Halo 3: ODST - Xbox 360

  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Genre:Action, Shooter
  • Developer: Bungie
  • Release Date:Sep 22, 2009
  • # of Players:1 player, 16 online
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood,Language,Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description: Step into the combat boots of an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST), sent into the destroyed city of New Mombasa to investigate what happened to the city, its citizens, and the other soldiers sent to defend it. For the first time in the franchise's history, players will see the Halo universe from outside Master Chief’s perspective, as they experience the events leading up to Halo 3.
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Halo Franchise: What's Next Comic-Con 2009 Archive

Halo Franchise: What's Next Comic-Con 2009 Archive

By - Posted Jul 27, 2009
[4:16] Patrick Klepek: "Hey guys! Just wrapped the Capcom Lineup panel and waiting for Microsoft Games Studios' Frank O'Connor to take the stage. He handles the future of the Halo franchise for the company. That's quite the task for one guy."
[4:19] Patrick Klepek: "There is no video or photos, sorry guys. One day we'll be able to sneak video through my eyes."
[4:20] Patrick Klepek: "The famous Halo music is playing in the background as people fill the room. It's not as packed as last year's Halo panel, but maybe it's just a bigger room."
[4:23] Patrick Klepek: "Sitting next to the water cooler and an outlet at Comic-Con. Doesn't get much better than this. I'm not kidding. This is awesome."
[4:24] Patrick Klepek: "The Final Destination 3D panel is probably later, man. ;)"
[4:26] Patrick Klepek: "Last year's Halo panel thinned out very quickly after it became apparent the studio wasn't going to talk about Halo ODST after all. Maybe we'll get some Reach tidbits? My guess: they won't say anything during the panel, but someone will ask in the Q&A."
[4:27] Patrick Klepek: "The panel should start in just a few minutes. I'm not completely up to date on my Halo fiction, though, so please bear with me if I struggle a bit. ;)"
[4:27] Patrick Klepek: "Gulp gulp gulp."
[4:29] Patrick Klepek: "We're about to start!"
[4:29] Patrick Klepek: "Where arrrreee yoooouuu Frankie! There he is!"
[4:30] Patrick Klepek: "They're about to roll a clip of Halo Legends."
[4:30] Patrick Klepek: "Main project to discuss today is "Halo Legends" -- the anime, right?"
[4:31] Patrick Klepek: "It's being developed by Studio 4C. We're seeing shots of...Earth? Transitioning beween many things, big Halo themes playing over. Shots of Master Chief overlooking a jungle. Production I.G. involved. Wow, the Covenant are REALLY anime-looking. Much more so than Master Chief, if that makes any sense."
[4:31] Patrick Klepek: "Battle scenes being shown. Master Chief's visor just exploded. Not literally. Just a fancy animation. Master Chief is very nimble in the video. HUGE explosion."
[4:32] Patrick Klepek: "Master Chief is weilding a sword. One-on-one battle between him and the Covenant. Many different styles of art shown."
[4:32] Patrick Klepek: "Last bits of video looked like they included lots of story hints. No idea what they all mean, sorry. :) I suck."
[4:32] Patrick Klepek: "Frankie introducing himself. 343 Industries is now official. They handle the Halo franchise at Microsoft."
[4:33] Patrick Klepek: "Halo Waypoint is coming this fall -- it's something coming to Xbox this fall. It's not a game. More of a gateway to see Halo stuff. Digital formats are coming next year."
[4:33] Patrick Klepek: "Place to see exclusive new Halo content, hav ea look at your Halo career and embrace the "Halo lifestyle." Creepy?"
[4:34] Patrick Klepek: "Frankie hands it over to some of the guys directly handling Halo Legends.  "
[4:35] Patrick Klepek: "Studio 4C worked on Animatrix and Batman Dark Knight. They're working on Halo Legends."
[4:35] Patrick Klepek: "Dark Knight? Modern Knight? Sorry, not sure. The recent anime-style release."
[4:36] Patrick Klepek: "Guys working on this claim to be "Legendary" Halo players. At least we know they know the game."
[4:37] Patrick Klepek: "President and producer of Production I.G. is here. His company worked on Ghost in the Shell and Kill Bill."
[4:37] Patrick Klepek: "No indication on setting for Halo Legends yet."
[4:37] Patrick Klepek: "A special video message is coming up...?"
[4:39] Patrick Klepek: "Why Halo Legends? Frankie is about to answer."
[4:40] Patrick Klepek: "Director of Ghost in the Shell,  Mamoru Oshii.  " I love computer games myself, so I'm very much looking forward to working on this project. As a fan, I'm extremely excited to be part of of this groundbreaking anthology. I hope you're looking forward to it as well.""
[4:40] Patrick Klepek: "Frankie says the games don't leave a lot of time to tell the story of Halo. They have tried to expand the fiction through books and graphic novels. They like to see the Halo fiction interpreted through other people's eyes. "Every time that we see new footage ... they look amazingly different and yet they all still look like Halo.""
[4:40] Brian Leahy: "For those asking, yes, Halo Legends is a collection of short-films set in the Halo universe:  Microsoft's 343 Industries Announces New Halo Legends Anime Project"
