Anime Expo 2011 Japanimation-Inspired Outfit Photos

We've never considered looking to anime for wardrobe inspiration, but these Anime Expo 2011 Japanimation-Inspired outfit photos have got us thinking that the weirder the attire, the better. What about you? See anything you might like to add to your wardrobe?

Anime Expo 2011 Video Game Cosplay Pics

We love it when people cosplay as our favorite video game characters from Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur V, BioShock 2, Street Fighter IV, Mass Effect 2, and Assassin's Creed. It's a special delight to see cosplayers take on the roles of the heroes and villains we've spent countless, button-mashing hours admiring or trying to defeat. That's why our Anime Expo 2011 video game cosplay pictures are extra special. Seeing them is like watching the best video game ever come to life!

The Samsung 8000 Series 3D Plasma TV might be taking up that extra room under the Christmas tree with its super sleek design, stunning picture quality and 600 Hz smooth viewing technology. Kevin Pereira and Sara Underwood take a close look at the $2,500 TV.

Samsung 8000 Series 3D Plasma TV Review »

Find the full review from Gadget Pron on Attack of the Show after the cut. 

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Around the Net 12.23.10

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Posted December 23, 2010 - By Eugene Morton

Around the Net 12.22.10 »

Happy holidays! We couldn't decide what to get you this year, so we got you a couple of things; a very erotic carol featuring Kirk and Spock from Star Trek, a unicycle riding, bagpipe playing Santa, and a holiday greeting from Gwar. We hope you enjoy them. Tell us if they aren't the right size. Feel free to regift them too. Our feelings won't be hurt.

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Tech Review: Apple TV

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Posted October 15, 2010 - By Eugene Morton

Apple TV Review »

The long awaited Apple TV has finally arrived! Chris Hardwick joins Kevin Pereira in studio to review the little black box that can wirelessly stream media from iTunes, rent TV shows or movies, and access Netflix, YouTube and Flickr. Find out what rating they give this $100 device.
Find the full review from Gadget Pron on Attack of the Show after the cut.

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Around the Net 10.14.10 »


Want to see Conan O'Brien drive a car full of explosives off a cliff, metal heads mosh to ABBA's "Dancing Queen" and a Brett Favre take a football to the groin? Good. That's exactly what we've got lined up for today's ATN. What a coincidence!

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Kevin And Carrie Keagan Explore The Vacuum Bed Fetish Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Although we normally approach the fetishes explored in WTF with a professional, almost clinical distance, we found ourselves unusually intrigued by the Vacuum Bed fetish. So, as students of the human animal, we had our brave hosts, Kevin and Carrie Keagan try it out so we could understand what the psychological apeal was.

To help in the study, we brought in an expert, Mistress January Seraph and for purely scientific reasons, we took lots of pictures... lots. Please, take a moment to look through them. We're sure you'll find them exhilirating, scientifically speaking, of course!

If photos aren't your thing, you can always look at the video from today's show!

Blair Butler reports from the DC Comics booth at Comic-Con 2010 to give us the latest news on the future of Superman, Wonder Woman and the return of the original Dark Knight.

Comic-Con 2010: DC Comics News Round-up »

Comic-Con offers more than just a conglomeration of TV, movies and comics! It's about video games, too! Adam Sessler from X-Play covers the latest news about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning from the visionaries behind 38 Studios: Curt Schilling, Ra Salvatore and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane.

38 Studios & Adam Sessler on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning »

Blair Butler reports from the Marvel booth at Comic-Con 2010 with their exclusive announcements about Ultimate Thor, Red Hulk joining The Avengers and new mutants popping up in the Marvel U.

Marvel News Round-up from Comic-Con 2010 »

Alison Haislip gets up close and personal with Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds, Peter Sarsgaard and Blake Lively to find out how they've upgraded the classic characters for the 21st century while remaining true to the source material.

Green Lantern News at Comic-Con 2010 »



The director of Thor, Kenneth Branagh,  talks with Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn about his background as an accomplished Shakespearean actor, his love of Thor and the challenges of bringing the Norse god to the silver screen.

Comic-Con 2010: Thor with Director Kenneth Branagh »

Our Thor coverage continues with Kevin and Olivia's interview with Thor himself: Chris Hemsworth, after the cut!

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With the plethora of superheroes, there's only one good enough for the red, white and blue. Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn talk to Captain America himself! Find out what Chris Evans, costar Hugo Weaving and director Joe Johnston have to say about star spangled Captain America: The First Avenger.

Captain America Takes on Comic-Con 2010 »


It's a sequel 28 years in the making, and it's all over Comic-Con 2010. Alison Haislip talks to the cast from Tron: Legacy to find out what fans can expect in this highly anticipated movie, plus a visit to a set piece rebuilt for Comic-Con 2010.

Tron: Legacy Cast Interviews at Comic-Con 2010 »

The Best of AOTB

Epic April has come to an end, but that doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying the epic content that has kept a smile on your face all month long. Go ahead and treat yourself to another helping of the best items at the AOTS buffet, including the Star Wars Charity Car Wash segment with Playmate Sara Jean Underwood and the very steamy Star Wars Charity Car Wash Photo Gallery, as well as the three part tour of Skywalker Ranch and ILM (and if you like Star Wars, you'll love St*r Warz Burlesque Presented by The Devil's Playground)!

There's also a great discussion about Bungie's Deal with Activision, A Nightmare on Elm Street preview, an interview with the film's star, the new Freddy Krueger, Jackie Earle Haley, and a review of the killer new HTC Droid Incredible phone!

Plus, for you inquisitive folks who enjoy looking behind the curtain, there're behind-the-scenes interviews with Community's Danny Pudi and the aforementioned Jackie Earle Haley. That's not to mention the Attack of the Staff interviews with comic book expert, Blair Butler, film reviewer Chris Gore, the cheater we all love, Kristin Adams, gadget guru Chris Hardwick, the beloved jokester Blair Herter and G4's fearless field correspondent Alison Haislip. That should keep you busy for a while!

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