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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ii Live Demo Comic-Con 2010 Panel

LucasArts's executive producer Haden Blackman presents a thrilling look at the sequel to the fastest-selling Star Wars game of all time.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Live Demo - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Live Demo - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Stephen Johnson - Posted Jul 22, 2010

[3:26] Stephen Johnson: "The Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 panel will be starting soon."

[3:29] [Comment From Kal: ] "I saw a pic of Sam Witwer (Starkiller) from Comic-Con. Is he at the panel?"

[3:30] Stephen Johnson: "I believe the intention is for him to be here. Will confirm soon!"

[3:30] Stephen Johnson: "Waiting for the start of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 demo. This should be interesting."

[3:30] Stephen Johnson: "The gathered crowd just got warned: No filming."

[3:31] Stephen Johnson: "Lucasarts is kicking things off with a trailer."

[3:32] Stephen Johnson: "Unfortunately, Comic-Con does not allow broadcast or streaming of video during their panels. So we're giving you written news as it happens."

[3:32] Stephen Johnson: "Hopefully, Lucasarts will release the trailer afterwards."

[3:33] Stephen Johnson: "A trailer in which Darth Vader orders the death of his apprentice. He escapes and promises "Vader can't stop me now." Judging by the light saber action and force powers, that's true."

[3:37] Stephen Johnson: "Sorry folks, our internet connection is presenting a problem. Bear with us."

[3:38] Stephen Johnson: "Not a new trailer though."

[3:38] Stephen Johnson: "There's going to be 20 minutes of gameplay."

[3:38] Stephen Johnson: "In this demo. Not in the retail game. :)"

[3:40] Stephen Johnson: "Game opens on the revelation that Darth Vader cloned Starkiller. That explains how you can have a sequel to a game where you die at the end."

[3:42] Stephen Johnson: "Althought Vader regards you as a "failed clone," because you are haunted by the memories of Starkiller."

[3:45] Stephen Johnson: "You'll fight with dual lightsabers, so there is a new fighting system."

[3:46] Stephen Johnson: "New force power: Jedi mind trick that convinces enemies to kill themselves."

[3:46] Stephen Johnson: "So far, a lot of info from the recent E3 demos."

[3:46] Stephen Johnson: "There will, of course, be new enemy units to give variety to the enemies you fight."

[3:48] Stephen Johnson: "Even more focus on using environmental objects to fight enemies."

[3:49] [Comment From Joshua Kehoe: ] "Is it just dual or dose it look like a posiblity to choose"

[3:49] Stephen Johnson: "We're not totally sure, but it seems like at least for what we're seeing, dual only."

[3:49] Stephen Johnson: "You can customize your appearance though."

[3:50] Stephen Johnson: "They're looking to break up the pacing with tactical puzzles."

[3:50] Stephen Johnson: "Not just constant battling like in the first game."

[3:51] Stephen Johnson: "Jump troopers are back and even more deadly."

[3:54] Stephen Johnson: "An example of some of the puzzles."

[3:54] Stephen Johnson: "You have to knock over a tower, but to do so, you need to force grip tie fighters and throw them at the tower."

[3:55] Stephen Johnson: "They're talking about Force fury, which we learned at E3."

[3:57] Stephen Johnson: "A gauge fills up as you play, and when you use it, it "takes your force powers to 11.""

[3:57] Stephen Johnson: "Increases your attack powers as well, and even allowing you to turn your lightsabers into ranged weapons."

[3:57] Stephen Johnson: "Everybody's favorite bounty hunter is back: Boba Fett makes his return."

[3:57] Stephen Johnson: "Though he plays a "small but pivotal role" in the story."

[3:58] Stephen Johnson: "Darth Vader has hired Boba to track down Starkiller."

[3:58] Stephen Johnson: "And that drives the second half of the plot."

[4:00] Stephen Johnson: "Now unfortunately they're showing a behind-the-scenes documentary of the making of the game."

[4:00] Stephen Johnson: "If I were a betting man, and I am, this will be released at some point in the future though."

[4:02] Stephen Johnson: "Okay, cliche moment. Darker story than the first game, it's the Empire Strikes Back to the original game's A New Hope."

