Bejeweled - XBX

Game Description:An original game (for play on the original Xbox system), designed for play from a download from Xbox Live Arcade. Brought to Xbox after becoming a smash hit as a PC tile puzzle game, players must once again you must remove connected colored tiles. The difference is, these tiles aren't dropping from above. Instead, you begin with a full board. You can grab any tile and swap it with an adjoining tile either left, right, up, or down. But you can only do this is if creates a link of at least three vertical or horizontal like tiles (which destroys them). Gravity does exist, so tiles will fall if there is a game and more tiles fall into once again completely fill the board. It's simple and just different enough from other tile games that it seems new. There are two modes to try, either Normal of Time Trial. Live scoreboards are in effect here and your game automatically saves if you quit early.
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