PlayStation Move

A new, sexy Wii game called We Dare has been released over in Europe. We Dare is also for the PlayStation Move and the game's trailer shows off two couples performing a variety of kinky tasks with their Wii controllers including kissing, spanking, and, well a lot more.

If you wait until the end of the video, there are nine additional endings that you can click. Be aware that this entire trailer may not be considered "Safe for work".

We Dare is not available in the US. Yet.

Virtua Tennis 4

Sega's Virtua Tennis 4 has a release date. You'll be able to swing your mighty raquet on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii on May 10, 2011.

As you'd expect, the game is playable with Wii MotionPlus controller, the Kinect and the PlayStation Move, and it features tennis heroes Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Juan Martin Del Porto and Caroline Wozniacki.

If you remember back to the launch of the Wii, you'll remember how all anyone ever played on Wii Sports were the tennis games, and sometimes the bowling game -- there's something about tennis that makes it uniquely suited to motion controls, don't you agree?

Killzone 3: The Story So Far -- Bringing You Up To Speed On The World of Killzone

It's been nearly seven years since Killzone was first unleashed on the world, and while many of you are intimately familiar with the story of the Helghast Empire vs. the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance, many more of you have been scratching your heads and wondering, "Why should I care about Killzone 3?" We're here to set the record straight, get you up to speed, and tell you everything you need to know, even if you've never touched a Killzone game in your life. 

Read on for the full history of all the games, and you'll be trigger-happy and ready to plow into the newest installment.

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G4 Is Heading To GDC 2011!

Hey, Feed faithful! This year’s Game Developers Conference is just around the corner, and we here at G4 are in the final planning stages as we prepare to bring you all of the breaking news, interviews, previews, panel discussions, rumors and videos your precious game-loving brains can handle straight from one of the year's biggest gatherings in the games industry.

GDC 2011 officially kicks off Monday, February 28 and lasts through March 4, and G4tv.com will be all over it like some kind of incurable developer conference fungus, only…you know…not as gross. We’re expecting to see plenty of big name titles at the show, from Battlefield 3 to The Darkness 2 to, perhaps, the new game from Epic Games that was previously rumored to be announced at the show. In other words, lots of good stuff.

In addition to the countless number of fascinating panels and roundtables, another big highlight will obviously be the keynote presentation from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, in which he may or may not announce that Wii Points have become the official currency of the universe. It’s more likely that he’ll stick to the keynote topic, “Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future,” but we’ll see.

So keep your eyes and ears glued to G4tv.com starting next week for all of the latest updates from this year’s big show.

We've posted a bunch of Kinect-related hacks on our website -- the Kinect hacking community is robust and growing -- but today we've got a Playstation Move hack for you.

Scientists (presumably mad) at pabr.org have combined the Move with an old-school turntable in order to provide experimental evidence of Earth's diurnal rotation. Basically, you can use a Move and your dad's record player instead of a 70-meter high, perfectly weighted Foucault's Pendulum to confirm that the earth actually rotates in space, find geographic North, and measure latitude.

It's not really fun, per se, but it's very, very cool. Check it out in the video below, and visit the site for tech-specs so you can recreate the device at home! 


Killzone 3

CheapyD at CheapAssGamer.com scours both the online and offline world for the best deals on video games, and to help out your wallets, we're bringing his weekly recap to you!

Best Buy has dropped a bunch of prices, including Assassin's Creed Brotherhood & Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 to $35, Halo Reach & Fable 3 to $40, and Kingdom Hearts: Recoded to $20.

Kmart is offering $20 in SYWR points with the purchase of Killzone 3 or Bulletstorm and $15 worth with De Blob 2. Other sale items include Enslaved: Odyssey at $15, Dead Space 2 at $45 and DJ Hero 2 bundles/stand alone game at $40/$30. PC gamers find savings with Starcraft II at $40 and Civilization 5 at $30.

Target will knock off $20 when you purchase Bulletstorm or Killzone 3 and any one of these titles: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Gears of War Triple Pack, Gran Turismo 5, or LittleBigPlanet 2.

Toys R Us will throw in in a free De Blob figure with a De Blob 2 purchase. Also, buy 1 select game, get a $5 gift card, buy 2 get a $40 gift card. Eligible titles are NBA 2K11, Dance Paradise,
Dead Space 2, COD: Black Ops, Bulletstorm, and Killzone 3.

Visit CAG for more details and the rest of this week's Sunday ad deals.