[4:40] Patrick Klepek: "One of the episodes, Origins, is from 4C and is very long. Two parts. Covers history of the Forerunner encounter with the Flood all the way to the end of Halo 3."
[4:40] Patrick Klepek: "Other six explore othe parts of the universe -- Spartan action, other stuff with "pre-Covenant" elites -- "all over the universe.""
[4:42] Patrick Klepek: "Ben -- yes, it's very much like that. A chance for other authors to play in the Halo universe."
[4:42] Patrick Klepek: "DVDs and other media will be released in 2010. Later this year, it will be available, at least in part, through Halo Waypoint via Xbox Live."
[4:43] Patrick Klepek: "They are showing slideshows of different Halo Legends art, but sadly, I cannot send you guys any pictures right now!  "
[4:44] Patrick Klepek: "The art varies in its detail, since the episodes are open to interpretation by the various artists."
[4:44] Patrick Klepek: "Some looks more typical "anime" and goofier, others are more detailed."
[4:45] Patrick Klepek: "Comments get fed to me, FYI, but the are not publicly viewed. But I do see them!"
[4:46] Patrick Klepek: ""When people think of Production IG, I think from this point on they'll think of the studio that made Halo Legends episodes. I'm very proud to be a part of it.""
[4:48] Patrick Klepek: "No, you can't see Master Chief's face. :)"
[4:49] Patrick Klepek: "Frankie hints there are many hints hidden away in the trailer. You'll want to go back and watch it many times, he says. "I can't really begin to express how exciting this project's been since it's inception." "I'm a huge fan of anime; it just seemed liked a natural fit.""
[4:49] Patrick Klepek: "Microsoft made a short list of people they waned to work with and approached them directly."
[4:49] Patrick Klepek: "We're almost at Q&A time, FYI."
[4:50] Patrick Klepek: ""We have the studios an awful lot of creative freedom. People worried it was a corporate marketing push to get Halo out there. We wanted art." "We gave these guys huge and almost complete creative freedom.""
[4:50] Patrick Klepek: "All of the stories except one is canonical -- i.e. it's within the Halo universe."
[4:50] Patrick Klepek: "Q&A time. How long before someone asks about Reach? Or Halo 4?"
[4:51] Patrick Klepek: "I don't get to ask questions, FYI."
[4:52] Patrick Klepek: "Dammit, people running around me. I can't hear the questions!"
[4:53] Patrick Klepek: ""It is a chronological prequel in the Halo universe in or around the planet Reach." <-- All Frankie would say about Halo Reach"
[4:53] Patrick Klepek: "Question about the ARG games"
[4:53] Patrick Klepek: "The ARGs are taken into consideration when they are working on the storylines"
[4:53] Patrick Klepek: "Halo Reach again."
[4:54] Patrick Klepek: "More on Halo Reach: "So, Halo Reach is absolutely Bungie's project. Bungie is the developer so they'd be the people you should ask that question.""
[4:54] Patrick Klepek: "Halo movie"
[4:55] Patrick Klepek: "No announcement to make on a Halo movie, but the Halo anime is a completely separate project. It's not an alternate."
[4:55] Patrick Klepek: "BTW, the Bungie questions was regarding Project Natal support"
[4:56] Patrick Klepek: "All of the episodes will not be Master Chief centric"
[4:56] Patrick Klepek: "Question about progression of Master Chief's storyline"
[4:57] Patrick Klepek: ""There's a few nuggets in there" "We don't go much further than the end of Halo 3 in the Legends anime""
[4:57] Patrick Klepek: ""There's a few nuggets in [Halo Legends]" about Master Chief's future"
[4:59] Patrick Klepek: "They have not finished casting the Halo Legends epidoes"
[5:00] Patrick Klepek: "Sgt. Johnson is not in Halo Legends, but no reason they are "done telling stories about Sgt. Johnson""
[5:00] Patrick Klepek: "English and Japanese subtitles and subtitle for all other regions"
[5:01] Patrick Klepek: "At least one episode will delve very very deeply into the Covenant"
[5:02] Patrick Klepek: "Elites are shown wearing Samurai Armor. From an episode called "Duel""
[5:02] Patrick Klepek: ""Duel" is being produced by Production IG"
[5:03] Patrick Klepek: "Why not do a Halo CGI film? Well, one of the Halo Legends is CGI-based"
[5:04] Patrick Klepek: "Hey, a girl asking a question! Way to go, girl."
[5:04] Patrick Klepek: "Female spartan shown in the trailer"
[5:08] Patrick Klepek: "Will Marty O'Donnell be doing the music in Halo Legends? It was featured in the trailer, but not much comment on the whole series."
[5:08] Patrick Klepek: "Price? Hasn't been decided yet"
[5:13] Patrick Klepek: "A couple more questions coming before they show the trailer again"
[5:15] Patrick Klepek: "Halo Chronicles question"
[5:15] Patrick Klepek: "Is the game cancelled? Any updates?"
[5:15] Patrick Klepek: ""No announcements at this time about Halo Chronicles.""
[5:17] Patrick Klepek: "They're showing the trailer one more time"
[5:18] Patrick Klepek: "After the trailer, we're supposed to get some more "announcements""
[5:19] Patrick Klepek: "Trailer has finished"
[5:20] Patrick Klepek: "Nothing worth noting -- just signing session announcements"
[5:20] Patrick Klepek: "And that's the end of the Halo panel :)"
[5:20] Patrick Klepek: "Thanks guys!"

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    do you see how the videogame previews are at the bottom of the page. g4 you are losing your original idea. remember "tv for gamers". i do

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