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Gears Of War 3 Comic-Con 2010 Panel

Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski, executive producer Rod Fergusson and New York Times bestselling author Karen Traviss provide the first look at potentially the biggest game of 2011, including a live game demo and key announcements.

Gears of War 3 - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

Gears of War 3 - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Kevin Kelly - Posted Jul 23, 2010

[6:24] Kevin Kelly: "Hey there Gearheads. We're sitting inside a very, very packed (and sweaty) room waiting for the start of the Gears of War 3 panel."

[6:27] Poll: Should another Carmine continue the trend and die in Gears of War 3?

Yes: (32%)

No: (68%)

[6:28] Kevin Kelly: "We've been told by a Microsoft representative to expect "A few surprises.""

[6:30] Kevin Kelly: "We'll be liveblogging this as it happens, but we have a G4 crew shooting video as well."

[6:34] Kevin Kelly: "Guys, we won't be streaming the video live, but we plan to have it on X-Play and viewable on the site soon."

[6:35] Kevin Kelly: "Right now they have an image of Marcus up onscreen, brooding over his gun while bombastic music plays."

[6:35] Kevin Kelly: "Sadly, Comic-Con doesn't allow streaming or broadcasting of live panels."

[6:36] Kevin Kelly: "Here we go, gang. Things are starting up."

[6:36] Kevin Kelly: "Here comes guest moderator, our very own Adam Sessler."

[6:37] Kevin Kelly: ""This is Gears of War 3, it will be loud, it will be awesome, it will have very, very big guns.""

[6:37] Kevin Kelly: "Here comes executive producer Rod Ferguson."

[6:38] Kevin Kelly: "And Rockstar Cliff Bleszinski."

[6:38] Kevin Kelly: "Cliff is wearing a "Kill Carmine" shirt, Rod is wearing a "Save Carmine" shirt."

[6:39] Kevin Kelly: "Adam asks where the game is in development: "We're coming along," says Rod, we've got our modes, and you can get hands-on with Beast Mode on the floor.""

[6:39] Kevin Kelly: "On Beast Mode: "One of our guys had this idea to possess a character, and it just sort of worked. It's awesome.""

[6:40] Kevin Kelly: "Adam: "It's basically like Horde Mode with different eyes.""

[6:40] Kevin Kelly: "Because, you know, you can play as a Ticker."

[6:40] Kevin Kelly: "Cliff "Everyone has a different favorite creature, and that's cool.""

[6:41] Kevin Kelly: "On 4-player co-op, Rod: "For us, the biggest change for that was always around the story. We didn't want it to just be an add-on. We didn't want the main character and three clones. We had to work really hard with Karen (the writer) to make this work in the story.""

[6:42] Kevin Kelly: "Cliff: "The only way you can really play as other characters in the game is to play as Player 3 or 4 in the co-op.""

[6:42] Kevin Kelly: "On putting females into the game, Cliff: "We know there's a lot of great girl gamers out there, and one thing we wanted to do was really take them seriously. They don't have huge breasts, and they're not naked...""

[6:43] Kevin Kelly: "Rod: "And that's just a choice, by the way! There's nothing wrong with that!""

[6:43] Kevin Kelly: "Rod: "From a story perspective, we're able to show how bad the world is now that even like Anya has to put on armor and fight.""

[6:44] Kevin Kelly: "Okay, video time."

[6:44] Kevin Kelly: "It's the same as the E3 demo, but with live Cliff and Rod commentary."

[6:45] Kevin Kelly: "Mantle cover, climb over, stick a grenade on a Locust, and shove him into enemies. They call it the "Bag and tag.""

[6:46] Kevin Kelly: "They are playing it live, by the way."

[6:46] Kevin Kelly: "The lambent-mutated Locust are pretty awesome."

[6:46] Kevin Kelly: "The Digger grenade was seen at E3, but holy cow is it cool."

[6:47] Kevin Kelly: "Plus watching a huge Locust tear off someone's arm and beat them with it is fairly cool."

[6:47] Kevin Kelly: "The Berserker is back, and wow... she can take huge leaps."

[6:48] Kevin Kelly: "We've seen all this before, but watching them play this just a few feet in front of me is making me seriously drool for this game. "

[6:49] Kevin Kelly: "And demo is over, back to talky-time."

