If you're a long-time fan of MMO or RTS titles, then you'll no doubt be interested in the upcoming MMO/RTS mash-up, End of Nations. The developers recently dropped by the MMO Report to show off the title and left us with an exclusive sneak peek at one of the games's most devestating superweapons: the Tactical Nuke.

Behold, the firey rain of death, dealt from above:

Exclusive First Look at End of Nations' Tactical Nuke »


Also, check out our End of Nations preview for more...


Fans of the MMO Report may remember that we recently devoted an entire episode to the upcoming Rift: Planes of Telara, providing viewers a unique look into the upcoming adventure. In that episode, we teased an exclusive first look at one of the previously secret planes, the Plane of Water, as well as a glimpse at the snow-covered, ice-sheened realm of Iron Pine. And thanks to Epictober, we're here to deliver.

Check out even more of the expansive world of Rift...


Exclusive First Look at Rift's Plane of Water, Iron Pine »

 While you're enjoying the MMO Report be sure to check out our two Epictober exclusives:


The Future of 3D: Gamemaker or Gimmick?

In the late 70s and early 80s when red-and-green, paper-glasses 3D were briefly popular in the cinemas, there was little doubt that the optical illusion was nothing but a gimmick, no more artful than vibrating seats, Smell-O-Vision or kitschy insurance forms before 1950’s B-grade horror movies telling you that you might have a heart attack if you continue watchign this film.

We watched as Jason Voorhees slashed his way across camp Crystal Lake in a series of too-obvious stabbing motions, our heads aching, our eyes strained by the colorless, two-toned mish-mash, yet we were thrilled at this marvel of modern technology. But it just a trick of the eye. With an emphasis on trick. Few ever thought it would be the wave of the future, to say the least about defining the next generation of storytelling and, eventually, gameplay.

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Peter Molyneux and his supremely talented team at Lionhead Studios have a knack for overselling their Fable games a bit, but for Fable III, the developers have aimed higher than ever, and we’ll find out soon enough how close they came to hitting that mark.

Adam Sessler recently sat down with Peter Molyneux and lead designer Josh Atkins to bring you an exclusive look at one of the game’s many new enemy types: the Sand Furies. These dusty devils won’t be found roaming the streets or countrysides of Albion. You’ll have to venture to, literally, the biggest new addition to Fable III: the continent of Aurora, which, according to Molyneux, is actually “bigger than Albion.”

Fable 3 Albion and Beyond Exclusive »

And for even more Epictober goodness, you'll want to look at some of our other red-hot exclusives like:

Gaze Upon Fable 3's Dashing Hero In New Screenshot

The Fable franchise is obviously very, very impressive. In fact, check out our exclusive look at the new Sand Furies in Fable 3 to see just how impressive it continues to be. But, it's a shame that so many gamers only know the name Peter Molyneux from this series of games. Molyneux's resume is huge, and includes some of the most interesting, innovative titles ever created, in a huge variety of genres, from simulation games, to RTS games, to sci-fi. While Molyneux isn't exactly known for looking backwards, we'd love it if he'd consider rebooting or remaking these older, classic games before taking on the next Fable.

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Fallout: New Vegas

The devastation and misery of a nuclear apocalypse will be awesome... at least, if Fallout: New Vegas is any indication. X-Play recently devoted an entire program to the game, amping our excitement to previously unknown levels. Below, we've collected all the segments from the show, in one easy to click collection. We've got one-of-a-kind looks at the game's characters, story, weapons, art direction and more, more, more!

Also, in case you missed it, check out our exclusive look at a disturbing quest line involving the White Glove Society, and out list of five cities Fallout 4 should visit.


Fallout: New Vegas Special - New Features »

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We're in a sort of black hole for Fighting Games right now, with Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds dominating the news chatter, while we don't know much about most of the other games on our list. Everything is in early stages of development, and some of the mainstays of fighting aren't even here. Why is that? Are fighting games on the wane? Not if our arcade sticks have anything to say about it. 

Looking at this list, you might think that Capcom is just dominating the fighting genre right now, and you'd be right. There are a lot of different franchises right now that are either in a holding pattern, or are in a very early development cycle for their next game. Be sure to check out the Honorable Mention section at the end of this post where we talk about those games. But for now, keep reading to look at the fighting games that are looming in the imminent future. Games that you should start getting excited for.

