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AOTS - February 26th, 2009

Premiered on February 26, 2009

Attack This
Wannabe Superhero Gear

Olivia has got a few things you should get if you're looking at being a superhero any time soon. You'll need some solid steel weapons, hardcore body armor, and a cave house for this fantasy to become a reality.

Movies and TV
Make's John Park

We're joined in the studio once again by John Park from his DIY projects TV show on public station's across the country called 'Make.' He's come back with even more stuff you can build yourself and he's going to do some fancy demonstrations for us.

AOTS Exclusive
How To Be a Badass: Capoeira

Alison took a road trip out to a capoeira gym in Los Angeles to learn a thing or two about this ancient style of martial arts that is half dance, half fight, and all sexypants.

AOTS Exclusive
Camping Hacks

As the weather starts to warm up just slightly and we crawl out of winter hibernation, you may be interested in learning some fantastic camping hacks to save you money and time but also make the whole experience just a little more nerdy.

The Feed
The Daily Feed with Layla Kayleigh: 2.26.09

Layla is here to tell you all about Sam Jackson's new 9 picture deal with Marvel, Google's new love and use of Twitter, and the ever-present oh so much more.

Around the Net
Mustache Pizza, Angry Dog

Today's Around the Net is so packed with laughs, it doesn't even need the funny bone tickling videos featuring mustache pizza, butt-crack chainsaws and dogs that make weird noises. Don't get us wrong, it has them, but even without them, the segment would be a work of comedy genius.

Web Tools
Diddit.com Review

If you've ever wanted to combine social networking with making a bucket list, this may just be the site for you. Diddit.com helps you track your tasks and gives you the option to make your exploits public and follow other people's list progress, too.

Movies and TV
Stephanie Jacobsen from FOX's 'Terminator'

We have a very special guest with us in the studio today. Stephanie Jacobsen from 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' and the BSG TV movie 'Razor' joins us to talk about being a badass Aussie in Hollywood.