Focus Features: 9 Comic-Con 2009 Archive

Focus Features: 9 Comic-Con 2009 Archive

By - Posted Jul 27, 2009
[2:34] Brian Leahy: "Welcome to our liveblog for the Comic-Con 2009 Focus Features: 9 Panel.   We are experiencing a delay.   Please stand by for further info."
[2:43] Brian Leahy: "The Focus Features peeps are still getting ready. It's Comic-Con! Everything runs late. Please continue to stand by for updates."
[3:01] Dana Vinson: "Hey everyone! I'm here at the 9 panel at Comic-Con 2009."
[3:01] Dana Vinson: "Everything's been running late today in Hall H..."
[3:02] Dana Vinson: "But we were just shown the trailer for 9. Very cool animation, produced by Tim Burton and...here he comes out on stage!"
[3:02] Dana Vinson: "TB gets a standing ovation from the audience."
[3:03] Dana Vinson: "They're slowly bringing people out...here comes Elijah Wood."
[3:04] Dana Vinson: "EW plays the lead character, 9."
[3:05] Dana Vinson: "Finally, Jennifer Connelly is out for the panel!"
[3:06] Dana Vinson: "They're talking about the theme of the movie, moderator asked if it was influenced by steampunk...director said it's more like "stitchpunk.""
[3:06] Dana Vinson: "Imagine if in Fallout 3, all the characters wore burlap sacks instead of metal."
[3:07] Dana Vinson: "Shane Acker, the director is talking about the plot of the movie...the characters must discover what happened to humans in the past to unlock their own futures."
[3:08] Dana Vinson: "TB has a broken finger? Or is that just an accessory? There's some sort of strange device on his finger."
[3:09] Dana Vinson: "TB is talking about how his main role in the making of the film was to keep the studio at bay and let Shane Acker make the movie he wanted to make."
[3:09] Dana Vinson: "Acker said Focus Features was really supportive the whole way through, however."
[3:11] Dana Vinson: "Moderator is noting that there are similarities between Frodo and 9...EW agrees that they are similar, but says that 9 is more fighting the establishment in the film. He says the character of 9 doesn' t know that there's anything to be afraid of, so he soldiers on."
[3:14] Dana Vinson: "9 is doing a lot of special promotions here at Comic-Con...they're handing out a bunch of flyers with a puzzle on it where you download an app to your phone, take a picture of the flyer and the app will decode the picture and give you the address for a special website with bonus movie content."
[3:14] Dana Vinson: "Director says there are plenty of clips online of the film if you're wondering about the look of the film."
[3:15] Dana Vinson: "Oh boy! Time for toy talk!"
[3:15] Dana Vinson: "There will be a line of collectables inspired by the movie...yay!"
[3:20] Dana Vinson: "We're getting a clip now..."
[3:20] Dana Vinson: "These sack things are cute, but yet, freaky."
[3:21] Dana Vinson: "The movie is rated PG-13, so it's a little dark and a little scary, but there's not nudity and no dirty language."
[3:21] Dana Vinson: "Shane calls it "intense.""
[3:22] Dana Vinson: "The main actor is Elijah Wood...the whole thing is animated, so it's his voice."
[3:23] Dana Vinson: "Jennifer Connelly is the female lead."
[3:23] Dana Vinson: "Audience Q&A time!"
[3:23] Dana Vinson: "TB says now is a great time for young artists to get involved in animation. There are a lot of very exciting things going on right now and so many new mediums to explore."
[3:25] Dana Vinson: "9 is super action packed, the clip we just saw was a chase scene where the main characters were be chased by the giant robots. They were running through some sort of run-down factory with machines trying to smash them and robots running around. Really cool stuff."
[3:25] Dana Vinson: "TB is Tim Burton, he's producing "9""
[3:27] Dana Vinson: "TB says he'll never go back to "Ripley's Believe it Or Not." Says he worked on it for 6 months and it didn't work, but he feels like it's something he's already done it and it's over."
[3:28] Dana Vinson: "Wanted Part 2 is coming!!!"
[3:28] Dana Vinson: "Timur Bekmambetov is here on the panel and he just confirmed that Wanted 2 is in the works."
[3:30] Dana Vinson: "Now Shane Acker is talking about the score...Danny Elfman! Nice pull!"
[3:31] Dana Vinson: "Said the score will be out a few weeks before the movie, so if you're a Danny Elfman fan, you should check that out."
[3:35] Dana Vinson: "Now Acker's talking about how adult dramatic cartoon hardly ever do well at the box office, but he says that it's the only medium he could use to tell this story."
[3:35] Dana Vinson: "Tim Burton says if you want to get into films, keep your passion and hope for luck, but you have to keep at it and to keep your passion alive for whatever it is you want to do."
[3:36] Dana Vinson: "No third film for the Nightwatch series, says Timur Bekmambetov."
[3:40] Dana Vinson: "Oh man! Someone started to ask a question and then stopped in mid-sentence and started asking TIm Burton something ridiculously personal, so they cut his microphone. Awesome! Comic-Con is live, baby! Anything can happen!"
[3:41] Dana Vinson: "Tim Burton did an Alice in Wonderland panel yesterday..."
[3:45] Dana Vinson: "Well, that's it from the 9 panel! The movie comes out 9-9-09! The next panel is District 9!"

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