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Yes, I'm super excited for the new TRON movie, having run out to the Disney store to pick up a diecast Recognizer recently, but I've also been curious to see how the gaming tie-in, TRON: Evolution, would turn out. Thankfully, Adam Sessler invited the team from Propaganda Games in during Epictober to share their progress and show off the never-before-seen drivable Light Tanks. Reap the rewards below:

TRON: Evolution - Light Tank Exclusive »

And for even more Epictober goodness, you'll want to look at some of our other red-hot exclusives like:

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Gaming's Best Bikes -- Top Five Motorcycle Mounts

Light Cycles are awesome. There's just no denying that. Sure, lightsabers are cool and can cut through pretty much everything, but you can't jump on one and fly away at incredibly high speeds. Every kid who saw Tron wanted his very own light cycle (or a Recognizer, but parking those things would be a pain in the ass), especially because when you didn't need it - *zap* - it would just de-rez. Extremely handy when you don't have time to search for a $15 parking space.

Tron: Legacy amps up the two-wheeled excitement with updated and streamlined cycles, and even though the game is getting Light Tanks as you saw in our exclusive TRON: Evolution reveal, the cycles are still one of the defining elements of this franchise. But what about other gaming bikes? There have been a slew of titles over the years, ranging from the realistically good (Tourist Trophy), to the arcadey fun (Joe Danger), to the the just plain WTF!? (BMX XXX).

So what are some of the best bikes out there in the world of gaming? We've got our favorites. Check them out, and then us know what two-wheeled form of game transport is your favorite.

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The Epictober video you see below gives you an exclusive look at Tomorrow City, a place of hope for the forgotten, rejected characters of Disney Epic Mickey. Creator and gaming legend Warren Spector walks Adam Sessler through this unique level as well as showing off never-seen-before gameplay video from the game. 

Disney Epic Mickey - Tomorrow City Level Exclusive »

And for even more Disney fun, take a look back at a brief history of Disney video games or check out any of our previous Epictober content:


Everyone has a favorite Disney game. Not because so many of them have exceeded expectations, but because they’re now so numerous that you simply must have a favorite. From the ancient days of the NES all the way to the next-gen era, Disney has churned out title after title based on their properties, with everything from games based on movies, TV shows and Disneyland rides to cross-genre and cross-franchise adventures featuring their most popular licences.

However, despite all of their game properties, few would consider Disney a gaming company and Disney on your home console has always been a hit or miss affair. Occasionally, the games have been less than stellar, but their misses only serve to highlight their hits even more. With the impending release of Disney Epic Mickey -- a genuine attempt at an orignal AAA title -- it's important to look at where Disney is going and to do that, you have to look at where they've been.

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Check out our exclusive Epictober video from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood where the developers reveal why they decide to make the experience multiplayer, and how they incorporated that with the Animus. There's a lot of cat and mouse gameplay as you have to blend into a crowd to evade pursuit, or to stay out of your prey's line of sight.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer Exclusive Preview »

We know you're eager to know more about assassin's in video games, so be sure and check out the Best Assassin's in Video Games. And because the itch for more Epictober content needs to be scratched, check these out as well:

Top Video Game Assassins: AC through Tekken

Our exclusive Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood video reveal of the new Alliance Mode has the G4 offices buzzing about the best assassins in video games. Assassins, guns for hire, it's hardly a new concept for video games. Protagonists and antagonists, hired to kill. Some work for the government, some work for the highest bidder, while others kill simply because it's what they love. Either way there are plenty of assassins in the video game world and we’re counting down our favorites.

The majority of these characters are notorious for being ruthless, cold-blooded killers. The body count for this list of assassins is easily within the hundreds. Each one has a different motive, style and weapon of choice. But it takes a lot more than a 9mm and a paycheck to be one of the best. Here are the Top Video Game Assassins:

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Call of Duty: Black Ops is yet another exclusive we're unleashing as Treyarch head Mark Lamia gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the intense, close quarters combat-focused Kowloon level from the single-player portion of the game. This vibrant level has you fighting with the Russians for control of some crucial intel, and there's a much-needed weapons drop that will beef up your inventory. And make sure to look up as airplanes pass overhead!

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Kowloon Single Player Exclusive »

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As part of Epictober, check out the exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops video below where Treyarch head honcho Mark Lamia takes us through the lush green, multiplayer foliage of "Jungle," or as we like to call it, "A Sniper's Dream." There are tons of vertical spots on this Vietnam-themed map, encouraging the use of scoped weapons and sneakiness, although run and gunners will appreciate the many different opportunities to create their own carnage.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Jungle Multiplayer Map Exclusive »

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