[6:49] Kevin Kelly: "They're talking about the design of the lambent Locust. "We're all about the monsters," says Rod."

[6:50] Kevin Kelly: "Now onto the new voice acting. Robert Drake for Jace. Ice-T, of course."

[6:50] Kevin Kelly: "And his character wears sunglasses. Swanky."

[6:50] Kevin Kelly: "They recorded Ice-T after his seatbelt incident, so "We got some great reactions out of him.""

[6:51] Kevin Kelly: "Claudia Black!"

[6:51] Kevin Kelly: "She's voicing Sam."

[6:51] Kevin Kelly: "You might know her from Farscape, Unchartered 2, or your naughty dreams."

[6:52] Kevin Kelly: "Steve Jablonsky is back as the composer on the game, creating atmospheric music."

[6:52] Kevin Kelly: ""It's just incredibly motivating stuff," says Cliff. "That Maria scene in the last game still gives me chills.""

[6:53] Kevin Kelly: "Now they're talking about the writing, Karen Traviss who has written the first two books, will be writing the 3rd book "Anvil Gate.""

[6:54] Kevin Kelly: "She's also writing the Gears of War 3 game."

[6:54] Kevin Kelly: "And the comic books. Wow, she's a machine."

[6:54] Kevin Kelly: "Or a COG in the machine. Get it? Sorry, it's been a long day."

[6:54] Kevin Kelly: "Karen takes over the comics with issue 15."

[6:55] Kevin Kelly: "Anvil Gate comes out in August, and Coalition's End comes out March, 2011."

[6:55] Kevin Kelly: "So four books total."

[6:56] Kevin Kelly: "Karen is very English, and is classing this panel up. Apparently she has some copies of the books with her."

[6:57] Kevin Kelly: "Cliff: "Having Karen on board is great because she can spend 15 pages on two characters getting to know each other, and that's not something we can do in the game. And now we're using video games to sell books.""

[6:58] Kevin Kelly: "Now they're showing off Bernie, a character in Gears of War 3, straight from the novels."

[6:58] [Comment From Mike Dean: ] "BERNIE IS IN GEARS 3???"

[6:59] Kevin Kelly: "Yes, Bernie is in Gears of War 3. Confirmed."

[6:59] Kevin Kelly: "And her character model is fairly cool. Massive dreds."

[7:00] Kevin Kelly: "She's wearing a fur-trimmed vest and boots, leather pants, and sporting a huge dred ponytail. She looks very tough."

[7:01] Poll: Are people spazzing out about Bernie?

Yes: (73%)

No: (27%)

[7:02] Kevin Kelly: "Right now Karen is talking about writing, a lot. It's probably interesting to someone, but honestly I'm itching for more Gears gameplay video or special announcements. Rev up the chainsaw."

[7:03] Kevin Kelly: "Coalition's End comes out March 1st, so read quick then you'll have the game. "

[7:03] Kevin Kelly: "They are showing off plans for new action figures."

[7:03] Kevin Kelly: "Right now, there are 30. Soon they'll have more than any other line ever. Which... what?! Sounds like a ton."

[7:03] Kevin Kelly: "This year they have a Comic-Con exclusive Jace."

[7:04] Kevin Kelly: "Hooooo boy. The voice of Dom just walked in."

[7:04] Kevin Kelly: ""Y have a question ... where'd Dom?!""

[7:05] Kevin Kelly: "That's right, Carlos Ferro, the voice of Dom is here. They're making  huge new models of Marcus and Dom."

[7:05] Kevin Kelly: "He seems to be happy about it."

[7:06] Kevin Kelly: "Triforce is making a huge Lambent berserker figure."

[7:06] Kevin Kelly: "An Epic Scale Marcus is on sell now, and they're making a Dom version."

[7:06] Kevin Kelly: "On sale, that is."

[7:07] Kevin Kelly: "He has interchangeable hands, one is holding a gold Lancer."


[7:08] Kevin Kelly: "Voice of the Cole Train, Lester Speight is here, and he is AMPED."

[7:08] Kevin Kelly: "And yes, there's a massive Epic Scale Cole figure."

[7:08] Kevin Kelly: "Comes with an interchangeable hand holding a Crashball."

[7:09] Kevin Kelly: "Sorry, Thrashball."

