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Episode #5031


This Just In
Mac-in’: Check out these cool Mac mods: ZeCube Macs and some instructions on how to build an Apple 1.

Piercing the Empire: Some Star Wars Episode III screenshots were uploaded to www.Nerdfilter.com without, we suspect, the express permission of Lucas Film. Consequently, don’t expect to log onto Nerdfilter.com any time soon.

Hitchin’ a Ride: Watch the new trailer for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Wizard Stuff
Gareb Shamus, head honcho of Wizard Entertainment, talked about the world of comics today. His three current faves: Ultimate Spiderman, Young Avengers, and Astonishing X-Men. He said that although the comics industry has seen some decline, it’s been picking up creatively lately.

“The last few years, it’s been on a roll, especially with the movies coming out,” he said. “There’s a whole renaissance now. You’ve got a lot of guys writing it (comics) because they want to—clearly, it’s their passion.”

The new issue of Wizard is devoted to movies and it features exclusive features on the new Dr. Doom adaptation, and inside look at the new batsuit for Batman Begins, and an interview with director Bryan Singer, who talks about his new Superman movie for the first time.

Wizard Entertainment will also be holding its Wizard World convention in Long Beach, Calif. March 18-20. Last year, over 20,000 people attended.

To learn more about all things Wizardly, go to www.wizarduniverse.com.

Shuffle Boombox
Kevin R. showed off his speaker mod for the new iPod shuffle. It’s pretty simple: H had some custom-cut plastic made that’s flush with the shuffle’s dimensions. Then he drilled out two holes for earphone speakers and hollowed out a space for the wiring. Then he bought some earphones at Radio Shack, popped out the speakers, and installed them into the plastic piece with the phono jack coming out through the bottom. Then with some glossy white spray paint to finish, he had a plug-in speaker unit for his shuffle.

Maya Modeling
Maya modeling expert John Edgar Park came onto the show to give a quick primer on using Maya to create animated 3D models. He’s generously written up his overview for us and included a section from his book, Understanding 3D Animation Using Maya that you can read here.

You Create It, We Show It
Take a look at our favorite CD sculpture entries from last week’s User Created challenge.

This week, our new User Created challenge involves Maya. John Edgar Park has created a 3D model of Sarah that you can download and use however you wish. For our challenge, we ask that you create a scene with her and render an image of it. Get all the details here.

The Feed
In tech topics…

D’Oh! A mischievous kid tricks the entire nation of India.

Too Good to be True Dept.: The mighty suspicious AllofMP3.com is finally under investigation by Russian authorities.

Taking a Page from the EA Playbook: Sirius steals NASCAR from XM in the latest battle of the satellite radio wars.

You Mean the Government Shouldn’t Design TVs? The FCC ‘s broadcast flag rule comes under fire by an appeals court judge.

GT4 Arrives
The U.S. producer for Gran Turismo 4, Taku Imasaki, and the editor of Import Racer magazine, Tyrone Rodriguez, visited to demonstrate the many gameplay features of the long-awaited racing title. Almost four years in the making, the new edition contains 700 cars, a B-spec mode for casual gameplay, and a LAN mode for up to six players. (You can also fool your PS2 into online gaming via tunneling at  www.Teamxlink.co.uk.) Finally, there’s also a photo mode that allows you to pose your car, photograph it, export the image to you PC, and print it.

We’ll have a web-exclusive interview with the guys tomorrow. Until then, visit the official Gran Turismo 4 website.

Gems of the Internet
Here are Sarah’s latest weird ‘n’ wiggy discoveries on the web:

World's Fastest Knife!

Japanese Warning Signs!

The Guillotine Headquarters! 

wizard entertainment group


Gran Turismo 4
Ten Minutes with Taku Imasaki

The U.S. producer of Gran Turismo 4 talks about the long-awaited game's new features.

user created: cd sculpture rhombus
User Created Favorites: CD Sculptures

Here are some of the best CD sculptures we received in our User Created challenge.

john park maya book
Maya Modeling

Maya expert John Edgar Park provides some quick tips on building a 3D model.