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Game Description:Step into the boots of a lone gunman/swordsman in this Western-themed slash-and-shoot sequel. Explore the dusty and mysterious city of Caldera, as you fight to uncover its secrets as well as your own. Experience unparalleled gun and sword control thanks to the Wii MotionPlus' 1:1 recognition, which not only matches your movements, but also judges the power of each swipe, putting you inside the action like never before.
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Red Steel 2 News

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  • Rumor: Red Steel 3 To Use Nintendo Vitality Sensor?

    Given the poor commercial reception of Ubisoft’s sword shooter Red Steel 2, it seems a bit unlikely that Ubisoft would reveal plans for a third game, but if you feel like picking up a handful of salt and reading on, then by all means. The French Official Nintendo Magazine apparently included a blurb recently that not only suggested Red...

    Posted April 28, 2010

    Rumor: Red Steel 3 To Use Nintendo Vitality Sensor?
  • Weekly Reacharound Review

    Hey, everyone. It's Sunday afternoon, the perfect day to sit back and reflect on the biggest gaming stories of the previous week and the most thought-provoking and interesting comments we received on our internet-blog-website this week. On Monday, the community was talking about Activision (what else is new?) and the defection of even more...

    Posted April 18, 2010

    Weekly Reacharound Review
  • Analyst: Red Steel 2 Sold Around 50,000 Copies

    According to financial analyst Michael Pachter, Wii title Red Steel 2 has sold 50,000 copies in the first month it has been out, putting it well out of the top-ten selling games for March. The first Red Steel game sold over a million copies. Red Steel 2 is a solid game. It has earned positive reviews from the gaming world as well as my personal...

    Posted April 16, 2010

    Analyst: Red Steel 2 Sold Around 50,000 Copies
  • Review: Red Steel 2

    Red Steel 2 is on store shelves right now, and the sequel to the Nintendo Wii launch title definitely aims for an improvement over Red Steel. But how much does the addition of Wii MotionPlus actually improve this first-person-sworder? Check out Tim Stevens' review. "Red Steel 2 is definitely a big step forward when compared to the...

    Posted March 23, 2010

    Review: Red Steel 2
  • Launch Primer: Red Steel 2

    Ever find yourself in a situation where all of your friends are talking about the latest and greatest game, and you can't contribute to the conversation because you haven't been paying attention? Solve that problem with our Launch Primers: everything you need to know (except the spoilers) about a game that's about to be released. Red Steel...

    Posted March 22, 2010

    Launch Primer: Red Steel 2
  • Morning Hangover: What Did You Play This Weekend?

    I spent the weekend playing a bunch of Red Steel 2. I have to wait until 9AM PST to tell you what I thought, but I'll give you a hint: It's awesome. Other than that "official" game-playing, I revisted Fallout 3. Even though there are a ton of new games sitting on my shelf, and half-finished older games, I went back to the Wasteland...

    Posted February 22, 2010

    Morning Hangover: What Did You Play This Weekend?
  • Splinter Cell Conviction and Red Steel 2 Delayed Until 2010

    Ubisoft posted its first-quarter 2009-10 sales reports this morning, and there was bad news and bad news. I'll give you the bad news first: Ubi's sales for the first quarter of 2009-10 came to €83 million, down 50.6%, compared with the €169 million recorded for the same period of 2008-09. This was due to an unanticipated slowdown of...

    Posted July 27, 2009

    Splinter Cell Conviction and Red Steel 2 Delayed Until 2010
  • Red Steel 2 HD Direct-Feed Gameplay

    A good reason to get your hands on the WiI MotionPlus is so you can play Red Steel 2, where your Wii remote can quickly switch between a giant sword and a pistol to slash and shoot down your enemies. If you're curious to see how it all works, check out the direct-feed gameplay video for Red Steel 2. Red Steel 2 Direct-Feed Gameplay Watch...