[4:03] Stephen Johnson: "Part of the story will involve the question of whether Starkiller IS a clone or not."

[4:03] Stephen Johnson: "October 26th will be the release date."

[4:04] Stephen Johnson: "Time for questions from the audience (there, not here - sorry!)"

[4:05] Stephen Johnson: "Question: Kinect or Move in the game?"

[4:06] Stephen Johnson: "Answer: It's something we're interested in. We can't say anything more about it."

[4:06] Stephen Johnson: "Q: How long does Force fury last?"

[4:06] Stephen Johnson: "Answer: We're still tweaking it."

[4:06] Stephen Johnson: "And the documentary showed off all internal development, no voice actors."

[4:06] Stephen Johnson: "Light sabers can be color customized."

[4:07] Stephen Johnson: "Question: Where does this game take place?"

[4:07] Stephen Johnson: "Answer: About 6 months after the first one."

[4:09] Stephen Johnson: "Question: How much customization will there be?"

[4:11] Stephen Johnson: "Answer: We're using the model from the first game, so the crystals that change your saber color are back, as are ways of tweaking your powers."

[4:11] Stephen Johnson: "Question: Will we see Yoda?"

[4:13] Stephen Johnson: "Answer: I can't say specifically, but Starkiller does go to Dagobah and has a "fateful encounter.""

[4:14] Stephen Johnson: "Question: Why does he have 2 lightsabers?"

[4:14] Stephen Johnson: "Answer: Because it's the Force Unleashed 2!"

[4:14] [Comment From Jaketh White: ] "Do we visit the Dark Side Cave?"

[4:14] Stephen Johnson: "I wonder about that. I'd love to see that worked into the game. They're not giving any more detail there."

[4:15] Stephen Johnson: "Also, because it's awesome."

[4:15] Stephen Johnson: "In response to the dual light sabers."

[4:16] [Comment From XxPunisherxX: ] "is the game still set between episode 3 and 4"

[4:16] Stephen Johnson: "The game takes place 6 months after the first game."

[4:16] Stephen Johnson: "Question: Can you break out of combos more easily than the first game?"

[4:18] Stephen Johnson: "Answer: Yes. There will be multiple ways to break combos, and the combos will be shorter, so it will feel more active."

[4:18] [Comment From Myster Hero: ] "Are there any new Force Powers ?"

[4:18] Stephen Johnson: "So far, they've only mentioned the Jedi Mind Trick and the Force Fury powers. Mind Trick turns enemies into allies or tricks them into killing themselves. Force Fury amps your powers."

[4:19] Stephen Johnson: "Question: Is it M rated?"

[4:19] Stephen Johnson: "Answer: We're rated T."

[4:20] Stephen Johnson: "Question: Are we going to see Jedi survivors?"

[4:22] Stephen Johnson: "Answer: Lucasarts won't say the name, but there's at least one Jedi survivor appearing in the game."

[4:23] Poll: Who would you like to see most in the Force Unleashed 2?

Yoda: (60%)

Obi-Wan Kenobi: (36%)

Luke Skywalker: (4%)

[4:27] Stephen Johnson: "Question: Is this going to be a complete story, or more like a lead-in to the third game?"

[4:28] Stephen Johnson: "Answer: There will always be open questions, but Starkiller will go on a satisfying journey."

[4:29] Stephen Johnson: "Question: Is the game still linear or is it more open world-y?"

[4:33] Stephen Johnson: "Problem getting that answer, come back to that."

[4:33] Stephen Johnson: "Question: Are the technical problems from the first game going to reappear?"

[4:33] Stephen Johnson: "Answer: We were disappointed with the bugs in the first game and worked to have more QA to avoid that in this game."

[4:34] Stephen Johnson: "No one's asked the DLC question, but there was content for the original game so I'd find it hard to believe there wouldn't be the same amount, if not more, in the new one."

[4:34] Stephen Johnson: "And even though I don't have the answer, I'm pretty sure TFU2 is going to be a linear experience."

[4:34] Stephen Johnson: "Thanks for your patience everyone, and we hope you enjoyed this panel."

[4:35] Stephen Johnson: "'Till next time... as in 15 mins for the Showtime Antiheroes panel and the Expendables panel!"


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