Serious Sam HD Could Hit PlayStation 3 Later, But Croteam Asks: Would You Buy It?


Posted June 29, 2009 - By Patrick Klepek

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Serious Sam HD Could Hit PlayStation 3 Later, But Croteam Asks: Would You Buy It?

Amidst the excitement for Croteam announcing Serious Sam HD for Xbox Live Arcade and PC last week, there was a group of disgruntled gamers: PlayStation 3 owners. The platform wasn't mentioned as a destination for the remake, but why? I asked Croteam for an explanation to pass onto TheFeed readers, and I received a response from Croteam CEO Roman Ribaric, who laid out his studio's reasons -- and what you can do about it.

"We did plan for PSN at the start of Serious Sam HD development," said Ribaric.

"[We] couldn't get additional financing to support [the] extra development time needed," he continued. "It was either to do PSN by the same date or forget about it. There was also a thought to find another team to do it, but nobody was either willing (a.k.a. not enough time/money/interest) or realistically being able (or crazy enough) to do it in such short period."

When Croteam realized it couldn't produce Serious Sam HD for PS3 at the same time at the other platforms, it discussed the possibility of releasing Serious Sam HD on Sony's console at a later day. But that's where Croteam hit another unexpected snag, an issue you guys could help Ribaric resolve.

"We [have considered] doing PSN after we finish PC and XBLA," he said. "However, we keep hearing over and over from publishers, investors, marketing and other suits that players from one console, in this case PSN, wouldn't want to get it later, let's say eight months and seven days after, if it's released sooner on the other console, here that would be XBLA. I would normally say that's a lot of bull, but I will refrain here from my comment. What do your readers think?"

That's where you guys come in. If Croteam was to consider pushing resources into porting Serious Sam HD, but acknowledged it couldn't deliver the game until well after the other versions were on the market, would there still be an interest from gamers? The only one who can really help answer that question is you.

"It would feel perfect to have it on PSN as well," he said. "However, we are a garage team of 20 people, although with a larger garage now, working on Serious Sam HD for PC and XBLA platforms. Along that, we are developing Serious Sam 3 and Serious Engine 3 tech for both platforms. Now, I know we are good, but we are not that good to add PSN and finish at the same time. Just kidding, we are that good, but we are not supermen."

Tell Ribaric what you think. I'll be pointing him towards the comments. He'll be reading.

Serious Sam HD Could Hit PlayStation 3 Later, But Croteam Asks: Would You Buy It?


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