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Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Ed Norton, but he'd have to borrow George Clooney's hair to get it just right.
Clooney made salt-and-pepper hair into the cool pile of deliciousness it is
today and I have him to thank for popularizing the look. Chicks dig my hair.
And guys ask me how to get their hair like mine. It's very simple, grow old.

Finish this sentence..."In space..."

In space... there's no sound!!!
Seriously, there's no sound in the vacuum of space.
However, filmmakers love to add exciting whooshes
to starships tooling around the cosmos. And,
admittedly, yes, it makes space battles more
exciting, but it's not accurate, scientifically-
speaking. Does that sound nerdy or geeky? I can’t

Okay, there's no sound in space except perhaps
the music of Beethoven, which Stanley Kubrick
used so well in the original 2001: A Space Odyssey.

What's your favorite television show?

I have a few...
Battlestar Galactica - Best Sci-Fi Show
The Office - Best Comedy Show
Lost - Best Action/Drama/Whatever-it-is Show
Ninja Warrior - Best Reality Game Show

Should we actually be threatened by film?

Yes. Clearly this question was prompted by my own website Film Threat, but the origin
of the name does refer to the potential "threat" that the movies can be... but in a good
way. It's not just a line from an Oscar speech; movies do have the power to change the
world. So, in that sense, it's the most powerful art form and should be feared and
respected. Or, as it was better said by Stan Lee, "With great power comes great

What would be the special features in the AOTS boxed set?

- Kevin and Olivia best unbleeped moments.
- Stickam's greatest gaffes.
- Anna David's In Your Pants, full frontal version.
- Olivia's deleted wardrobe malfunctions.
- Tea Time with Layla.
- Best of DVDuesday (1 min.)
- Best sketches not approved by the G4 legal department.
- Drunk commentary track.

What's your favorite movie?

Slacker (1989)
This is the film by Richard Linklater, not Slackers, a bad comedy.
Slacker is the most radical independent film ever made, not only for its subversive ideas
but because there is no main character or plot -- it's an affectionate look at Austin, Texas

What's the biggest mistake most filmmakers make these days?

Making the film before the script is perfect. It happens with almost every major studio
movie since the release date is usually set in stone before the script is ready to go.
Write. Rewrite. Repeat... until perfect.

Tell us something about yourself
that we don't already know.

I only have one kidney. It's true, I was born this way and it's extremely rare. No lie, I am
a mutant. This bizarre mutation means that I urinate three times more than the average
person. But will I use my power for good or evil? Will I join the Brotherhood of Mutants
or join Professor X's Mutant Academy? You might call me the "Urinator" and when the
super villains arrive, I simply walk away and tell them, "Hey, I gotta pee."