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Street Fighter Mania!: Ssfiv And Beyond! Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono and Seth Killian share their thoughts on SSFIV and present Capcom's exciting vision for the future of the franchise.

Street Fighter Mania!: SSFIV and Beyond! - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Street Fighter Mania!: SSFIV and Beyond! - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Stephen Johnson - Posted Jul 24, 2010

[12:03] James Elkin: "Hey this panel's getting ready to start. We're having a few technical issues, but we should be fixed up in a few."

[12:08] Stephen Johnson: "Seth Killian just introduced the producer of Street Fighter, Yoshinori Ono! Crowd goes crazy. This is the true SF faithful."

[12:13] Stephen Johnson: "Officially Sanctioned Capcom Cup competitions are being planned."

[12:14] Stephen Johnson: "Now we're talking alternate costumes for the game. Alternate costume DLC will still be an important part of the game... More are coming."

[12:15] Stephen Johnson: "We see a bunch of new Ryu costumes... dark, long pants and a sort of hulk-like ripped up costume."

[12:15] Stephen Johnson: "All characters will soon have a new costume, a lot will be based on older designs."

[12:15] Stephen Johnson: "The new costumes will be available this fall."

[12:17] Stephen Johnson: "3DS Street Fighter news: We're seeing real screens from the game, exclusive new 3DS screens. Sadly, they're in 2D, but the graphics are very impressive."

[12:18] Stephen Johnson: "New features for 3DS aimed at "getting you out of the house" as you play... sadly no details yet, but the news will be on the way soon."

[12:19] Stephen Johnson: "Now we're talking about the black slots in the character select screen for the Street Fighter arcade machine..."

[12:19] Stephen Johnson: "... no announcement of the missing characters. We'll learn who they are at the Tokyo Game show, most likely."

[12:19] Stephen Johnson: "The crowd groans."

[12:21] Stephen Johnson: "The Future of III video..."

[12:22] Stephen Johnson: ""We haven't forgotten about Street Fighter III" 3rd Strike Online Edition has been announced."

[12:22] Stephen Johnson: "Because fans asked, they're bringing back Street Fighter 3. "We're going to take our time and do it right.""

[12:23] Stephen Johnson: "It's not coming out in the "very immediate future," they just started to work on it. So sorry, you'll be waiting a bit for this one."

[12:23] Stephen Johnson: "We'll be adding new features, but they're taking fans' ideas and wishes into account."

[12:24] Stephen Johnson: "On to the next subject: The Future of IV."

[12:24] Stephen Johnson: "Ono says he's been thinking a lot about what they're going to do with 4... Ono asks the crowd: "Is there anything you'd like to see in the Street Fighter 4 series.""

[12:25] Stephen Johnson: "And then Tekken costume character come into the hall..."

[12:25] Stephen Johnson: "I think this is the big reveal... the whole "cast of Tekken is entering the hall... in an apparent challenge to Street Fighter IV!"

[12:27] Stephen Johnson: "The director of Tekken has also "invaded" the Street Fighter panel. The crowd boos like it's a WWE match!"

[12:27] Stephen Johnson: "The two game makers are facing off on stage..."

[12:27] Stephen Johnson: "Tekken producer is talking trash about Street Fighter... "you haven't done anything new in 10 years!""

[12:31] Stephen Johnson: "Huge news. Crossover Tekken Street Fighter is coming."

[12:31] Stephen Johnson: ""The time for a new fighting era has begun" we're told."

[12:31] Stephen Johnson: "PS3 and 360... Street Fighter Vs. Tekken"

[12:32] Stephen Johnson: "Title: Street Fighter X Tekken... or Street Fighter Cross Tekken"

[12:33] Stephen Johnson: "They started talking about the crossover about a year ago."

[12:35] Stephen Johnson: "Ono says real Street Fighter fans will ONLY play as Street Fighter characters, in spite of the appearance of Tekken characters."

[12:36] Stephen Johnson: "Another big announcement is promised... what could it be..."

[12:37] Stephen Johnson: "Woah... we're seeing gameplay, with Tekken's creator and Street Fighter's squaring off..."

[12:37] Stephen Johnson: "This is actual game footage, not a movie..."

[12:41] Stephen Johnson: "Ryu takes on a Tekken character, with assists from Chun Li... for a game in such early stages, it's looking tight... amazing."

[12:43] Stephen Johnson: "Along with Street Fighter X Tekken, we're going to get Tekken X Street Fighter... a completely different game, developed be Tekken's developers.... so this really is a battle! Sweeet!"

[12:45] Stephen Johnson: "follow Harada_TEKKEN on twitter, as well as Yoshi_Onochin. Harada hasn't tweeted anything yet, but as the developer of Tekken... you might want to follow him."

[12:45] Stephen Johnson: "Now we're talking release date...."

[12:46] Stephen Johnson: "The answer: "Not for a while""

[12:46] Stephen Johnson: "So Capcom suggest you "enjoy Marvel Vs Capcom while you wait.""

[12:48] [Comment From John Hollingsworth: ] "3D or 2D gameplay?"

[12:48] Stephen Johnson: "2D"

[12:49] Stephen Johnson: "With that earth shattering news, the Street Fighter 4 panel ends.... Pretty amazing news, though, eh, people?"

[12:49] Stephen Johnson: "Thanks for reading, everyone!"


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