Iron Man 2 Comic-Con 2009 Archive

Iron Man 2 Comic-Con 2009 Archive

By - Posted Jul 27, 2009
[4:09] Stephen Johnson: "I'm here at the big panel! Iron Man 2 -- this is the hottest ticket at the Con, maybe in the world!"
[4:10] Stephen Johnson: "Jon Favreau took the stage to show a video."
[4:11] Stephen Johnson: "Robert Downey Jr. takes the stage... after we see a fake trailer... cheap effects, an silliness."
[4:11] Stephen Johnson: "Now they're going to show the REAL trailer!   Downy and Favreau are HYSTERICAL."
[4:12] Stephen Johnson: "The entire 6500 people here are singing happy birthday to Jon's son Max! It's like a huge nerd party for the ages."
[4:12] Stephen Johnson: "And now, the REAL footage!"
[4:20] Stephen Johnson: "First: Incredibly cool footage.   It begins with Stark talking to Samuel L. Jackson, and commences to a scene in front of Congress, where Tony Stark is reluctant to give up the Iron Man suit to the govenment. "You should thank me," he says, "I privatized world peace." Then, the bad guy: Mickey Rourke as Whiplash is frightening. Whips of electricity and the scary charisma of Rourke."
[4:21] Stephen Johnson: "Here's a cool detail: Part of Iron Man 2's plot involves Col. Rhodes (Don Cheadle) purchasing a huge number of big guns to attach to the Iron Man suit. Nice!"
[4:23] Stephen Johnson: "To sum up the footage: It's obvious that the film is witty, well-written and human, as well as containing over-the-top heroics and effects. That's why the first one worked, and it looks like even more is on the way when this flick hits in May 2010."
[4:24] Stephen Johnson: "Oh, also: I'm in the same room as Scarlett Johanson. Just to make you jealous.   Sam Rockwell and Don Cheadle are on stage with Downey and Favreau too."
[4:25] Stephen Johnson: "We're taking fan questions now:"
[4:26] Stephen Johnson: "A fan asks Jon Favreau if he'll be directing an Avengers movie. Jon says "I still have a year to go with this one... but I'll be involved in some way.""
[4:32] Stephen Johnson: "They are repeating the footage. Sweeet!"
[4:38] Stephen Johnson: "I think you're going to be really happy with Whiplash. Rourke is truly menacing. It's obvious that this entire panel is about showing this piece of video, and it's worth it. "
[4:43] Stephen Johnson: "A fan asks Don Cheadle "Do you like playing the good guy you played in Iron Man 2 or the bad guy you played in Meteor Man?"   Cheadle picks Iron Man, and that, my friends, ends the Iron Man 2 panel."
[4:46] Stephen Johnson: "Another interesting bit of the panel: The creators of the Iron Man movies, gave much props to Bob Layton, the comic book artist known for creating the definitive Iron Man. Layton was brought on stage, and gave a personal blessing to the film franchise. It's that kind of full circle between comics and movies that defines the Con. Seriously, there's a lot of love (and geekery) in the room."
[4:47] Stephen Johnson: "But, the panel is over, and the standing-room only crowd is leaving. Have faith, though. There's a ton of awesome Comic Con greatness on www.g4tv.com/comiccon"

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  • Rage Knight

    this movie will be better than the first probally

    Posted: December 18, 2009 5:02 PM