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Injustice: Gods Among Us To Receive Red Son DLC

This is one of those good news/bad news situations. The good news is that Injustice: Gods Among Us has a confirmed DLC pack that was inspired Mark Millar's superb comic book miniseries, Superman: Red Son. The bad news is that the DLC is confirmed by way of a UK-only limited edition offer that packs in the DLC for free with the game.

Of course, DLC tends to not remain restricted to the realm of pre-order bonuses or regional exclusivity when there's money to be made. The content pack includes 20 missions set in the alternate universe spin-off's timeline along with three character skins, for Superman, Wonder Woman, and Solomon Grundy. Too bad there's not one for the Russky Batman as well.

Also, while I've got your attention: read Superman: Red Son. It imagines what would have happened if the spaceship that delivered Kal-El to Earth had crashed in the Soviet Ukraine, and it's great.

New BioShock Infinite Details

BioShock Infinite is slightly less than two months away now, and a newly revealed Xbox 360 Achievements list may help tide you over during the wait. The list is entirely spoiler-free from a story perspective, with all narrative-related cheevos seemingly locked away behind secret Achievements.

The larger, visible portion of the list contains plenty of new information as well, it's just more in the vein of content and features. You can, for example, find a full list of weapon names and types. You'll also learn how many Vigors (think: Plasmids) there are in the game, overall.

There are also a few cheevos related to the previously teased 1999 Mode; one for unlocking it, another for completing the game in it, and a third for completing a 1999 Mode game "without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine." If you're only worried about story spoilers, know that you can read this list freely without fear.

Prey 2

Bethesda Softworks yanked Prey 2 off of its upcoming slate in summer 2012 when it became clear that the game would not be ready anytime soon, but a newly discovered countdown site hints at a reveal related to the game scheduled for March 1, 2013. The website, AlienNoire.com, doesn't explicitly mention Prey 2, though NeoGAF users (via Joystiq) captured an image of the (now-changed) source code, which bore keyword entries for the game title and its developer, Human Head Studios.

A WHOIS lookup reveals the domain owner's name to be "The Collective," with an address in Tahlequa, OK. That's also where Tommy, Prey's protagonist, is from, and where the capital of the Cherokee nation was originally founded. Tommy is also a Cherokee. Add to that the fact that the newly edited source code for the website still includes a telling hidden reference to the first game's protagonist, with a message that reads "Tommy needs your help."

Bear in mind, it is entirely possible that this is the work of a creative fan who wants to get people talking about the absent game again. We'll just have to wait and see, until either Bethesada offers some comment or, more likely, until March 1 arrives.

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The outstanding facial capture work of Depth Analysis was a key ingredient in Rockstar Games' L.A. Noire, and this newly released outtakes montage highlights just how capable the company's MotionScan technology is. The 32-camera setup captures everything about a person's performance (their face only) then reconstructs it as a virtual character. Even when said real-life actor screws things up.

Such is the case with this collection of clips, which delves deep into Uncanny Valley. L.A. Noire did a fine job skirting past the subconscious discomfort that many people feel at the sight of a "too real" digital creation, but that careful balancing act tumbles as you watch these actors break character after flubbing a line. It's really neat too, and the technology will only improve over time. For now though?


Naughty Dog shows off a little bit more of The Last of Us this week with the release of a gameplay clip featuring the game's inhuman, infected enemies (via All Games Beta). Seen previously only in trailers, we now know that the game's fungus-headed creatures evolve through multiple stages after infection, ultimately becoming the blind, echo-locating pile of contagion known as Clickers.

Previous looks at The Last of Us gameplay suggested stealth and platforming, but this one is all about building a sense of terror. Joel creeps along through a ruined subway station, quietly dispatching the infected as he spots them with his flashlight. Everything goes very wrong when he, perhaps not so wisely, shoots his gun and the clip ends on a grim note. Watch carefully and you'll also spot a peek at the game's ability upgrade interface.


Sleeping Dogs

Square Enix has a treat for Sleeping Dogs fans, in the form of more DLC. It's not just *a* treat either. It's a *lot* of treats, to the tune of five content drops to be parceled out over the first three months of 2013. January's already behind us, so that leaves a two month window for this stuff to arrive in.

Some of this stuff is out already. Specifically, the Movie Masters Pack, which was released earlier this week on January 29, 2013. That pack, along with several of the others, add nothing more than new costumes to the game. There are two proper content expansions however, that both add new missions and other content to Wei Shen's world.

Check out the details for all five of these content packs after the jump, and stay tuned for news on specific release dates as they emerge.

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Madden NFL 14 Celebrates 25 Years In August 2013

EA Sports confirms that Madden NFL 14 will launch on August 27, 2013. Probably. The graphic above -- which amounts to EA's only comment on the matter thus far -- doesn't explicitly peg "Madden NFL 14" for the August release. It merely indicates that the Madden series, celebrating 25 years of life in 2013, is doing something important on that day.

Anyone who thinks that the image above refers to anything other than this year's iteration of Madden NFL is probably wrong. It's possible that EA Sports has more extensive PR/marketing plans than usual due to the 25 years milestone, but the yearly football sim always arrive in August, to coincide with the imminent launch of the NFL season. That's not going to change.

So until you hear otherwise, look for Madden NFL 14 on August 27, 2013.

