Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus Comic-Con 2009 Panel Archive

Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus Comic-Con 2009 Panel Archive

By Dana Vinson - Posted Jul 23, 2009
[4:34] Brian Leahy: "Welcome to the live blog for  Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Dana Vinson is getting setup and will be bringing you all of the panel info shortly. Stay tuned!"
[4:46] Dana Vinson: "Hey everyone! They finally herded us cattle in from outside and into Hall H. I'm in here waiting for Terry Gilliam and his talk about his new movie, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus."
[4:48] Dana Vinson: "Still waiting for the panel to start, but in the meantime, the girls behind me were just talking about "Fat Supergirl." It made me giggle."
[4:52] Dana Vinson: "The panel is starting!"
[4:52] Dana Vinson: "They're showing a montage of Terry Gilliam's work...THe FIsher King, Brazil, Time Bandits..."
[4:54] Dana Vinson: "Gilliam is the only person listed as a guest for this panel, but I'm pretty sure there will be some surprises."
[4:56] Dana Vinson: "Still showing a video. Sort of a behind the scenes on Dr. Parnassus.."
[4:56] Dana Vinson: "Here comes Terry Gilliam! It's his first visit to Comic-Con."
[4:57] Dana Vinson: "Comes out on stage and immediately reminds everyone that he's still alive. (Not a Portal reference)"
[4:58] Dana Vinson: "TG claims that today he's going to show us all the most boring bits of Pernassus because he always gets mad when filmmakers show the best sections of their movies because then you don't get your money's worth at the theater. He guarentees that this way, we'll get our money's worth."
[4:59] Dana Vinson: "TG receives an Ink Pot award from Comic-Con...immediately fakes getting up to leave after receiving the award."
[5:01] Dana Vinson: "Now TG's introducing the first Pernassus clip...says that the reason they finished the movie was so everyone can see Heath Ledger's last film."
[5:01] Dana Vinson: "Sorry, everyone. I can't take pictures inside the Hall. Hollywood's totally secretive about this kind of stuff. :("
[5:02] Dana Vinson: "The film looks great...Gilliam creativity, but updated. Almost a sharper sylistic approach."
[5:05] Dana Vinson: "It looks like a seamless merger of CG and complex sets. I think since they didn't have a ton of cash to do the film, a lot of the grander scenes are CG, but the little stuff is all real and dressed  very well.  The detail you would expect from TG.  "
[5:05] Dana Vinson: "TG is back on stage talking now that the clip is over. He's talking about how Heath Ledger came on to the project. Ledger totally slipped him a note during a meeting they were having while he was filming The Dark Knight."
[5:07] Dana Vinson: "TG is, understandibly, sour about the Hollywood system. Said they failed to understand what a huge star Heath Ledger would be even after The Dark Knight came out. Made it hard to get funding for the film."
[5:09] Dana Vinson: "TG welcomes Verne Troyer to the stage. TG is excited about Verne being in teh movie and happy that "everyone will get to see what a great dramatic actor" he is."
[5:09] Dana Vinson: "VT is happy to have the chance to show everyone what he can do and hopes everyone comes out to see the film."
[5:12] Dana Vinson: "Another clip...this time inside the Imaginarium. A man runs through an elaborate forest of his own creation...chasing a woman. He doesn't catch her, but he is nabbed by giant Jellyfish and lifted high above the earth then dropped onto a giant thumbtack."
[5:13] Dana Vinson: "^^I know, but remember, it's a Terry Gilliam movie!"
[5:14] Dana Vinson: "TG is asked about working on the animations for Monty Python's Flying Circus. Said they had NO MONEY, so he was forced to make-do. That's how he came up with the idea of cutting out his favorite works of art and doing the stop animation style art featured on the show."
[5:14] Dana Vinson: "A questions from the crowd: What was it like to work with Heath Ledger?"
[5:15] Dana Vinson: "VT said he was lucky to have had the chance to work with Heath. Said he was one of those people who even if you had just been friends for a short time, it felt like you had been friends with them forever."
[5:16] Dana Vinson: "TG said Heath was an exception person and exceptional actor. Said there was a wisdom about him that went way beyond his years. Thinks he would have been the greatest actor of his generation."
[5:18] Dana Vinson: "I know that they screen these fan questions before they're asked, so I'm not sure if Comic-Con make them extremely bland or if fans really want to just know the basics. For example: "What's your inspiration?""
[5:18] Dana Vinson: "TG gave a one word answer to that question..."life""
[5:20] Dana Vinson: "A kid just asked a question that made absolutely no sense and blamed it on "having to listen to babbling Twilight people all day in order to get into this panel.""
[5:22] Dana Vinson: "TG just announced they have gotten the rights for Don Quixote back!"
[5:22] Dana Vinson: "He's currently searching for funds for Don Quixote...that's what he's working on next."
[5:23] Dana Vinson: "Girl in an awesome Superman t-shirt is asking a question! TG is giving her a hard time. It's totally adorable."
[5:25] Dana Vinson: "TG and VT are done, but they're closing out the panel with a special teaser trailer cut especially for Comic-Con."
[5:27] Dana Vinson: "No, no word on a release date...the trailer simply ended with "Coming Soon.""
[5:30] Dana Vinson: "That's it! Thanks everyone for reading!"

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