Wonder Women: Female Power Icons in Pop Culture Comic-Con 2009 Panel Archive

Wonder Women: Female Power Icons in Pop Culture Comic-Con 2009 Panel Archive

By Dana Vinson - Posted Jul 23, 2009
[1:11] Dana Vinson: "Hey everyone! Entertainment Weekly's Wonder Women: Female Power Icons in Pop Culture Panel will start in a few minutes. There are going to be plenty of awesome guests...and SPOILER ALERT: there will  be hot chicks."
[1:18] Dana Vinson: "Looks like they're a little late getting started here...they keep making these great announcements like "No Running!""
[1:26] Dana Vinson: "Still waiting for this shindig to start. Here are the scheduled guests: Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost and Zoe Saldana"
[1:27] Dana Vinson: "I'm not sure if we'll get any Lost news out of this panel, but we'll be live blogging the actual Lost panel on Saturday morning in honor of your love of secrets and four toed statues."
[1:29] Poll: Should Sigourney Weaver be in 'Ghostbusters 3'?
Yes! It Won't Be A Movie Without Her!:  ( 90% )
No, They Should Get Someone Younger:  ( 0% )
There Is No Dana, Only Zuul.:  ( 10% )
[1:33] Dana Vinson: "Ok! Here we go. The panel is finally starting. Comic-Con is very sorry about the delay."
[1:34] Dana Vinson: "Here come the ladies! Surprise! Eliza Dushku from Dollhouse is here!"
[1:36] Dana Vinson: "Zoe Saldana is on stage. Did anyone else get a Uhura cup from Burger King?! I DID!"
[1:37] Dana Vinson: "The guy from EW just promised that Elizabeth Mitchell would tell us everything she knows about the last season of Lost! Oh noes, I think he was kidding."
[1:38] Dana Vinson: "Ok, sorry everyone. I had to put the laptop down when Sigourney Weaver came out. That woman deserves a standing ovation."
[1:41] Dana Vinson: "SW: Originally didn't know if she wanted to do Aliens, because she didn't know much about science fiction, but after she saw the mock ups for the Queen's eggs, she was sold."
[1:41] Dana Vinson: "Now Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost."
[1:43] Dana Vinson: "EM: I'll be back depending on whether or not Jack's plan works or not."
[1:43] Dana Vinson: "(At the end of Lost this season, Juliet's fate was left up in the air, a cliffhanger if you will)"
[1:44] Dana Vinson: "Zoe Saldana from Star Trek is being ask whether or not she was a fan of the original Star Trek..."
[1:45] Dana Vinson: "ZS: Approached it from the viewpoint that there was no such think as a discrimination in the 23rd century, so there was no need to compromise her personality."
[1:46] Dana Vinson: "ZS: The original character is someone that everyone admired, says it's humbling to continue that."
[1:47] Dana Vinson: "Also, she had to stop while she was answering that question to ask  if "normalcy" was a word."
[1:48] Dana Vinson: "ED: Talking about Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. I asked Joss to make me the most multidimentional, deep character he'd ever done and he delivered."
[1:49] Mike D'Alonzo: "Just joined. Very impressive group of ladies."
[1:50] Dana Vinson: "Moderator: Why does Hollywood have such a problem with strong powerful women?"
[1:51] Dana Vinson: "SW: It's about creating a character. period. I never thought about playing it as a woman, I thought about playing it as a person."
[1:52] Dana Vinson: "SW: Hollywood gets really wrapped up in what women should "wear" and I was lucky when I did my action role that I got to wear real clothes."
[1:53] Dana Vinson: "Ok, I know I'm a huge fan girl and everything, but SW is so freakin' smart and elequent when she speaks. It's incredible."
[1:54] Dana Vinson: "ZS: I don't understand why I should have to have a conversation with a room full of men as to why I can't run and jump from building to building while wearing a skirt and Gucci boots."
[1:56] Dana Vinson: "EM: There is somewhat of a fear of sexuality in our culture. I was a huge fan of Sci-Fi when I was younger and I loved what it could do for women. They could be vibrant and strong."
[1:57] Mike D'Alonzo: "Zoe Saldana is really smart, too. Like, smarter than you think."
[1:58] Dana Vinson: "Mike is also a g4tv.com-er. We're able to see your comments, but they don't display in the window. You can see him because he's all official and stuff."
[2:00] Mike D'Alonzo: "Guy from Entertanment Weekly likes himself a little too much. Taking valuable panel time."
[2:00] Dana Vinson: "ED: There was a reason I went back to Joss when I wanted to find my next role. My role in Buffy was so amazing. When I went back to him, I had such trust that he is the reason why I have all these opportunities."
[2:01] Dana Vinson: "SW: Everyone in Hollywood is 5'2" blonde and blue eyed. I would be auditioning for guys that I would tower over. I'm about to turn 60 and I'm still getting sent all different types of roles sent to me."
[2:01] Mike D'Alonzo: "Dushku said "Buffy." 30-something witches go nutty."
[2:04] Dana Vinson: "The EW guy is super weak. He could be moderating this panel, or administering the SAT."
[2:04] Dana Vinson: "ZS: Now female characters don't have to sleep with the lead guy just because she digs him! This is a huge change."
[2:05] Dana Vinson: "It's awesome to watch this, these women are slowly finding out how cool they all are and becoming friends right in front of our eyes. They're actually have a real discussion with each other. The EW guy could not be more out of the loop at this point."
[2:06] Mike D'Alonzo: "These ladies really like each other, which is awesome."
[2:06] Dana Vinson: "EM: I've been cast in my best roles after the age of 30. We're allowed to be sexy as we get older."
[2:07] Mike D'Alonzo: "Get out of my head, Dana Vinson."
[2:07] Dana Vinson: "Moderator: Wonder Woman: Why doesn't she have a movie?"
[2:07] Dana Vinson: "Thanks for finally stepping up to the plate, Mr. EW. A good question."
[2:08] Dana Vinson: "ED: I think everyone's afraid of messing it up. There are some people who have taken a pass at it, but I just don't think that it's worked out."
[2:09] Mike D'Alonzo: "P.S. Sigourney Weaver does NOT look 60."
[2:09] Dana Vinson: "ZS: The character of Wonder Woman is so much more complex than just a girl with a great bum and a great rack spinning around really fast."
[2:10] Dana Vinson: "That last ZS comment made me fall in love with her, BTW."
[2:12] Dana Vinson: "HOLY CRAPS!!!! An audience member just asked "Why do you think they're trying to cast Wonder Woman young?" ZS answers: Do you want to know the truth? 65 year old men want to see 25 year old little girls running around. They (men) are the ones who cut the checks. It's like that way in Hollywood it's like that way in corporate America. They don't stop to think that anyone would want to see something different because they don't."
[2:13] Dana Vinson: "That was an awesome, straight forward answer to that question. ZS now officially freakin' rocks. She's not afraid of anything!"
[2:14] Mike D'Alonzo: "Zoe Saldana just said "prominent orthodox race." I'm in love."
[2:15] Dana Vinson: "SW: Don't look to Hollywood to be the leader of social change. You'll have to drag them by the nose."
[2:16] Mike D'Alonzo: "This is awesome. I am enlightened."
[2:17] Dana Vinson: "SW: Show up to the types of films you want to see  and show hollywood that they can make money, and they'll do what you want."
[2:17] Mike D'Alonzo: "Just about over. See you all soon."
[2:18] Dana Vinson: "That's it! The panel has ended! Thanks for tuning in! Look for more live blogs coming soon later today!"

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