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God of War: Ascension "From Ashes" Live Action Trailer »

Sony's previously teased "Game Day 2013" has arrived and, just as many of us had figured, it's related to God of War: Ascension. Specifically, today brings the reveal of a live-action trailer for God of War: Ascension, a prequel story for Kratos that comes to PlayStation 3 on March 12, 2013.

And hey, you know what? This trailer is great. Whether or not you know just why Kratos is so angry or how he maintains that ashy white glow on his skin, this live-action peek at his back story hits every note that it should. Watch it. Enjoy it. Then wait two and a half months more before you can play it.

Troy Baker To Voice Jake Mueller In Resident Evil 6 -- Official Comic-Con 2012 News

Resident Evil producer Masachika Kawata had some ear-perking things to say in a new interview with IGN concerning where the series is at right now and where it's headed. He does use the word "reboot," something that many believe the series sorely needs after the failure of Resident Evil 6 to be... you know... good, it's not entirely clear if that's the path being taken for whatever comes next.

"I think a lot of what people want now is to have Chris and Jill in a game, or they want it to look like Resident Evil used to look like. That’s what makes the game work for them. We should be able to start from scratch and reboot it. It would still be Resident Evil. We wouldn’t lose the essential nature of what makes it a good game just by changing the characters," he said. Not exactly a commitment to change. There's hope though!

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Sony released an unusual trailer yesterday advertising a non-specific PlayStation event that will be held on February 20, 2013. The belief is that this is where the company will reveal its next-gen gaming console, a fact that "people familiar with the matter" have confirmed to the Wall Street Journal (via Kotaku).

Those same sources also indicate that the console is due for release later on in 2013. The February 20 event is set to happen in New York City at 6pm ET, less than a week before the company's annual Destination PlayStation event. Expect the usual media circus, but the good news is that you'll be able to watch too; the event will be streamed live.

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Grand Theft Auto V Release Date Announced

Rockstar Games announced today that Grand Theft Auto V will be released on Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 17th, 2013. Mark your calendars, clear your schedules, stock up on Mountain Dew (or actually don't, Dew contains a questionable food additive called BVO - Google it) and get ready to dive head first into Rockstar’s latest magnum opus. Too soon to call it a magnum opus? Nope!

"Grand Theft Auto V continues to push the series forward in new ways; Rockstar North are creating our deepest, most beautiful and most immersive world yet," said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. "We are very excited for people to learn more about the game in the coming months."

Me, I don’t need/want to know anything else. Get me this game! What do you think? Pumped? Bored? Indifferent about the GTA series? Let me know in the comments.


Aliens Colonial Marines

Sega and Gearbox Software release Aliens: Colonial Marines on February 12, 2013, but it seems that there will be plenty more Xenomorph action to come in 2013 based on a DLC Season Pass product listing (via CVG). GameStop and Green Man Gaming both have product listings for a Season Pass priced $26.99 (discounted from $29.99), though Sega hasn't yet confirmed anything relating to post-release plans.

The identically worded listings promise four downloadable content pack releases to be released between March and "summer 2013," with Season Pass owners enjoying a 33 percent discount off the total cost of the four individual packs together. The listings also hint at what to expect, with "campaign content, additional multiplayer maps, new modes, character customization, and more."

world of warcraft mists of pandaria

Legendary Pictures' World of Warcraft movie finally has a director (again): Duncan Jones. The Brit filmmaker, who also happens to be David Bowie's son, burst onto the scene several years ago with Sam Rockwell's one-man show in Moon. Jones followed up his successful debut with the sci-fi thriller Source Code, and now The Hollywood Reporter confirms that he's been tapped for the WoW adaptation.

This is the same project that Legendary tried to jumpstart some years back with Sam Raimi at the helm. The Evil Dead creator eventually bowed out to tackle Oz, The Great and Powerful, but Legendary will hang onto the Warcraft script developed by Charles Leavitt when Raimi was still on board. It's looking like this is a done deal now, with THR noting that production should begin in fall 2013, ahead of a planned 2015 release.

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Killzone Mercenary Gameplay Trailer »

Sony finally has something to show from the upcoming PlayStation Vita FPS, Killzone: Mercenary, in the form of a gameplay trailer. The game, developed by Guerilla Games Cambridge, puts players in the combat boots of a mercenary, with players accepting paying assignments from both ISA and Helghast forces.

The trailer release was accompanied by confirmation of the game's release date: September 17, 2013 in North America and a day later in Europe. Those who pre-order the game have a handful of bonuses to look forward to, including 48 hours of double XP and an in-game cash bonus for those just starting out. Don't be surprised if additional retailer-specific bonuses pop up as well in the months ahead.

BioShock Infinite "City In The Sky" Gameplay Trailer »

Our last peek at BioShock Infinite came in the form of a trailer disguised as mini-documentary on the floating city of Columbia, but this latest one follows a more traditional path. Irrational Games' City in the Sky trailer is your basic, pre-launch runthrough of the story (as we currently know it) and key gameplay elements.

Of course, nothing in BioShock Infinite is really basic. From riding the Sky Line to Vigor-induced powers to your constant companion in Elizabeth, the narrative-heavy game feels like a BioShock adventure through and through. The wait won't be much longer. Infinite finally reveals itself to all on March 26, 2013.

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