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Fresh Ink Online: Wolverine, Jonah Hex, The Goon »

This week, Blair Butler visits Jonah Hex, Batman Cacophony, Daredevil, Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, No Hero and The Goon.

That’s not all!

Blair also gives us two wonderful bonus interviews from WonderCon: Common speaking about a possible Green Lantern movie and Bryce Dallas Howard chatting about her love of The Sword! Nerdtastic! All this and more on this week’s fabulous webisode.

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Fresh Ink Online: New Avengers, Capt. America, The Sword »

After sitting out so that comic legend Greg Rucka could learn y’all from the floor of New York’s Comic-Con ’09, host Blair Butler is back!

This week, we delve into The Umbrella Academy, Green Lantern, Captain America, Fantastic Four and New Avengers. Plus, The Sword is back and bloody, baby! So get ready to rumble!

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Fresh Ink Online: Greg Rucka Comic-Con '09 Interview »

This week, host Blair Butler chats with the great Greg Rucka on the floor of New York’s Comic-Con ’09.

Rucka talks at length with our adoring host about his work on Whiteout, Detective Comics starring Batwoman, Queen & Country, Final Crisis, and much more. This is one interview you won’t wanna miss!

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Fresh Ink Online: Sabertooth, Berserker, Green Lantern »

Join host Blair Butler as she reviews X-Men Origins, Berserker, Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel, Batman, Incognito, The Walking Dead and Green Lantern Corps. Plus, another edition of Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe? You betcha! Enjoy.

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Fresh Ink Online: Dead Irons, Secret Warriors, Locke and Key »

After taking a brief hiatus to let Umbrella Academy rock star Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) guest host last week, Blair Butler is back in the house. She’s armed with two weeks worth of comics to review, so watch out! This week, you’ll get the lowdown on the debuts of Black Panther, The Mighty, Nick Fury: Agent of Nothing, I Am Legion and Dead Icons. Plus, dig the latest issue of Locke & Key. Blair sure does.

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Fresh Ink Online With Gerard Way »

Special guest host Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance frontman and creator of Dark Horse’s The Umbrella Academy, fills in for Blair Butler on this week's Fresh Ink Online.

Gerard takes us through some of his all-time favorite comics, including Kill Your Boyfriend, The New Frontier, and Zombie World: Champion of the Worm. But it’s when he unearths rarities No. 5 and The Biologic Show that things get really trippy.

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Fresh Ink Online: Superman, Dark Avengers and Battlefield »

This week, host Blair Butler gets down and dirty with Thunderbolts #128, Final Crisis Superman Beyond 3-D #2, Hack Slash #19, Zero-G #4 and the debuts of Dark Avengers and Deathstroke: Faces of Evil. However, it’s Battlefields The Nightwitches that really captures her heart once again. Did it make Pick of the Week? Well, there’s only one way to find out now, isn’t there. Watch and enjoy!

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Fresh Ink Online: Faces Of Evil, Manhunter, Locke & Key »

This week host Blair Butler gets all bent out of shape and let’s the fur fly! Which comics got her all upset though? Was it Amazing Spider-Man #583, Prometheus: Faces of Evil #1, Final Crisis #6, Manhunter #38 or Locke & Key: Head Games? You’ll find out. Just make sure to duck and cover when the claws come out!

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Fresh Ink Online: Old Man Logan, Secret Six and The Sword »

Happy New Year, comic lovers! Host Blair Butler kicks off 2009 with reviews of the latest and greatest, including Wolverine Old Man Logan #70, No Hero #3, X-Men Noir #2, and the debuts of Dead of Night Werewolf By Night and Hexed. But it’s Secret Six #5 and The Sword #14 that really tickle Blair’s fancy. And that ain’t the only ticklin’ goin’ on here, folks, as Blair has a lil’ cold (a tickle in her throat, get it?) this week, so cover your mouth or ya might catch the fever! The fever for comics, that is…


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Fresh Ink Online: Best Of Floppies 2008 »

In Part 2 of our year-end wrap up, host Blair Butler takes a look at the best floppies of 2008, including Echo, Jonah Hex, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ex Machina, The Killer and Pax Romana. And that’s not all! You’ll also get taste of Criminal, The Sword, Secret Six, and the always-shocking Walking Dead. But it’s All-Star Superman that really captures our heart this time around. Enjoy!

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Fresh Ink Online: Best Of Graphic Novels 2008 »

In Part 1 of our year-end wrap up, host Blair Butler takes a look at the best graphic novels of 2008, including Invincible Iron Man, Joker, Bottomless Belly Button, Local, and G4 staff fave, The Alcoholic.

Plus we delve into the massive Kramer’s Ergot, marvel at the staggering Acme Novelty Library and dig the heck out of The Twelve, Umbrella Academy and Criminal. And that’s hardly the tip of the proverbial iceberg, folks. There’s a hell of a lot more where those came from so stop unwrapping your dang gifts and start paying attention!

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Fresh Ink Online: Ex Machina, Punisher And The Walking Dead »

As we gear up for the holidays, Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler looks at the latest issues of Ex Machina, Punisher War Zone, Thunderbolts, Invincible Iron Man, Astonishing X-Men and The Walking Dead. Plus, we get rockin’ with new alt-indie music comic Phonogram: The Single Club. Like, totally rockin'.

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Fresh Ink Online With Guest Host Todd McFarlane »

Legendary comic book icon and toy impresario Todd McFarlane stopped by to guest host Fresh Ink Online this week, treating us to a history lesson in the comics that inspired him and giving fans a sneak peak at the upcoming issue of his influential comic Spawn (issue #187). You'll even see vintage issues of X-Men, The Tomb of Dracula and Akira from Todd's own personal collection!

Make sure to check Todd out on Attack of the Show tonight at 7 p.m. and get an exclusive tour of his amazing McFarlane Toys factory. They even make an action figure of AOTS correspondent Alison Haislip!

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Fresh Ink Online: Batman R.I.P., Crossed and X Men Noir »

It’s an avalanche of comic reviews, people! Yes, due to the Thanksgiving holiday royally tweaking the comic book release schedule over the last few weeks, host Blair Butler had a large, looming stack of goodies to cover and she does it all right here!! Right now!

So this week Blair hit Umbrella Academy #1, The Hulk #8, Battlefield: The Nightwitches #2, Batman #681 and #682, Secret Invasion #8 and The Sword #13. Plus, we delve into the shocking and gory sophomore edition of Crossed, and the standalone X Men Noir. See, told ya there was a lot of comics this week!

Which one made Pick of the Week? Did Blair skip any important comics? Do you agree with her comments? Well, jump in the Fresh Ink Online Forums and voice your opinion, dammit!

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Fresh Ink Online: Thanksgiving Graphic Novel Special »

In this very special Thanksgiving edition of Fresh Ink, host Blair Butler makes a rare departure from the paperback comic route and reviews four of the hottest new graphic novels on the scene. 

Mesmo Delivery, La Muse, Screamland and Queen and Country Special Edition all get the once over. Can ya guess which one will make Pick of the Week? If you can, help yourself to some extra turkey and stuffin’. If not, then prepare to be banished to a far off land. Kidding. Kinda. 


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