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Midway sent along 3 new BlackSite: Area 51 screenshots:

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PlayStation 3 owners: Keep collecting aluminium cans and sleeping on heat grates: You're going to be "Home"less for a few more months.

Sony announced last night that Home, PlayStation's eagerly awaited social networking application, will be delayed until 2008.

"Please be patient," Sony Prez Kaz Hirai told the assembled press people at Sony's keynote address.

Okay. We will.


Everyone's favorite kill a bunch of people in combat simulator is hitting the PS3 and Xbox 360. Here are some screenshots to get you all hyped and what not.

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What's the deal with videogame companies suddenly wanting us to be in shape? First there was Nintendo's Wii Fit and the Balance Board announced at E3, then Konami announced a whole suite of games that encourage pilates and yoga and whatnot. Finally, last night, Namco Bandai announced their own fat mat as well as more fitness oriented games! When will it end?

Namco's working title for their game is Active Life: Athletic World. It's a Wii title and will feature another board style peripheral that "lets players manipulate the on-screen action with a combination of hand gestures and movements with their feet across the mat’s eight sensor pads."

Each of the ten mini-games that make up Active Life: Athletic World  features a unique control scheme using the wii-mote and board. The game also "provides detailed information on personal best scores and times as well as updates on the progress of their friends and family."

We're not sure videogames will ever be better than riding your bike once in a while to stay in shape, but we have to admit we had an inordinate, inexplicably fun time playing Wii Fit's Yoga mini-game, so we're actually looking forward to these games coming out. Gulp...we want to excercise. Bring on the fitness!

Active Life: Athletic World for the Wii will be available in 2008

Okay, it was one of the worst-kept secrets in the world, but now it's super-duper official: The dualshock, rumbling controller really is coming to the PlayStation 3. Sony's president Kaz Hirai made the announcement at the company's keynote speech early this morning.

According to Sony, the shakin' joystick "inherits the basic design and functionality of the popular PlayStation controller, while keeping the motion sensitive six-axis sensing system."

It will be available in Japan in November as a separately sold accessory, and introduced to North American and European markets in spring 2008.

We may have known it was coming, but it's good to have confirmation, eh? Click the cut for a full list of games that will support the rumbling controller.

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Kazuo Hirai laid down the Sony keynote speech early this morning, cluing the world in to Sony's plan. It goes something like this:

  • Further Expansion of the PlayStation 2 business: Sure, us hardcore, up-to-the-minute types might think of the PS2 as yesterday's news, but there are millions of PS2s out there, and even more millions of people who might need a "starter console." So Sony is going to continue to expand on their PS2 success.
  • PlayStation Portable: Kaz made it clear that the PSP is a key part of Sony's strategy. He promised the company would "enhance its portability and convenience for users along with continuous cost reduction measures to boost the expansion of the PSP platform," and " Introduce color variations and popular software bundled products." Sony also promised to beef up network content and introduce some unique peripherals such as a camera, GPS and TV Tuner, as well as strengthening the connection between the PSP and the PlayStation 3.

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In a recent interview with awesome videogame news site Gamespot, Sony president Phil Harrison said he wished people wouldn't compare the Wii and the PlayStation 3.

"It's not really fair to compare two products that serve different markets and are at different price points," Harrison said. "I don't know what the analogy is. If I make an analogy I'll probably make an unreasonable analogy, so I won't bother."

Harrison also dropped some hints on the direction Sony plans to head in the future:

"I think if you look back at the history of our platforms, they will all follow very similar trends where your initial audience is very different to the audience you have buying into the console seven, eight, or nine years later. So, we try to make software which is slightly ahead of that trend."

Sadly, he remained tight-lipped on whatever new games or products Sony will announce at their keynote. You'll have to wait until tomorrow morning at 2:30...or check out TheFeed when you wake up.

Gamespot.com: TGS '07 Q&A: Sony's Phil Harrison


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