CES 2010

Given that CES 2010 is going on this week, expect to hear plenty of "Holy crap! Did you see that insane gadget that does that all wacky stuff?!" kinds of news. And to kick things off, we have this little gem about a new iPhone game that lets you control an actual flying drone.

As Telegraph reports, AR Drone (or iDrone as it should have been called) is a fascinating project that takes augmented reality to the next level thanks to a four-bladed mini-helicopter of sorts, which is controlled via an iPhone/iPod Touch app (i.e. tilt the phone and the drone will tilt). The drone also comes equipped with two cameras that stream video wirelessly to your mobile device of choice. The app then maps a video game over the actual surroundings being filmed by the drone.

So for instance, when you look at the screen, you’ll not only see your living room, but virtual enemies as well that will react and maneuver according to the placement of the real world elements being filmed by the drone’s cameras. Um…awesome?

Right now, AR Drone’s creators, the French company, Parrot, have built three games for the drone, but they say that developers will be able to make their own when the final product is ready later this summer. AR Drone is expected to cost around $500. Start saving now.

Source: Telegraph

New Technology Lets You Download, Play Today's Games...In Your Car?

The potentially revolutionary streaming technology OnLive has demonstrated video games through a PC, TV, iPhone and other output devices -- but not a car. At CES 2010, GameStreamer will make its debut, a new service designed to allow those in a vehicle (we're assuming the driver is exempt!) to download and play some of today's biggest games.

GameStreamer relies on the vehicle being equipped to a Long Term Evolution network (LTE), a wireless broadband network. On the GameStreamer website, the company alludes to users being able to play games like Assassin's Creed II, Batman: Arkham Asylum and others.

Does it actually work? We'll try to track it down at CES 2010 -- we'll be there this week!

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The Biggest Gaming Highlights From Old School CES

Before E3, there was the Consumer Electronic Show. Video gamers were a growing entertainment force, but until someone said "hey, video games should have their own show," everyone propped up a booth at the more wide-ranging tech fair that was CES. It wasn't long until video games branched off into E3 -- the split actually began in 1995 -- but enough gamers had cameras back then to capture the madness, which have been subsequently slapped on YouTube for us to, of course, laugh at.

Let the insanity begin...

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Discovery, Sony And IMAX Partner For First 3D Television Network

Televisions that support 3D technology might not become commonplace in homes for a few years, but that’s not stopping three mega media companies from ensuring there’s plenty of quality 3D programming when/if supported TVs start popping up in living-rooms en masse.

Discovery Communications, Sony and IMAX have announced a new joint-venture to create the first round-the-clock, 3D television network in the United States.

"By partnering with Sony and IMAX on 3D, Discovery will lead the way in revolutionizing the next-generation home viewing experience in the U.S. and around the world," Discovery Communications president and CEO David Zaslav said in a statement. "Today’s announcement is the next step in fulfilling Discovery’s mission of providing groundbreaking content for our affiliate partners and enlightening viewers with the most immersive and realistic viewing experience available anywhere."

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We Predict The 3 Biggest Gaming Trends For CES 2010

Are you going to be at CES 2010? We are! Brian Leahy and I are headed to Las Vegas later this week to cover the first major event of 2010, the Consumer Electronics Show. Though the show isn't nearly as gaming-focused as it has been in the past (at one point, it actually used to be the E3 of gaming, well before E3 existed), it remains a prominent nexus for technological wizardry, showcasing innovations that are sure to influence our favorite medium in the years to come.

Before CES 2010 kicks off -- our coverage starts tomorrow -- we're making predictions on the biggest gaming trends coming out of the show that will impact the way you play (and perceive) games in 2010 and beyond. You guys no doubt have some theories of your own, so feel free to chime in.

Here's what we expect to see.

We Predict The 3 Biggest Gaming Trends For CES 2010 1. In A Post-Avatar World, 3D Is The Next Big Thing*

* That's what the tech industry will be preaching, anyway.

3D is a niche market in video games right now. Capcom has been a strong supporter of NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology on the PC, but in order to experience the new kind of 3D everyone is raving about in Avatar and other recent 3D films, consumers need new monitors and televisions. Such 3D hookups are present in current high-end HDTVS, but it will be some time before they're in the weekly deals at Wal-Mart. At CES 2010, it will be shocking to find a device that isn't incorporating 3D technology somehow, whether it's in your television, computer monitor or the phone that's resting in your pocket. It's the new tech buzz, the new HD. Even if it's not priced consumer-friendly, if you're not thinking 3D, you're crazy.

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LEGO Universe Hands-On Demo And Beta Sign Ups At CES 2010

Later this year, the universe will be LEGO-ized in the aptly titled LEGO Universe, the first massively-multiplayer online (and long awaited) game in the acclaimed block-tastic franchise. However, the LEGO Group has announced that fans of the series will be able to get an early hands-on look at the game at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The LEGO MMO lets players build, explore and venture across the expanses of space, and engage in all manner of family-friendly galactic adventuring. After missing several previously announced release windows, the game will finally be released on PC in the second half of 2010.

G4 will of course be bringing you all the CES 2010 coverage you can handle starting Jan. 7, so be sure to check back later in the week for our impressions of this and other titles that will be on display at the show.

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