really hurt during this interview because Dave is almost two feet taller than me. As Dave was answering your questions, I thought that my arm was going to fall off. Be sure to watch the whole clip to see if he answered your question!


DICE 2009: Acclaim CCO David Perry Interview »


DICE 2009 is over, but TheFeed's coverage continues! Here are some photos I snapped during the event. From amazingly talented developers to biz dev vixens, to that dude from Jerry Maguire, they're all here and they're all great! Check it out!!!

1) Look kids, it's Joseph Olin, president of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. DICE is his show and he runs an excellent ship.
Joseph Olin

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DICE 2009: Raymond's Retrospective


Posted February 24, 2009 - By r_pad

After an excellent DICE 2009 and a few more days in town with some gaming-industry peeps, I'm finally leaving Las Vegas! As expected, DICE was just phenomenal. While Leahy was doing a superb job live blogging numerous panels, I was conducting video interviews and networking with some of the top developers in the business. Considering that this is a relatively small show, the amount of development talent that attended the show was mind boggling. It's hard not to mark out and be a fan at DICE. Here are some of my favorite memories and some assorted photos from DICE 2009.

Dr. Ray Muzyka hooked me up with these excellent BioWare poker chips. In addition to being an extraordinarily nice human being and super smart, he gave me gifts! Hanging around Dr. Ray makes me wish I had more redeeming qualities. On a side note, I flashed one of these chips at Mandalay Bay and tried to convince a dealer that they're worth at least $500 a chip. I mean, BioWare is an amazing developer and these chips had Dr. Ray's hand sweat on them. The dealer didn't go for it. That's okay, I wouldn't have parted with these chips for $500. BioWare is that cool.

Read More »


At DICE 2009, Raymond caught up with the founders of BioWare, Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk to discuss their upcoming games. What games? How about Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins, and the upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Quite a slate!

The doctors give you the lowdown on Dragon Age: Origins and how it is a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate --it's definitely one of my favorite franchises. Raymond also asks them about being referred to as Bert & Ernie. It's hilarious.

Note: at the time of this interview, Mass Effect 2 hadn't officially been announced, but everyone knew it was in development.

You'll also find out why Dr. Greg is sporting the "evil Dr." look with his long hair and beard.

Finally, Dr. Ray and Dr. Greg answer YOUR questions so be sure to watch the whole video!


DICE 2009: BioWare Interview »


Curious about the DICE Summit that happened last week? Get the inside scoop from Joseph Olin, President of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS). He put the whole thing together! 

Find out what sets DICE apart from GDC, the highlights from the year's show, and what it takes to line-up speakers like Jun Takeuchi, Todd Howard, and Bruce Shelly.

Additionally, you'll learn why the AIAS Awards are truly the "Oscars" of the gaming industry as well as a clarification of what games are eligible for awards (hint: any game published during the applicable year in the United States).

You'll also find out how Jay Mohr got involved with DICE and why he hosts the AIAS Awards annually.


DICE 2009: AIAS President Joseph Olin Interview »


At the 2009 DICE Summit, Raymond Padilla caught up with Bethesda's Todd Howard, game director for Fallout 3. The interview was taped the morning after the AIAS Awards (and after party) with both Raymond and Todd trucking through on three hours of sleep.

In the interview, you'll hear how Todd and the team at Bethesda made the violence so fun in Fallout 3 - "Make sure the optic nerve is there." Todd didn't want players to take the violence seriously, but carry a realistic impact so you felt that you actually made someone's head explode. Find out which movie acted as an inspiration for this way of presenting violence.

Todd will also talk about The Pitt, the upcoming DLC expansion for the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game. By the way, you can read my hands-on impressions of the pack here. As Todd mentions, the pack will offer a classic Fallout experience when compared to the action-focused Operation: Anchorage. P.S.: he totally name-drops Carnegie Mellon (Go Tartans!).

Finally, stay tuned through the end for questions from YOU, our readers. Did Todd answer your question? Find out!


DICE 2009: Fallout 3's Game Director Todd Howard Interview »


Still in the dark about Singularity? Want to go beyond using mere bullet-time or time reversal game mechanics to augment your play?

R. Pad sits down with Raven Software Studio Head Brian Raffel at DICE 2009 to give us all the details on the "thinking man's action game." Singularity is coming to the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

For more on Singularity, be sure to check out Leahy's impressions to see if it's something worth keeping on your personal gaming radar. 

Singularity DICE 2009 Raven Software's Brian Raffel Interview

DICE 2009: Singularity Studio Head Brian Raffel Interview »


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