[7:09] Kevin Kelly: "They're making a full-sized, to scale Snub Pistol. Pretty sweet."

[7:10] Kevin Kelly: "And then, of course, the Lancer."

[7:10] Kevin Kelly: "Photo onscreen showing Jimmy Fallon, and Ice-T both holding one. Guess who looks tougher. It's 1:1 scale, made of medal, and it lights up."

[7:11] Kevin Kelly: "Now they're talking about Carmine, and a war is breaking out over live or die. Here comes a video."

[7:12] Kevin Kelly: "It's a skit with a Carmine, in full armor, trying to purchase life insurance."

[7:13] Kevin Kelly: ""Ignatius Carmine ... died in a game of Torque Bow Tag!""

[7:14] Kevin Kelly: "Vote: You Decide To Kill Carmine, Or Save Him."

[7:14] Kevin Kelly: "We'll see how that turns out."

[7:14] Kevin Kelly: "That video, by the way, was put together by G4 and some of X-Play's crew."

[7:15] Kevin Kelly: "And here comes the voice of Carmine, carrying a full-scale Lancer. "Something's wrong with this thing! It's jammed or something?""

[7:15] Kevin Kelly: ""Should I live?" CHEER!"

[7:15] Kevin Kelly: ""Should I die?" LOUDER CHEER!"

[7:16] Kevin Kelly: "Wow, Clayton Carmine is actually pretty huge."

[7:16] Kevin Kelly: "All the money in the voting by buying a real shirt, or an avatar shirt is going to Child's Play."

[7:16] Kevin Kelly: "Cliff says "By the way, if he does die, we're going to take him out in a spectacular fashion.""

[7:17] Kevin Kelly: "You can buy a Save Carmine or Kill Carmine avatar shirt on Xbox live, and that will count as your vote."

[7:18] Kevin Kelly: "They want Michael Gough to do the voice of Carmine's sister as well. "She should sound just like the male Carmine," says Adam."

[7:19] Kevin Kelly: "Lester Speight won't sign anything for fans, unless they follow his Twitter account. Shameless plug!"

[7:19] Kevin Kelly: ""TWITTER US, DAMMIT! WAWWHOOOOO!!!" he says, with a Cole yell."

[7:20] Kevin Kelly: "They'll be signing three exclusive Gears posters tomorrow at the booth around noon."

[7:20] Kevin Kelly: "Now it's time for Q&A, and there's a stampede for the microphone."

[7:21] Kevin Kelly: "First one: "What is the status of the Gears of War movie?" Thank you, Adam Sessler."

[7:21] Kevin Kelly: "Cliff: "What we had on paper looked something like 2012 (the movie), which would have taken an enormous budget, and would people go see something with people getting chainsawed in half and doesn't have Will Smith's kid starring in it?""

[7:22] Kevin Kelly: ""These things take awhile, and we're going to make something awesome.""

[7:22] Kevin Kelly: "So basically, they're rewriting the script."

[7:23] Kevin Kelly: "Cliff "Anything you change int he sequel, people hate you and burn effigies of you. With Gears 3, we're trying to hit somewhere in the middle between the two games.""

[7:23] Kevin Kelly: "Rod: "It's a mixture of keeping the hardcore engaged, and keeping newcomers engaged.""

[7:25] Kevin Kelly: "They're asking why they put Jace into Gears of War 3 so much, since he was briefly seen in Gears 2. Rod explains that they didn't have time to build him in Gears 2, but now they have and he will have a large role in the game."

[7:25] Kevin Kelly: "Jace is the first and only person in the Gears of War universe to "get laid" if you read the comic books. Thanks, Cliffy. "On camera," he then explains after Dom and Cole protest."

[7:26] Kevin Kelly: "On how Carmine might die, Cliff said "Someone suggested that we have Carmine tag himself and then throw himself onto a Brumak.""

[7:27] Kevin Kelly: "Will concussive smoke grenades be in Gears of War 3? No. They're turned off in Gears 2 "For a reason.""

[7:28] Kevin Kelly: "Cliff says "We will admit that we were wrong. We learned from our mistake with those grenades. People don't like to lose control of their characters.""

[7:28] Kevin Kelly: "Will they be fixing host advantage? Rod, "We are constantly working on it.""

