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Origins And Evolutions Of A Video Game Super Hero Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Sucker Punch Productions, the developer behind the critically acclaimed PS3 summer blockbuster inFamous, takes you behind the scenes in the making and evolution of the series' superhero, Cole MacGrath.

Origins and Evolutions of a Video Game Super Hero [inFamous' Cole MacGrath] - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Origins and Evolutions of a Video Game Super Hero [inFamous' Cole MacGrath] - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Stephen Johnson - Posted Jul 22, 2010

[6:36] Stephen Johnson: "Comic-Con 2010 Day One is ending with what should prove to be an interesting, laid back panel. The subject: The evolution of a super-hero. Specifically, Infamous and Infamous 2's Cole McGrath. In a sense, McGrath is unique in that he was created specifcally for a video game, as opposed to for a comic book or movie. Sucker Punch, no doubt, wants Cole to rise in to the pantheon of the best known super heroes, and we're going to learn how he came to be!"

[6:37] Stephen Johnson: "we're waiting for the panel to begin now. Should be any second."

[6:38] Poll: I played inFamous as a...

Good guy.: (73%)

Bad guy/: (21%)

Little girl.: (6%)

[6:40] Stephen Johnson: "we're staring off with a video look at the new game... the crowd is cheering each move, as Cole goes on a rampage through the city, showing off new powers, like a Spider-Man like electrical bolt he can sort of swing on."

[6:41] Stephen Johnson: "Huge applause for the trailer."

[6:43] Stephen Johnson: "Sucker Punch Studios designers are on hand to describe the evolution of Cole."

[6:43] Stephen Johnson: "Sucker Punch's designers were all fans of comic books."

[6:45] Stephen Johnson: "Nate Fox, the game director at Sucker Punch, originally proposed Cole McGrath as a bike messenger, and that's where the idea gelled."

[6:46] Stephen Johnson: "Once the occupation of the main character was decided on, his friends like Zeke and his girlfriend Trish fell into place."

[6:50] Stephen Johnson: "InFamous' story was developed secondarily to the gameplay elements."

[6:50] Stephen Johnson: "The sotry was molded as Sucker Punch developed the gameplay elements."

[6:52] Stephen Johnson: "Cole originally started with a grenade launcher, and then had a pistol. Then he had the power to grab license plates and Stop signs and throw them at criminals."

[6:52] Stephen Johnson: "Luckily, all that was replaced with awesome lightning powers! Electricity for the win."

[6:55] Stephen Johnson: "Sucker Punch's idea was that, basically, every other open world game has guns and cars like GTA, so the idea was to make a different way for the main character to get around the city."

[6:57] Stephen Johnson: "Judging from our poll above, almost everyone plays Cole as a good guy... but Sucker Punch wanted everyone to have a moral choice, hence the Karma system. Basically: If you want the measure of a man, give him ultimate power."

[7:00] Stephen Johnson: "Discussion on Cole's weakness: Every super hero needs a weakness in order to be interesting (except Superman), so it made sense to pair Cole's electricity powers with a weak spot when it comes to water."

[7:01] Stephen Johnson: "Question: How does Cole shower?"

[7:01] Stephen Johnson: "Answer: "We'll have a brainstorming meeting about that...""

[7:02] Stephen Johnson: "Now we're switching subjects to inFamous 2."

[7:03] Stephen Johnson: "Cole is "amping up" everything in inFamous 2. He's defeated in the beginning of the game, so he must step up his game this time around. A little like Spider-Man 2."

[7:05] Stephen Johnson: "inFamous 2 WILL feature the comic cut-scenes that were so awesome in the first game, so don't worry."

[7:06] Stephen Johnson: "iNfamous 2 is set in a city based on Southern towns like New Orleans as opposed to New York City."

[7:06] Stephen Johnson: "Speaking of cut-scenes, we're checking out an exclusive, never before seen cut-scene."

[7:08] Stephen Johnson: "Set in a city where mean, vigilantes are "trying to keep their town pure" by killing Cole..but he needs the key to amping up his power that is hidden somewhere in the city."

[7:09] Stephen Johnson: "Now it's time for questions and answers... often the most interesting part of any panel. The fans are lining up to query the makers of inFamous."

[7:10] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Did you have inFamous 2 planned before the first one came out?"

[7:11] Stephen Johnson: "A: They were focused on the first game 100 percent. But since many of the tools were made already, the second game was made faster."

[7:11] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Why give Cole a weapon? ("the Amp," a sort of super-cattle prod)"

[7:12] Stephen Johnson: "A: Lots of players just like to melee enemies and not use power. So it started to make sense to have a weapon. It made sense to have "The Amp" because it's something where he channels his power."

[7:14] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Will we see a third inFamous?"

[7:15] Stephen Johnson: "A: We haven't finished the second game! But we love it."

[7:16] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Are your saves going to carry over?"

[7:16] Stephen Johnson: "A: It's not nailed down yet."

[7:17] Stephen Johnson: "Q: What made you choose New Orleans for the city?"

[7:18] Stephen Johnson: "A: Empire City was pretty much destroyed in the first game, so Sucker Punch wanted an iconic city that everyone would understand the setting of instantly."

[7:19] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Are any of the powers in the new game ideas that weren't used in the first game?"

[7:19] Stephen Johnson: "A: Not really. "most of the stuff in the trailer is all new.""

[7:21] Stephen Johnson: "Q: (Hilarious question!) Has Cole finally gained the ability to climb chainlink fences?"

[7:22] Stephen Johnson: "A: "That is on the top of our list: Cole vs. the Chain-link fence.""

[7:24] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Why did you change the voice actor for Cole?"

[7:25] Stephen Johnson: "A: Sucker Punch apparently got a lot of heat for the gravelly voice of the original Cole... and the new motion capture technology used in inFamous 2 necessitated an actor who was, apparently, more physical."

[7:27] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Are there any plans for multi-player?"

[7:27] Stephen Johnson: "A: "We don't have anything to announce on that today, but stay tuned!""

[7:29] Stephen Johnson: "and with that the panel ends... inFamous 2 comes out in 2011! Plus, free t-shirt!"

[7:30] Stephen Johnson: "I hope you all learned something about inFamous 2 and Cole McGrath. Johnson, OUT!"

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