Prepare to stand in judgement over the best internet memes ever to debate the funny, and vote to pick the ultimate winner. This is MEMEFIGHT!
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How did we get to the 32 memes that make up the MEMEFIGHT brackets? Good question. The first thing we did was make a list of over 200 memes that we thought might be in the running, and then send that list to our panel of 16 experts, including the writers of, so they could rank their top 32 in order. Once we compiled all of that data, we weighted the rankings from 1-32 and then averaged them to come up with the ultimate first round battle list.

Who are the experts that we trusted to create MEMEFIGHT? That's an even better question. Let's meet this all-star list of internet experts now!


MEMEFIGHT - Cheese Kenyatta Cheese - If you want to find a man who knows his memes, you couldn't do any better than the man who actually created, Mr. Kenyatta Cheese. Tweet to thank him @kenyatta.
MEMEFIGHT - Caldwell Don Caldwell - Senior Reporter - Studied cultural evolution and memetics at Rutgers University and has been deeply immersed in Internet culture since the days of Quake 2. Has pwnt the host of Attack of the Show in Action Quake. Twitter: @DonCald.
MEMEFIGHT - Kim Brad Kim - Editor - "If you don't know your memes, you'll be defeated in every single battle." Hit up Brad's site and his twitter: @hiiambradkim.
MEMEFIGHT - Shey Tim Shey - Tim is Director of the YouTube Next Lab, focused on creating and incubating new talent on YouTube. Previously Tim was President and Co-founder at Next New Networks which racked up 1.5 billion views and ten Webby awards... so he sorta knows about the internet and stuff. Follow him @moth.
MEMEFIGHT - Karp Jensen Karp - Jensen is the co-owner of Gallery1988 and has worked on art-based marketing campaigns for the television show LOST and companies like Disney and Mattel. You can hear the former rapper (Hot Karl) weekly on Kevin Smith's with his own podcast, "Get Up On This!," every Tuesday at 1PM PT / 4PM ET. Twit him up at @JensenClan88 
MEMEFIGHT - Mustafa Isaiah Mustafa - Better known to the world as 'The Old Spice Guy,' Isaiah is the only member of our panel who is, himself, a meme. And, he's likely on a, right now. Follow him @isaiahmustafa.
MEMEFIGHT - Curtis Drew Curtis - You want internet heavy hitters? How about Drew Curtis, better known to you as the man who founded You think he knows a thing or two about memes? We certainly do. He's tweetable @DrewCurtis.


Gavin Purcell - Producer on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, epic nerd and former Executive Producer of Attack of the Show. Gavin gets it before it gets out. And then some. Follow him @gavinpurcell.


Erik Martin - As General Manager of, Erik Martin is responsible for one of the most knowledgeable and vocal groups on the internet. Reddit is often where memes are created, so we can all thank Erik for the fact that this contest even exists. Follow him @hueypriest.
MEMEFIGHT - Vinny Vinny Rutherford - One of the twin pillars that executive produce Attack of the Show, Vinny spends a great deal of his life on the internet. So, you know, he knows his s**t. Check him out at @vinceruth.
MEMEFIGHT - Brentano Joshua Brentano - The other of the two-headed monster that makes up the executive producing team on Attack of the Show, Joshua has been with G4 for years, and TechTV for years before that. Memes are one of his particular favorites.
Alison Haislip - Adventure seeker, AOTS correspondent, and one of the voices of NBC's The Voice, Alison Haislip really, really likes 'Numa Numa'. Follow her at @AlisonHaislip.
Morgan Webb - G4's resident gaming goddess and the host of X-Play, Morgan Webb is an expert on all things internet, and can be followed on Twitter @MorganWebb.
MEMEFIGHT - Jeremy Hache Jeremy Hache - As the producer of Attack of the Show's 'Around the Net' segment, Jeremy spends his working life looking for things on the internet that are funny. We figured he'd be a perfect fit. Follow him on Twitter at @jhache.
MEMEFIGHT - Chobot Jessica Chobot - Jessica is not only the daredevil co-host of  G4's Proving Ground. and a recognized expert in all things internet-related, but she licks gaming consoles for your enjoyment. Follow her at @Jessica_Chobot.
MEMEFIGHT - Herter Blair Herter - Host of X-Play, road warrior, Saints fan, and real live nerd, Mr. Herter's panelist qualifications are legion. Also, his knowledge of meme lore is intense. Follow him at @blairherter.
MEMEFIGHT - Blain Blain Howard - Not only is Blain the man in charge of making sure gamers get their fix on X-Play, but he's also an avid MMA fan and a lover of memes. Why not follow him at @blainh?
MEMEFIGHT - Eckstein Eric Eckstein - Eric is the Director of Gaming Editorial here at, which means he runs The Feed, which means he's seen more than his fair share of internet funnies in his day. Thus, he makes the panel! Here's his Twitter for you to follow, @EricEckstein.
MEMEFIGHT - Juster Robert Juster - Mr. Juster is the head honcho at, which means he essentially runs the internet. There are two things he loves more than anything else...Rush and memes.Tweet with him at @juster.


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