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Gravity Crash
Game Description:Exclusive to the PLAYSTATION®3 system and available for download only on PLAYSTATION®Network, Gravity Crash combines vintage arcade shooter gameplay with striking HD vector graphics running in 1080p at 60 frames per second. In Gravity Crash, developed by Just Add Water, the player pilots a small craft. Mastering the flight mechanics to combat the perpetual gravitational pull is the key to success. Armed with an arsenal of main and special weapons, a rechargeable shield and a carefully watched fuel gauge, players battle gravity and inertia through 37 planets that each feature environmental dangers, enemies and other obstacles. Along the way, players will encounter volcanic eruptions, winding caverns and bodies of water in their pursuit to complete their mission. Additionally, Gravity Crash is the first Arcade Shooter on PSN to offer a Level Editor. Players can design their own planet fraught with danger, from narrow, twisting tunnels to deadly enemies. Then, they can publish and share it for others on the PlayStation Network to download and enjoy. New content publishing on PSN guarantees fresh and exciting new levels every time a player turns on Gravity Crash. With “old school” arcade gameplay and glossed and colorful HD vector visuals, Gravity Crash offers a sense of 1980s arcade nostalgia while delivering the latest in visuals exclusively on PS3. KEY FEATURES Classic Arcade Gameplay on PS3 – With fast, fun and precise arcade controls, Gravity Crash brings back twitch-based gameplay where a steady hand is just as important for success as precision aim with the weapon. Level Editor – The first arcade shooter title to feature a Level Editor on PlayStation Network, players can create their own planets to play and then upload for others to enjoy. User-Generated Content – The user generated content shared in Gravity Crash will keep this arcade world fresh and alive so that every mission is new and fun experience. Single Player and Multiplayer Modes – Players can explore the 37 planets on their own, or they can bring along some friends with fun multiplayer modes, including local split-screen. HD vector graphics – Players will enjoy the advanced special effects in Gravity Crash, including heat haze, refraction, light blurs and more. Thirty Planets to Explore – Each planet presents a different objective and obstacles to keep the arcade action fresh and to keep the player on their toes. Trophy Support – Gravity Crash supports a host of fun and challenging trophies to collect along the way.
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Gravity Crash Comic-Con 09 Preview

Gravity Crash Comic-Con 09 Preview

By Patrick Klepek - Posted Jul 24, 2009

Gravity Crash

If you were to take the visual style of Geometry Wars, the control system of Asteroids and throw in a bit of Defender, you'd have Gravity Crash. High-quality, fantastic playing downloadable games were all over Sony's after hours Comic-Con gathering last night and Gravity Crash was one of the notables.


It's not an easy game to just pick up and play, however. In fact, Gravity Crash did a fantastic job of making me want to put down the controller and move onto something else after less than a minute. Granted, I hadn't played the tutorial yet, but when <i>any</i> game produces a game over screen after just 30 seconds of play, maybe there's something wrong. I gave Gravity Crash another chance, however, partially because it was my job to do so, partially because I felt embarrassed.

Gravity Crash

Luckily, Gravity Crash's charms emerge once you've done the stupidly obvious: a tutorial. The aforementioned description, however, remains on the money. From a distance, Gravity Crash looks just like Bizarre Creations' downloadable shooter. That's a good thing -- the retro-meets-HD techno look works. But the game does not actually control like Geometry Wars; movement is handled by gently thrusting around and aiming is not as simple as snapping the right analog stick in a desired direction. The ship has to be steered around like a big, floating space boat. There's a necessary period of adjustment and frustration.

Gravity Crash



But then the old school Asteroids skills kick in -- well, if you have 'em -- and Gravity Crash quickly adds yet another dash of nostalgia with elements of Defender. Scattered about the environments are poor, defenseless humans hoping you'll choose to save them rather than rain down a bucket of lasers. Nabbing them requires expert precision; there's no button to beam them up. Players must slowly thrust down to the surface and wait for their landing gear to unlock.

Gravity Crash


If Gravity Gear sounds complicated for its kind, that's because it is. There's a solid learning curve before you become acquainted with its basics. Considering the aesthetic, that's probably too long. I was expecting Geometry Wars level simplicity and found something completely different. After adjusting, that's not a bad thing, but it's going to be hard explaining that to someone who doesn't know better.

Gravity Crash

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