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Star Trek

We've got a killer Star Trek preview for you to enjoy. Kevin "Bones" Kelly took a loot at the game at Namco's recent gamer's day, and he noted that the idea is not to produce a cheap, movie tie-in game. Here's a taste of the preview:

"Obviously, both Paramount and Digital Extremes want to dodge the movie/video game adaptation curse that has plagued the video game industry for years. To that end, they’ve hired God of War writer Marianne Krawczyk, who is working closely with the producers at Bad Robot--writer/producers of the new Star Trek films Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof--to ensure authenticity."

Read the rest of our Star Trek preview.

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5 Reasons The Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Delay Shouldn't Upset You

We've got a fresh Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier preview for you to enjoy. The focus, this time out, is the game's squad-based play. Multiplayer time, people, including details on the game's multiplayer modes, weapon customization, and much more.

Kevin "Hoo-Rah" Kelly breaks down Ghost Recon: Future Soldiers' multiplayer in a must-read preview. Here's a little taste for you.

"With 10 different maps, four different modes, three different classes, and millions of weapon possibilities, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is shaping up to provide an unparalleled squad-based experience to gamers. With the inclusion of weapons that are coming “Tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow” according to Red Storm, you will want to make strong use of your equipment in your “intel loop” to keep your fellow soldiers informed and working together. We certainly hope that the masses on the internet will give teamplay a try before screaming “D-BAG!” at everyone and going solo.

Read the rest of our Ghost Recon: Future Soldier preview.

Dust: An Elysian Tail PAX East 2012 Impressions

If Dust: An Elysian Tail, a side-scrolling, fantasy, beat-em-up, looks familiar, that’s probably because you’ve seen it cropping up at events like PAX East 2012 for the past few years. It’s hardly surprising that the game has been around for so long, given that it is, astoundingly, being made by a single dude, Dead Dodrill. Of all the games at PAX East, Dust is easily the most visually arresting I’ve seen yet, thanks to the incredible hand-drawn animations of the characters and environments.

The fluidity of the characters works wonderfully with the fighting game-esque combat system. With a few button combos, you can string together insane combos on multiple enemies at one time, flinging them into the air, driving them to the ground with your sword while your little fairy friend litters the screen with deadly balls of energy, creating a glorious display of chaos and beauty. It’s quite a satisfying and even more impressive sight to behold.

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X-Play's Aliens: Colonial Marines preview breaks down this upcoming shooter, as well as show off some sweet Colonial Marines gameplay video. The game promises to be the true sequel to Aliens and Alien 3, and Adam Sessler gets a look at the story, weapons, and more.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Gameplay Preview »

When you're finished with the video, check out our in-depth, Aliens: Colonial Marines hands-on preview too.

Borderlands 2

Hot, delicious, fresh Borderlands 2 preview for you, people! Adam "The Riveter" Rosenberg was on the sticks-and-buttons for this game, and he has written a comprehensive, and interesting, early look at Borderlands 2.

Let's take a look at some of the characters that are coming back, shall we?

"Gearbox offered up two of the game's four playable characters for the demo session: Salvador, the Gunzerker, and Maya, our new Siren. All of the playable characters in Borderlands 2 will use a new and improved skill tree. You're looking at roughly the same number of buffs to pour points into along each of the three skill branches, but the layout is bottom-heavy. In other words, you'll have more to choose from in the lower tiers, but the higher-tier skills offer the biggest boosts."

Read the rest of our Borderlands 2 preview.


Aliens Colonial Marines

Check out our Aliens: Colonial Marines preview. The great Adam "The Riveter" Rosenberg got his hands on the game recently, and was impressed enough to predict that Colonial Marines will attain blockbuster status.

Far from many movie-tie in games, Aliens: Colonial Marines finds developer Gearbox working closely with the film series creators to make the game something unique, but still set in the larger Aliens universe. Here's how it fits in with the films.

