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Marvel Interactive: Marvel Video Games Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Learn all about Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Super Hero Squad Online, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Thor and and other new games via exclusive trailers, surprise reveals, and Q&A with the game creators, as well as Marvel writers.

Marvel Interactive: Marvel Video Games - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Marvel Interactive: Marvel Video Games - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Stephen Johnson - Posted Jul 23, 2010

[11:12] Stephen Johnson: "Hi, people of the internet. I, Step hen Johnson, am waiting for the Marvel Games panel to begin at Comic-Con. Unlike some panels, we're expecting actual revelations and news, so sit tight!"

[11:14] Stephen Johnson: "After having played Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, I can gotta say: Any news about this game will be interesting. I predict a huge hit. The Noir and Ultimate levels are both equally impressive in totally different ways."

[11:16] Stephen Johnson: "We're starting... Chris Baker from Marvel Games is moderating. We're looking at 6 games."

[11:17] Stephen Johnson: "Marvel's Todd Jefferson takes the stage, and gives some background about how Marvel works with developers to put together games. He mentions that they're making a Thor game, so they called Matt Fraction."

[11:17] Stephen Johnson: "Jefferson says his job is to play video"

[11:18] Stephen Johnson: "games and read comic books. Sounds like fun."

[11:19] Stephen Johnson: "there will be 20 marvel characters in Little Big Planet: Invisible Woman and Rogue coming to LitleBigPlanet... and VENOM... hysterical concept art of Sack Boy as the evil villain."

[11:19] Stephen Johnson: "Shattered Dimensions Tom Wilson and Dan Slott (the writer) take the stage."

[11:20] Stephen Johnson: "We see the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension's trailer that reveals Ultimate Spider-Man in"

[11:20] Stephen Johnson: "ll is"

[11:20] Stephen Johnson: "All his beat-em up glory."

[11:21] Stephen Johnson: "Crowd goes NUTS for the trailer."

[11:21] Eric Eckstein: "To the folks at home, unfortunately Comic-Con does not allow broadcast or streaming during their panels. So we're bringing you a written live account of what's happening at the panel."

[11:23] Stephen Johnson: "Tom Wilson: "We did a brainstorm sessions with the entire company about what kind of Spider-man game to make, and someone came up to me and said, 'you know what would be cool? If we could play them all..'" and that's how Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions came about."

[11:23] Stephen Johnson: "The game revolves around"

[11:24] Stephen Johnson: "a Lemurian tablet that splits dimensions."

[11:25] Stephen Johnson: "Neil Patrick Harris will voice the Amazing Spider-Man in the game. Each Spider-Man will have a different voice. Stan Lee is narrating the game."

[11:27] Stephen Johnson: "Hammerhead, Noir Spider-Man's nemisis will be in the game, as will Hammerhead, Scorpion, Carnage, Ultimate Dead Pool, and Vulture, are among the 13 villains in the game."

[11:29] Stephen Johnson: "Writer Dan Slott says his favorite Spider-Man game was the one on the PlayStation One. "It's the first real game where you unlock tons and tons of costumes." Like how each Spider-Man has different powers in Shattered Dimensions."

[11:29] Stephen Johnson: "Here are the unlockable suits: Cosmic Spider-Man (Gamestop pre-order exclusive)"

[11:29] Stephen Johnson: "Iron Spider (Amazononly)"

[11:30] Stephen Johnson: "Scarlet Spider (K-Mart)"

[11:30] Stephen Johnson: "Negative Spider"

[11:30] Stephen Johnson: "Mangaverse Spider-Man suit rules!"

[11:30] Stephen Johnson: "Now, we're moving on to Marvel Super Hero Squad: Infinity Gauntlet"

[11:31] Stephen Johnson: "Jason Gholston and Mark Hoffmeir take the stage to show off the trailer."

[11:32] Stephen Johnson: "It's an amusing game, clearly aimed at kids. But it looks pretty cool."

[11:32] Stephen Johnson: "It's coming out in November."

[11:32] Stephen Johnson: "It will be out on the PS and 360."

[11:34] Stephen Johnson: "Words of wisdom from the panelists: Boys don't like it if they're called "Infinity Gems." they must be called "Infinity Stones.""

[11:35] Stephen Johnson: "Voice cast is listed from the show, so even Star Trek's George Takai (sp?) is giving his voice to the title."

[11:37] Stephen Johnson: "Next Game: Super Hero Squad Online, the MMO Version of Super Hero Squad."

[11:37] Stephen Johnson: "We're seeing a trailer for this title now."

