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Game Description: Ninja Theory has moved on from Heavenly Sword to develop an all-new, multi-platform action franchise called Enslaved for Namco Bandai. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Enslaved should carry over fan-favorite elements of Heavenly Sword.
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Enslaved DLC Preview: Pigsy's Perfect 10

Enslaved DLC Preview: Pigsy's Perfect 10

By Christopher Monfette - Posted Nov 18, 2010


Pigsy’s Perfect 10 returns players to the world of Enslaved with an isolated bit of DLC that offers a completely different style of adventure than the game itself. Focusing on the corpulent secondary character from the original campaign, this add-on finds Pigsy alone, and lonely, out there in rubble-laden wasteland. While he does have a little hovering mechanical companion, what Pigsy really needs is a friend, and being something of a wizard with junk, he decides to build himself one. The only catch, however, is that there are a handful of component parts floating out there amongst the debris…surrounded on all side by deadly mechs and machine guns.

One can imagine that Pigsy would play significantly different than Monkey, the hero of the game itself, but Team Ninja has put some tremendous effort into making this DLC feel incredibly original from the core game. Not only has the style of the cut scenes been altered – now an animated, quasi-grindhouse presentation – but the music is now much more whimsical, a perfect complement to the image of a giant fat man tumbling around the universe trying to avoid deadly robots. The graphical presentation of the game is roughly the same, though there’s a rustier, reddish color palate not quite so present amongst the green overgrowth of the full game.

The gameplay itself is largely stealth-based. Being a post-apocalyptic glutton, you’re not exactly the brawler-type, so you won’t last long in a straight-up melee battle. Thankfully, you’re equipped with a long-range rifle, capable of taking out mechs with a single, well placed headshot.  While you’re given a grapple arm, it won’t allow you to interact with enemies and can only be used in certain locations to pull yourself up to a higher vantage. Subsequently, too much of Perfect 10 is spent walking, grappling, walking, and then grappling again, only to end the segment with a careful game of hide-and-seek.


But if you fail at maintaining cover, you’ll quickly be swarmed by mechs and discover that your electric prod – a very minor melee defense – won’t save you from a most certain death. Aside from the prod, however, Pigsy is equipped with a handful of gadgets such as a hologram to distract mechs and turrets, as well as an EMP device that stuns every robotic patrol in the area just long enough for a few quick rounds right in the chrome-dome.

While the game can become frustrating or ill-paced at times, it never fails to be charming, and the shift in both gameplay and visual style goes a long way toward making this a seemingly worthwhile release. Even moreso when you factor in the title update that makes the entire game fully 3D-compatible. It works with TriOviz technology on both 3DTVs and 2D televisions. We popped on a pair of TriOviz glasses, and as soon as our eyes adjusted to the red-green coloring, the effect was relatively impressive, if not necessarily essential. The added depth is a nice touch in a game like this, heightening the leaping mechanic with an extra ounce of tension. But you’ll lose as much as you gain if you’re washing out the screen with duel-colored glasses.

Check back with G4TV.com for more on Pigsy’s Perfect 10 as the DLC approaches.

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  • StuntDouble2483

    I'm skeptical about this. I loved Enslaved, but the main draw of it was the interaction between Monkey and Trip, and eventually Pigsy. The actual game part was rather mediocre (I did like the Dog fights and the last boss, though). The whole Pigsy wanting to build a friend story seems charming enough, so I guess I'll wait for a review and see if it delivers on that front.

    Posted: November 19, 2010 11:29 AM