    Posted June 9, 2009

    Red Steel 2 HD Direct-Feed Gameplay
  • Red Steel 2 E3 2009 Preview

    Creative director from Ubisoft, Jason Vandenberghe, gives a hands-on Red Steel 2 game preview, which will include the new Wii MotionPlus technology to give its gunslinging, sword-wielding action a new edge. Take a gander. Watch Larger Version of this Video

    Posted June 3, 2009

    Red Steel 2 E3 2009 Preview
  • New Red Steel 2 E3 2009 Trailer

    A new trailer for the highly-anticipated, and Wii MotionPlus-ified, samurai gun-slinging title Red Steel 2 has been released. And in case you were wondering, I plan on being just as melodramatic as the guy in this new E3 2009 trailer when I play the game later this year. Watch Larger Version | Watch HD Version

    Posted June 2, 2009

    New Red Steel 2 E3 2009 Trailer
  • Wii MotionPlus: 10 Million Users By Year's End?

    It seems like only yesterday that I was telling you about Ubisoft’s upcoming Wii FPS Red Steel 2 requiring Nintendo’s MotionPlus controller add-on. Where does the time go? Well, today Edge reports that the guru of videogame market analysts David Pachter predicts the WMP install base could be around 10 million users in the U.S. and...

    Posted May 13, 2009| 11 Comments

    Wii MotionPlus: 10 Million Users By Year's End?
  • 'Red Steel 2' Will Require Wii MotionPlus

    Sure, Red Steel for the Wii was a solid looking, average shooter with a snazzy, if a bit buggy, control scheme. However, Ubisoft and Nintendo are hoping to win back gamers who felt the game was an unfinished rush job with Red Steel 2 when it's released sometime later this year. And the companies are sweetening the deal by requiring the use of...

    Posted May 12, 2009| 12 Comments

    'Red Steel 2' Will Require Wii MotionPlus
  • Ubisoft Confident In MotionPlus Because Of 'Wii Sports Resort'

    Publishers are moving behind Nintendo's latest Wii accessory, MotionPlus, in a big way. Ubisoft, a Wii supporter from day one, is throwing weight behind MotionPlus before it's on store shelves. Red Steel 2, the sequel to their sword-focused launch title, is being designed around MotionPlus. Why are they so confident? Easy answer, says Ubisoft...

    Posted May 7, 2009| 18 Comments

    Ubisoft Confident In MotionPlus Because Of 'Wii Sports Resort'
  • First 'Red Steel 2' Trailer Surfaces: Wii Motion Plus Precision Infused

    The first trailer for Red Steel 2 surfaces at retailer event Destination PlayStation. Focused mainly on the Wii MotionPlus as a selling point in this trailer, it's definitely an interesting look at what might be possible. RD2 is scheduled for a holiday release. Red Steel 2 Debut Trailer

    Posted May 5, 2009| 11 Comments

    First 'Red Steel 2' Trailer Surfaces: Wii Motion Plus Precision Infused
  • Video Game Revenues To Grow To $20 Billion in 09!

    Even though growth in the industry is likely to slow from 19 percent to 6.7 percent, analyst Mike Hickey of Janco Partners says U.S. video game industry revenues will be worth over 20 billion dollars by the end of 2009. "We continue to believe video games offer an exceedingly strong value proposition for consumers in the current economic...

    Posted January 28, 2009| 29 Comments

    Video Game Revenues To Grow To $20 Billion in 09!
  • Red Steel 2 Launch Trailer

    Posted: March 26, 2010

    2,590 Views | 02:08

  • Red Steel 2 Review

    Posted: March 24, 2010

    14,604 Views | 02:34

  • Red Steel 2 Enemies Trailer

    Posted: March 22, 2010

    1,374 Views | 01:33

  • Red Steel 2 Soundtrack: 'Red Steel 2 Theme'

    Posted: March 21, 2010

    1,983 Views | 01:24

  • Red Steel 2 Soundtrack: 'Vulture's Prayer'

    Posted: March 21, 2010

    1,043 Views | 01:39


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