[7:29] Kevin Kelly: "Cliff: "We are committed to online play, and we are going to ratchet it up. You want people to play your game for months on end.""

[7:30] Kevin Kelly: "On what Cliffy has in his house from the game, "I have the bronze Boomer we did, and the pink Lancer now." Which someone gave him at Comic-Con."

[7:31] Kevin Kelly: "Oh snap, they are killing Alex Brand off in the first 5 seconds of the game."

[7:31] Kevin Kelly: "KIDDING! No one knows about Alex Brand. No one has asked yet."

[7:33] Will Alex Brand be back in Gears of War 3?

Yes: (80%)

No: (20%)

[7:34] Kevin Kelly: "Some of the achievements from Gears of War 2 will carry over and reward Gears of War 3 players. "It's like a Subway card!" says Cliffy."

[7:35] Kevin Kelly: "RIght now there's a lot of mumbling going on that people can't hear. The room is murmuring."

[7:35] Kevin Kelly: "Carlos Ferro wants Carmine to live. He Tweeted it. So it must be real."

[7:35] Kevin Kelly: "Lester wants him to live too."

[7:35] Kevin Kelly: "Michael, however, is torn. He doesn't know if he wants Clayton to live or die."

[7:36] Kevin Kelly: ""It's the Gears tradition," he says "I don't know if that tradition should be changed.""

[7:36] Kevin Kelly: ""Now you're changing my mind!" says Carlos."

[7:37] Kevin Kelly: "Co-op details: Two-player splitscreen, not four."

[7:37] Kevin Kelly: "So no four-player co-op with four people on one box."

[7:38] Kevin Kelly: "The panel is saluting the armed forces (a guy in the Navy asked the co-op) question."

[7:38] Kevin Kelly: ""Is Marcus' father corroborating with the Locust?""

[7:38] Kevin Kelly: "Cliff, "Wow, that's like asking who Keyser Soze is.""

[7:39] Kevin Kelly: "They are keeping mum and not giving up any more campaign secrets."

[7:39] Kevin Kelly: "For those of you asking, I unfortunately can't ask any questions. I'm Liveblogging this in a seat, and there is a line of Gearheads a mile long waiting to ask questions."

[7:40] Kevin Kelly: "Shotguns in the game. Will the old shotgun be back?"

[7:40] Kevin Kelly: "Cliff, "The double-barreled shotgun, if you get someone near you... it's pink mist all the way.""

[7:41] Kevin Kelly: "Where did the inspiration for the Digger come from?"

[7:41] Kevin Kelly: "Cliff, "It was one of those things that took a lot of inspiration.""

[7:42] Kevin Kelly: "Rod, "It started as a grenade that you slam into the ground and then throw, but then we decided we didn't want to have more grenades in the game. So it has evolved.""

[7:42] Kevin Kelly: "Cliff says "If you listen closely, as the Digger is heading for you, you can hear it say "Nom nom nom nom nom.""

[7:43] Kevin Kelly: "Last question: a guy wants to know if Torque Bow Tag will become a real game type. Cliff, "We have no plans at this time.... but history has shown that things can evolve.""

[7:43] Kevin Kelly: "Sorry i couldn't find out about Alex, guys!"

[7:43] Kevin Kelly: "The panel is coming to an end, and they're passing out free Gears stickers. Vandalism, ahoy!"

[7:44] Kevin Kelly: "Some people are hanging around, and I'll see if I can ask about Alex."

[7:44] Kevin Kelly: "So stick around for a sec."

[7:45] Kevin Kelly: "Well, actually if you could see the mob scene in front of me, it looks like someone said "FREE CASH" and threw a million dollars into the air."

[7:45] Kevin Kelly: "Or someone said "A NAKED WOMAN!""

[7:47] Kevin Kelly: "Hang tight, people."

[7:50] Kevin Kelly: "Okay. I spoke to a an official rep from Microsoft."

[7:50] Kevin Kelly: ""We haven't announced anything more about the campaign yet, but we will soon.""

[7:51] Kevin Kelly: "So, no real news. But hey, it's news. Sort of."

[7:52] Kevin Kelly: "Thanks for sticking around guys. We love Epic, and will bringing you new Gears news as soon as it is available."

[7:53] Kevin Kelly: "We'll be back tomorrow morning with a Liveblog from the massive Warner Bros. panel!"


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