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Marvel Studios: Thor And Captain America Comic-Con 2010 Panel

We'll get an inside look at Thor and Captain America when producer Kevin Feige and special guests give an inside look at the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studios: Thor and Captain America - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Marvel Studios: Thor and Captain America - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Dana Vinson - Posted Jul 24, 2010

[6:45] Dana Vinson: "Hey everyone! We are finally a go for Thor and Captain America!"

[6:45] Dana Vinson: "We're coming to you live from Hall H at Comic-Con 2010, where Marvel is showcasing their line up of upcoming films."

[6:46] Dana Vinson: "Marvel is working on combining the universes, bringing their stories together!"

[6:47] Dana Vinson: "Here we go, Captain America trailer"

[6:47] Dana Vinson: "Starts out with footage from World War II..."

[6:47] Dana Vinson: "And now the famous Captain America shield!"

[6:48] Dana Vinson: ""Next Summer, Meet the World's First Avenger""

[6:48] Dana Vinson: "and then we get a quick look at Captain America. End of trailer!"

[6:49] Dana Vinson: "Now they're bringing out the director of Captain America, Joe Johnston"

[6:50] Dana Vinson: ""We have one chance to tell the origin story of Captain America." Johnston"

[6:50] Dana Vinson: "Chris Evans is out on stage now...Captain America himself!"

[6:51] Dana Vinson: "Evans has only been shooting for five days he says, "The Suit is fantastic.""

[6:52] Dana Vinson: "Hugo Weaving, who plays The Red Skull, spend a lot of time studying the German accent, but won't do it for us right now in this panel."

[6:52] Dana Vinson: "Evans also played the human torch in the Fantastic Four."

[6:53] Dana Vinson: "Also, just for the record, Chris Evans's shoulders are out of control muscular."

[6:53] Dana Vinson: "They're very Captain America."

[6:54] Dana Vinson: ""We're going slightly more modern than the old Captain America," Johnston said in regards to the suit."

[6:54] Dana Vinson: "What we saw in the trailer was just a little snippet from the costume test. The final suit has not been revealed yet. Chris Evans hasn't filmed in it yet."

[6:56] Dana Vinson: ""If we don't love Steve Rogers before he gets transformed, we're not going to love him after," Johnston said."

[6:57] Dana Vinson: "They're going to show us what they shot just last week!"

[6:58] Dana Vinson: "It's very rough...still has time code on it!"

[6:58] Dana Vinson: "Norway, May 1942"

[6:59] Dana Vinson: "A wall is broken down by German soldiers."

[6:59] Dana Vinson: "The Red Skull comes walking through the giant hole in the wall!"

[7:00] Dana Vinson: "He pushes the top off a tomb..."

[7:00] Dana Vinson: "and grabs a glass cube and drops it on the ground."

[7:01] Dana Vinson: "The Red Skull opens a secret compartment in the wall by pushing on the eye of a snake. He opens the box and a blue light comes out of it."

[7:01] Dana Vinson: "The footage looks fantastic! Very Raiders of the Lost Ark!"

[7:02] Dana Vinson: "OH SNAP! It's hammer time!"

[7:02] Dana Vinson: "Thor director Kenneth Branagh is out on the stage!"

[7:04] Dana Vinson: ""The one I loved was Thor. I loved the name, I loved the fact that he is a character with the combination of brute strength, I liked that he was in a very dysfunctional family and that the stories were epic" Kenneth Branagh"

[7:04] Dana Vinson: "Here comes the cast!"

[7:07] Dana Vinson: "We've got Kat Dennings, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman and Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth!"

[7:10] Dana Vinson: "Portman is talking about how acting in an action movie is completely different because of all the blue screen involved and how acting in front of a blue screen requires a separate set of skills."

[7:10] Dana Vinson: "Kat plays a new character named Darcy. She's not in the books, only the movie."

[7:11] Dana Vinson: "Now we're hearing from Hiddleson who plays Loki."

[7:11] Dana Vinson: ""He's a great liar and it was fun playing with is he lying or is he telling the truth." Hiddleson"

[7:13] Dana Vinson: "Oh here we go...some early footage from Thor!"

[7:14] Dana Vinson: "We were ordered to put on our 3D glasses..."

[7:14] Dana Vinson: "It's a new Thor trailer!"

[7:15] Dana Vinson: "We're getting snippets of Thor fighting, and then finally a good look at his face."

[7:15] Dana Vinson: "Here's our first look at Odin!"

[7:16] Dana Vinson: "Very impressive. The 3D look great. Very well done."

[7:16] Dana Vinson: "Thor gets cast out."

[7:17] Dana Vinson: "Jane finds him in the desert."

[7:17] Dana Vinson: "Thor just threw the hammer. Awesome"

[7:17] Dana Vinson: "Wild applause erupt from the crowd as the trailer comes to an end."

[7:19] Dana Vinson: "Looks like the classic Jack Kirby hammer..."

[7:20] Dana Vinson: "Ok, now they're opening up the floor to questions"

[7:23] Dana Vinson: "Someone in the comments asked about Don Blake...Branagh said that there are some "Don Blake" surprises in the film."

[7:24] Dana Vinson: "Someone got up to the mic and just shouted Edward Norton."

[7:24] Dana Vinson: "Marvel didn't like that too much, but handled it very gracefully and also said "The panel's not over yet.""

[7:24] Dana Vinson: "Hinting that something big is still going to happen..."

[7:26] Dana Vinson: "A dude just got up to the mic and said "After seeing that trailer, I might have to change my panties.""

[7:27] Dana Vinson: "Frank Castle is under the roof of Marvel studios now and they hope to bring him "into the fray" shortly."

[7:29] Dana Vinson: "So maybe that means The Punisher is next?!"

[7:31] Dana Vinson: "Here comes another viewing of The Thor trailer!"

[7:32] Dana Vinson: "I don't know when they're going to release the trailer to the public, unfortunately. Should be soon now that they've already shown it here."

[7:37] Dana Vinson: "The Marvel guys are back out on the stage..."

[7:37] Dana Vinson: "They just shut off the lights..."

[7:37] Dana Vinson: "The Avengers Trailer!!!!"

[7:38] Dana Vinson: "Just a teaser trailer..."

[7:38] Dana Vinson: "but now, Samuel L. Jackson is out on the stage!"

[7:38] Dana Vinson: "He's rocking his usual Kangol cap and looking good..."

[7:39] Dana Vinson: "Scarlett Johansson is here!"

[7:40] Dana Vinson: "Robert Downey Jr. just stepped out on stage!"

[7:40] Dana Vinson: "Everyone here is on their feet."

[7:40] Dana Vinson: "Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth are also out on stage."

[7:41] Dana Vinson: "RDJ is talking now about The Avengers. He's introducing Jeremy Renner."

[7:41] Dana Vinson: "And now, here comes Mark Ruffalo!"

[7:42] Dana Vinson: "And finally, here comes director Joss Whedon!"

[7:42] Dana Vinson: ""I have had a dream all my life and it was not this good." Joss Whedon"

[7:43] Dana Vinson: ""This is The Avengers! This cast is more than I could have ever dreamed of working with." Whedon"

[7:43] Dana Vinson: "All of them are standing in the front of the stage right now and Joss said "See you soon!""

[7:44] Dana Vinson: "That's it's from the Marvel Movies Panel here at Comic-Con 2010!"

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