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G4: Attack Of The Show Comic-Con 2010 Panel

G4's Attack of the Show is TV's first -- and only -- live daily show dedicated to the "digital generation." Olivia Munn, Kevin Pereira and the rest of the Attack of the Show gang will be on hand to meet the fans of Comic-Con!

G4: Attack of the Show - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

G4: Attack of the Show - Comic-Con 2010 Panel Liveblog Archive

By Stephen Johnson - Posted Jul 24, 2010

[5:03] Stephen Johnson: "Hi, the internet. I'm at the Attack of the Show panel at Comic-Con 2010... things are getting ready to begin."

[5:04] Stephen Johnson: "Right now, this cavernous ballroom is filling up with the AOTS faithful, while AOTS parody songs are playing. I have a feeling this will be more like a party than like a panel... Olivia, Kevin, and the rest of the AOTS crew will be taking the stage in moments... I think they're building up the suspense."

[5:05] Stephen Johnson: "There has to be over 1000 people here. Amazing!"

[5:07] Stephen Johnson: "Lights went down... Were' seeing a video that parodies German sheiza video, but adds Boba Fett.. it's hilarious... hopefully we'll be able to get it up on the web for ya soon."

[5:08] Stephen Johnson: "The roar is deafening for Kevin, Olivia and company... Olivia is running into the crowd to meet the fans up close."

[5:08] Stephen Johnson: "Olivia is breathing heavy from her exertion..."

[5:08] Stephen Johnson: "The crowd seems to enjoy it."

[5:09] Stephen Johnson: "This is uncensored, Kevin reminds us, right after Olivia drops the F-Bomb."

[5:10] Stephen Johnson: "The crowd were given Bingo cards when they came in, and throughout the panel, there will be numbers mentioned and winners will be prizes,"

[5:10] Stephen Johnson: "Special Guest star: Sexy Yeti makes and appearance on stage."

[5:11] Stephen Johnson: "We're watching a"

[5:12] Stephen Johnson: "video: Around the Nerds... We're seeing the Double Rainbow video. It's amazing."

[5:12] Stephen Johnson: "Three comic-con attendees take the"

[5:13] Stephen Johnson: "stage.... to react to Double Rainbow.... they're doing an impression of double rainbow guy."

[5:14] Stephen Johnson: "AOTS is throwing"

[5:14] Stephen Johnson: "Uh Oh..."

[5:14] Stephen Johnson: "Olivia announces that someone on stage farted!"

[5:17] Stephen Johnson: "The winner gets a crappy cell phone that once hung on AOTS's set... some prize."

[5:18] Stephen Johnson: "The next segment: The Loop. With special guests Blair Butler and Alison Haislip, and Vinnie and Joshua, the show's executive producers. It's Q and A time. Audience questions will be answered."

[5:20] Stephen Johnson: "Q: You have the greatest show ever. Everyone associated with G4 is awesome. (That means me, too, people.) But what gadget is the most awesome? A: The Hitachi Magic Wand (according to Kevin)"

[5:20] Stephen Johnson: "Alison says she's glad she's on Verizon, because iPhones aren't working."

[5:22] Stephen Johnson: "It gets personal as Alison offers to "Take Olivia out." Blair brings back reason by naming the Can Opener as her favorite device because, "When you turn it, you can eat soup.""

[5:23] Stephen Johnson: "Q: What's the best part about working at G4? A: Blair Butler says she got to ride in a golf cart at Comic-Com... and then a shout out for G4's Bagel Thursday! (Free bagels, every Thursday.)"

[5:24] Stephen Johnson: "Q: For Olivia. How different is your work on AOTS from The Daily Show. A: On the Daily Show, everything is very scripted, very script, where AOTS allows you to be a little more free."

[5:25] Stephen Johnson: "Q: For Olivia: What's your favorite kind of pie? A: Banana Cream."

[5:26] Stephen Johnson: "Q: This is for Kevin: Do you use any words on the G4 Urban Dictionary? A: Chuttle. And Olivia names "Gunt.""

[5:28] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Olivia, what's it like being on Chuck? A: I start my role on Monday. I said I'd only do it if I was butt ass naked, so you're welcome."

[5:29] Stephen Johnson: "Q: What drug would you invent. A: The consensus is Scotch, even though it already exists."

[5:30] Stephen Johnson: "Q: How has the popularity of the show changed your life? A: Olivia says "Me and Kevin had to stop doing it together." Kevin adds, "In the front.""

[5:32] Stephen Johnson: "Blair Butler says she's recognized by airport security now. Alison says "I can no longer be wrong about anything...especially on Twiiter.""

[5:32] Stephen Johnson: "Q: Would it"

[5:34] Stephen Johnson: "be possible to have an episode where Alison and Olivia host the show?"

[5:46] Stephen Johnson: "Q: For Kevin: What kind of horrible jobs did you have before AOTS? A: I had an ISP when I was abour 12 years old. I sold that and started working in television.... I worked at Best Buy once for a few days, but I've had a pretty sweet existence."

[5:47] Stephen Johnson: "Q: How do you get a Job on AOTS? A: Worst last question ever!"

[5:47] Stephen Johnson: "A: That"

[5:48] Stephen Johnson: "Kevin suggests you email him "tasteful nudes" to get a job on the show."

[5:49] Stephen Johnson: "The panel now thanks the crowd... but, as one last thing, we're getting an exclusive comic-con video...."

[5:50] Stephen Johnson: "It's a new Parry Gripp song! called "I Am Awesomer Than You." Video starring Kevin and Olivia as super heroes...it is awesomer"

[5:52] Stephen Johnson: "An epic"

[5:53] Stephen Johnson: "battle featuring wire work, and wild special effects... as well as a cameo from king of all comics Stan Lee..."

[5:56] Stephen Johnson: "And with that, Kevin Pereira says the fans make Kevin's job the best in the world... and Keyboard Cat plays the panel off. Goodnight, everyone, thanks for reading, everybody!"


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