EA Sports: Grand Slam Tennis - Wii

Game Description:It's time to take tennis to a whole new level! Create a player from the ground up, choosing all the details of a full-fledged pro. Then take that player through the ranks in an attempt to win four different Grand Slam tournaments, including Wimbledon for the first time ever. The controls are built for everyone, from tennis masters all the way to people who've never stepped on a court. Simplify the controls to learn the system, or use advanced control options to set everything from strength to racket face angle. Play against real-life legends like Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg in famous stadiums the world over. And of course, each court's surface type will make a difference in your game!
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EA's Grand Slam Tennis has the dubious honor of not only being a new franchise for the publishing giant, but one that takes advantage of Nintendo's mostly unproven new attachment, Wii MotionPlus. So far, some games, like Tiger Woods 10 make excellent use of the little plastic nubbin, while others do not. Grand Slam Tennis falls somewhere in between.

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    On Location: EA Sports Preview


    Adam goes On Location to preview a few upcoming EA Sports games including 'EA Sports Active', 'Grand Slam Tennis', 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10' and 'Fight Night Round 4'.

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    First Look: 'Grand Slam Tennis' -- Cute Graphics, Surprising Authenticity, And Wii Motion Plus

    First Look: 'Grand Slam Tennis' Wii

    Posted: Mar 13, 2009

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