BlizzCon 2011

Diablo 3 Free To World Of Warcraft Subscribers; Exclusive Mount Tyrael's Charger

At Blizzcon moments ago, Blizzard announced a new deal for free access to Diablo 3. If you sign up for 12-months of World of Warcraft via the WoW season pass you will get Diablo 3 for free. You can still be billed monthly, otherwise you'd be forking over almost $200 at once. Not only will you get instant, free access to Diablo 3, but you'll also be guaranteed access to the next World of Warcraft expansion's beta.

To sweeten the deal Blizzard will also be giving gamers who sign up for this deal an exclusive mount, Tyrael's Charger.

You can sign up today.

G4 At BlizzCon 2011 October 21-22!

BlizzCon is Blizzard Entertainment's annual convention where Blizzard fans come together to celebrate some of their favorite games; this year, G4 is going to be there to bring you all sorts of coverage from the event.

This year at BlizzCon 2011 there are a lot of great things going on, including developer panels, huge reveals regarding Blizzard Entertainment games, an art show, a costume contest, a dance competition, two StarCraft 2 tournaments including the Global StarCraft 2 League grand finals and the BlizzCon Invitational, and of course, a concert from the Foo Fighters.

We'll be on the floor getting you all of the information as soon as it's released, and getting our hands on games like World of Warcraft, StarCraft 2, and Diablo 3 to get you all of the details surrounding everything Blizzard announces. Plus, Casey Schreiner of The MMO Report fame will be running around talking to fans and shooting an on-site episode of The MMO Report.

Be sure to say hi if you see us around the Anaheim Convention center, and if you can't make the trip down, then keep your browser here on G4TV.com all throughout the event for our epic coverage.

Blizzcon Tickets Go On Sale May 21 and May 25

BlizzCon is the annual convention held by Blizzard Entertainment to celebrate their many epic video game franchises including Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo. This year at BlizzCon 2011 there are a lot of great things going on including developer panels, an art show, a costume contest, two StarCraft 2 tournaments, and new this year concert from the Foo Fighters.

But aside from all of these festivities, the main reason we want to go to BlizzCon 2011 is to learn about what's going to be coming out in the future from Blizzard, and to spend time with our fellow players. All the cosplayers don't hurt, either. But this year, what should we expect from Blizz in terms of straight up game news? Let's break it down by each game.

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