Best of the Rest

PAX Prime 2010: Portal 2 Co-Op Hands-On Impressions

Portal 2 for the PS3 will not have Move support despite reports from the German PlayStation blog, which was translated by Google. Apparently something was "lost in translation" according to Valve, who assured us Portal 2 would not have support for Sony's motion controller. Keep reading for the original report along with Valve's statement.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Wins BAFTA Game Of The Year

The 2011 GAME British Academy Video Game Awards nominations were announced today, and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood led the field with seven nods, followed by Quantic Dreams’ Heavy Rain and Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops, both of which received six nominations.

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Duke Nukem Forever had its own preview event called Titty City. At the event our very own Adam Sessler got some hands-on time with Duke. The President of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, spoke with Adam about the game. Gearbox bought the rights to the series but decided to not change what 3D Realms had started. Instead they helped bring the vision of Duke Nukem Forever, as 3D Realms first envisioned it, a reality. Duke Nukem Forever isn't just running and gunning; it's puzzles, driving, and exploration, there's a variety of gameplay. Oh and there are schoolgirl twins who are really happy to see each other. 


Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Preview »


Duke Nukem Forever will be released for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on May 3. 

Test Drive Unlimited 2

K-Mart and Amazon have a few videogame deals happening for a limited time. Everyone loves deals, and some of the ones we've found really can't be beat. 

Today through Saturday, K-Mart customers who purchase Test Drive Unlimited 2 at the actual store will receive a bonus code for an exclusive in-game car, the Ferrari 612 Sessanta. In addition to the car, customers who buy the Xbox 360 version of the game at the store will get a free PC copy of the original Test Drive Unlimited. The PS3 customers will get a free copy of Test Drive Unlimited for their PSP. Plus, if you're a Shop Your Way Reward Member with K-Mart, you'll get 10,000 points (about 10 bucks) with every purchase of TDU2. 

Amazon's massive Buy One Get One 50% off sale includes a variety of about 278 games all of which are under $20. We're not talking bargain bin titles here. Games like Mass Effect 2, Borderlands, Bioshock 2, are just some of the bigger ones for sale. They're also offering older PS2 titles too. 

What are you going to buy at the sales? Let us know! 

THQ Reveals New Company Logo

THQ posted a $14.9 million loss for the three months ended December 31, 2010, the publisher announced today in its Q3 2011 financial report to investors.

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With the recent advances in motion technology, peripherals like the Playstation Move, Kinect, and Wii are quickly becoming a target to help you get in shape. X-Play's Blair Herter put several of the latest weight loss games to the test, including The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout, EA SPORTS Active 2.0, and Get Fit With Mel B. With help from Sara Underwood and professional trainer Blake Baietti, which game did they think offered the best workout of the bunch? Watch the video to find out. 

X-Play Investigates: Can Videogames Help You Lose Weight? »

Have you found yourself getting more exercise with the Kinect, PS Move, or Wii lately? 

EA Revenues Down $322 Million; Mobile, Digital Sales Continue To Grow

Despite solid performances from a number of catalogue titles and a boost in digital sales, Electronic Arts reported a loss of $322 million for Q3 2011, with total revenues topping $1.05 billion, the publisher reported to investors today.

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 Killzone 3

Sony announced a Killzone 3 single player demo slated for February 9th for PlayStation Plus members. If you don't have a PlayStation Plus account, don't worry. You'll still be able to get the demo a week later, on February 16th. Killzone 3's story follows Sev, a Special Forces operative, as he tries to stop a Helghast invasion on Earth. The demo will put players in the "Icy Incursion" level of the campaign, featuring a frigid Helghan area that allows players to take flight via jetpack in order to complete the mission. 

The demo will be available in both 2D and 3D. The 2D version will be able to utilize the splitscreen co-op feature, something not yet available for the 3D players. The Killzone 3 demo will also include PlayStation Move capabilities, so if you want to really immerse yourself in the action and feel like you're actually punching and shooting those evil Helghans, you're all set.

Virtua Tennis 4

We already knew a PlayStation 3 version of Virtua Tennis 4 was in the works, but today, Sega announced that the franchise will also be appearing on the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. It comes out in Spring 2011.

According to Sega, the game has been developed to take full advantage of Kinect for Xbox 360, the PlayStation Move, and Wii's MotionPlus, essentially doubling-down on the motion control. Tennis, as a sport, is uniquely suited to motion control-- there's a reason everyone played Wii Sports Tennis when the Wii launched -- so I'll bet this will be an amazing experience for you net-heads out there.

DETAILS: Virtua Tennis 4 hands-on preview.

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