"In his opening address, Pitchford made a point of noting the level of cooperation that Gearbox has had from 20th Century Fox. Both the developer and the movie studio are looking at Colonial Marines as a direct sequel to James Cameron's Aliens. Fans will be visiting familiar locations and picking up on plot points that relate to both Aliens and Alien 3."

Read the rest of our Aliens: Colonial Marines preview!

Max Payne 3

We've got a Max Payne 3 multiplayer preview for you. The most defining gameplay characteristic in the Max Payne series is obviously bullet-time, that slowing down of Time thing that you can trigger in-game to take out enemies in slow motion. Max Payne 3 brings bullet-time into the multiplayer mode. Miguel "Bullet-time Lord" Concepcion got his hands on the MP3 multiplayer, and describes bullet-time like this:

"Triggering it works just like in the story mode, only this time the targets (ie. actual gamers) react more unpredictably than enemy AI. And even if I have been singled out for a bullet time execution, I wasn’t at a total disadvantage even if the shooter came from behind. The fact that time slowed down was enough of a signal for me to react, whether to sidestep away from gunfire, take cover, or spin around and take my enemy head on. Now I wonder if Rockstar ever considered a one-button 180-degree turn move."

Read the rest of our Max Payne 3 preview.

We hate Hitler, so the upcoming release of Sniper Elite V2 makes us happy. If you pre-order this "thinking-man's shooter" prior to its May 1st ship-date, you gain access to the ultimate, kill-Der-Fuhrer mission.

Check it out, exclusively on last night's X-Play, where the great Morgan Webb got the chance to check out the game. Click play.

Sniper Elite V2 Hands-On Preview »


Imaginary, historical war is one thing, but for real war, you've got to check out Bomb Patrol Afghanistan, tonight at 10 PM ET, only on G4!

Assassin's Creed 3 FAQ: Everything We Know About The Upcoming Game

We've got our first official preview of Assassin's Creed 3 for you to check out, ladies and gents. Adam "The Riveter" Rosenberg was lucky enough to check it out recently, and from his preview, it sounds like both gamers and history buffs will be very, very happy.

Here's a little bit of Rosenberg's Assassin's Creed 3 preview.

"An epic story with plenty of opportunities to insert the assassin into pivotal historical events. During the eyes-on demo, we see Connor speaking with Israel Putnam at the Battle of Bunker Hill while thousands of Redcoats formed into battle lines on a distant hill trade musket fire with Putnam's own forces."

Read the rest of our Assassin's Creed 3 preview.t And if that isn't enough AC 3 for you, check out our Assassin's Creed 3 FAQ, which synthesises everything we know about the game into one, bullet-pointed list. Also: You don't want to miss X-Play tonight at 6:30 ET, because you'll get to see Assassin's Creed 3 in action!


Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will feature a Horde-inspired multi-wave multiplayer mode called Guerrilla Mode. Ubisoft considers it a follow-up to the Terrorist Hunt mode from previous Tom Clancy games.

Initially available across four maps (not counting pre-order maps and to-be-announced DLC), the 50 rounds of Guerrila are broken up into five sections of ten rounds each, and stealth is a major component of the gameplay.

We got our hands-on the Guerrilla mode for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and I know you'll want to check it out, so just click the link for our Ghost Recon: Future Soldier preview of guerrilla mode.

Video game war is one thing, but if you want the real story, you have to watch Bomb Patrol Afghanistan. All new episodes of G4’s hit show, Bomb Patrol Afghanistan start Tuesday, March 27 @ 10PM ET. Watch it! Follow Bomb Patrol Afghanistan on Facebook!

Darksiders 2

You need to read our Darksiders 2 preview, friend, especially if you played Darksiders. Kevin Kelly was chosen to face his greatest fear in this preview: Death itself. That's right, the scourge of kings and beggars shows up in personified form, and he even has a pet.