[11:38] Stephen Johnson: "Super Hero Squad Online will be out in"

[11:38] Stephen Johnson: "2011"

[11:40] Stephen Johnson: "Marvel Heros will appear as NPCs in the game. They say they're taking an "all ages" approach, so it's not soley for the kids."

[11:42] Stephen Johnson: "They promise PvP and deep strategy for more 'core players. Each player gets his own Heli-carrier that you can customize. Example: You can stock your kitchen with hamburgers... exploding hamburger."

[11:43] Stephen Johnson: "Now on to Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Seth Killian takes the stage."

[11:47] Stephen Johnson: "We're seeing Super Skrull and Dr. Doom battle Chun Li and Chris Redfield! It's epic. Dante from Devil May Cry shows up to assist.Dead Pool assists Skrull and Doom, shootes Chun Li to death... it's really, really cool."

[11:48] Stephen Johnson: "Good natured trash-talk between Marvel and Capcom as to whether The Hulk can beat Chun Li in a fight."

[11:50] Stephen Johnson: "Seth Killian says Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 has endured so long because it's a three on three fighter, and the way characters interact is something unique and endlessly interesting."

[11:52] Stephen Johnson: "Killian says Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is a hard act to follow, so they worked on the look very hard to get that Marvel look. They went back to make more content that appeals to Marvel fans, so Marvel characters don't show up in the game, but are deeper part of the game. So, "More stuff. More crap on the screen." You can play casually and it's fun, or get totally hardcore."

[11:53] Stephen Johnson: "Reveal: Here we go. THOR is in the game."

[11:55] Stephen Johnson: "Gameplay footage: The God of Thunger is amazing as a playable fighter, dedicating his battle to Odin and swinging that mighty thunder hammer that crackles with electricity."

[11:55] Stephen Johnson: "It's the most recent incarnation of Thor,"

[11:56] Stephen Johnson: "The one with the shining armor."

[11:56] Stephen Johnson: "On to the trailer for Sega's Thor game."

[11:57] Stephen Johnson: "Thor: The Video Game is coming in Summer 2011. Sadly, it's just a teaser, with no gameplay and little info about the title."

[11:58] Stephen Johnson: "Actually,"

[11:58] Stephen Johnson: "Thor will be out in"

[11:58] Stephen Johnson: "May 2011."

[11:59] Stephen Johnson: "To go with the film."

[11:59] Stephen Johnson: "Now we're on to questions from the audience."

[12:00] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Will Marvel vs. Capcom be imbalanced? A: We're working hard on balance."

[12:00] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Will there be web swinging in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. A: Yes! It's in there."

[12:01] Stephen Johnson: "Q: What would you compare the Thor game to? We saw nothing in the video."

[12:02] Stephen Johnson: "A: It's an action adventure game... but that's all they're saying. Also: It doesn't play like Bayonetta."

[12:02] Stephen Johnson: "Q: DLC for Marvel V. Capcom?"

[12:03] Stephen Johnson: "A: "I don't want to say what you should expect exactly, but i'll say it will be fun.""

[12:05] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Will there be some Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 arcade sticks? A: "Let's not let it leave this room, but yes.""

[12:05] Stephen Johnson: "(oh, crap! I let it leave the room!)"

[12:06] Poll: Which Marvel game are you most excited for?

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions: (28%)

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: (61%)

Super Hero Squad Online: (3%)

THOR: (8%)

[12:07] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Was the Iron Spider suit (from Shattered Dimensions) from the Civil War series?"

[12:08] Stephen Johnson: "A: It's a futuristic version of the Iron Spider suit, but there's no backstory to it."

[12:09] Stephen Johnson: "Ooops. Producer from Super Hero Squad Online just revealed that Dead Pool will be in the game."

[12:11] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Why are you teasing me. (Seriously!) A: The answer to your question is: Spider-man Shattered Dimensions. (This was a very strange exchange, as you can tell.)"

[12:11] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Why is Marvel vs. Capcom in"

[12:11] Stephen Johnson: "2D and not 3D?"

[12:12] Stephen Johnson: "A: Basically, 2D has a very different feel than 3D fighting games, so it's better for the genre."

[12:13] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Does Thor throw his hammer in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3? That's all I want to see."

[12:13] Stephen Johnson: "A: We didn't see that in the video... you'll have to wait and see."

[12:14] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Does Shattered Dimension have any free-roaming? A: It's level based, but within the levels, there's a lot of room to explore in each level."

[12:15] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Any confirmation of a Squirrel Girl game? A: (From the producer of Super Hero Squad) As an online game with so many characters, we will be getting to Squirrel Girl."

[12:15] Stephen Johnson: "On that (strange) note, the panel ends, and we all leave a little wiser about the Marvel Universe. Excelsior! (Johnson, OUT)"

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