Here's a taste of our Darksiders 2 preview:

Death also comes equipped with Rust, a crow that he can summon to point out the path or give hints if you find yourself stuck. You’ll probably need to use it too, as we found ourselves dropping out into the map by hitting select, and using the minimap (which you can lock or have rotate to your orientation) often to find out where we were supposed to be going. When a game is this big, navigation is pretty important.

Read the rest of our Darksiders 2 preview.


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Today on X-Play

Tune in tonight 6:30PM ET on X-Play as we go behind the scenes with a Mass Effect 3 Combat Designer, and visit Assassin's Creed and Far Cry developer Ubisoft Montreal. Full show details below:

  • On Location: Ubisoft Montreal
    Ubisoft Montreal is responsible for Assassin's Creed and Far Cry, and we'll cross the border and dig for details on both.
  • Mass Effect 3 Combat Designer
    Go behind the scenes with Cory Gasper on Mass Effect 3 and find out what it's like designing combat across an entire universe.
  • X-List: Top 5 BioWare Characters
    Mass Effect 3 continues BioWare's tradition of compelling story and rich characterization, and we'll reveal our five favorite BioWare characters of all time.
  • Dragon's Dogma Gameplay Preview
    Get a look at Capcom's first big step into open-world fantasy adventure with a sneak preview of Dragon's Dogma.
  • X-Play Recommends - Mass Effect 3: Infiltrator for iPad
    Can't get enough Mass Effect 3 on your console? Take it on the go with Mass Effect 3: Infiltrator for your iOS device.
  • X-Play Inbox
    It's time to open up more of your viewer mail in another round of X-Play Inbox.
  • Tsquared's Halo: Reach "Penance" Pro Tips
    Tsquared returns with more pro tips for multiplayer dominance, this time for Halo: Reach map "Penance."

Watch X-Play weekdays at 6:30PM ET, only on G4!

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Tactical Intervention

Please read our preview of Tactical Intervention. The hardcore multiplayer shooter comes from the creator of Counter-Strike, so you know it's going to be amazing. Right now, Tactical Intervention is in its beta phase, and Dennis Scimeca brings us  his impressions.

Here's a taste of the Tactical Intervention preview:

While the game is designed for insane firefights, players will be given plenty of tools to navigate the chaos besides running-and-gunning. Players can blind fire, and use breaching charges on doors. There’s a lot of focus on mobility, like rolling through doorways. Equipping a riot shield prevents players from shooting, but they can throw the shield at an enemy and bowl them over. Le demonstrates the technique with a smile. “These little things all add up to make a very different firefight, as opposed to just straight-up shooting people,” he says. “I thought the firefights in Counter-Strike were kind of stale, or just predictable.”

Read our Tactical Intervention preview.

Amazing Spider-Man

Check out our The Amazing Spider-Man preview: The web-head is swinging back in open-world style. Gone are the time-traveling and boring settings of Spider-Man: Edge of Time. Instead, we get an sandbox style New York City and even a brand-new mode to help you explore. Kevin "Machine Gun" Kelly explains the new mode in his The Amazing Spider-Man preview.

"To aid in navigating the Big Apple, Beenox has added a “Web Rush” mode to the game. By holding down the right bumper, time will slow down and you’ll find yourself looking through the lenses of Spider-Man’s suit, complete with curved reflections of the environment. Silhouettes of places that Spidey can get to quickly will appear in this mode, and you can choose which location you want to get to, and then release the button to activate it."

Check out our The Amazing Spider-Man preview.

Jet Set Radio

It's time for a Jet Set Radio preview. The Rollerblade-and-graffiti action game holds on to the cell-shaded style that made it so cool on the Dreamcast, but soon you'll be able to play it on your Xbox 360. Here's a taste of Rob Manuel's Jet Set Radio preview.

Exploration, twitch-action gameplay, and a little bit of racing come into play as you take on the gangs and police of the city. Getting my hands on it felt like welcoming an old friend while the addition of a second stick made it a bit easier to keep an eye on the helicopters above as they launched missiles my way.

Read the rest of our Jet Set Radio preview.

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