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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds Comic-Con 2010 Panel

After a decade of demand, Capcom delivers with Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds! Learn all about the characters, levels, storyline, fight moves, and combos from producer Ryota Niitsuma and special advisor Seth Killian.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

By Kevin Kelly - Posted Jul 23, 2010

[1:48] Kevin Kelly: "Ahoy, G4ians! I'm here in a seat waiting on the beginning of the Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds panel to begin."

[1:49] Kevin Kelly: "Just so you know, I sat patiently through a MattyCollector.com panel to snag a good seat for this, so if there's anything you're dying to know about He-Man action figures, I might be your guy."

[1:53] Kevin Kelly: "For those of you asking... I might still have a Man-At-Arms figure. Maybe."

[1:54] Kevin Kelly: "I just spoke to Seth Killian, who remained tight-lipped, but expect some new information about the game shortly."

[1:56] Poll: Which weird Marvel character should make it into the game?

Thunder Frog: (9%)

Speedball: (26%)

Howard the Duck: (60%)

Swarm: (5%)

[2:01] Kevin Kelly: "They just handed out some fake comic book covers for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Not sure if it reveals anything or not..."

[2:03] Kevin Kelly: "Seth just told the crowd that they would decide who is more mighty: Marvel or Capcom, at which point the room erupted with shouts of MARVEL and CAPCOM!"

[2:04] Kevin Kelly: "Capcom Producer, Ryota Niitsuma, Capcom Localization, Miguel Corti, Special Advisor, Seth Killian, Marvel Director of Games, To Jefferson, and the Writer Frank Tieri are in attendance."

[2:05] Kevin Kelly: "They're showing us a trailer to update us on the story."

[2:05] Kevin Kelly: "Seriously, if the game looked like this, they could sell a billion copies."

[2:06] Kevin Kelly: "Cutscene shows faceoffs between classic characters on both sides."

[2:06] Kevin Kelly: "Swordy, shooty, Deadpool action."

[2:07] Kevin Kelly: "Morrigan's tailspikes catch Deadpool square in the butt. Ouch."

[2:08] Kevin Kelly: "I'm not sure if that's been seen before, but we'll do our best to get it to you. It's pretty fantastic. Why can't animated shows look like this?"

[2:08] Kevin Kelly: "Seth namechecks X:Men: Children of the Atom as the first foray into Marvel fighting games. People cheer wildly."

[2:09] Kevin Kelly: "Capcom wants this game to be the ultimate dream pairing."

[2:09] Kevin Kelly: "Most recent version of MT Framework is being used."

[2:10] Kevin Kelly: "The gloves are off, and anything is possible. What does that even mean?"

[2:10] Kevin Kelly: "They're putting in comic book touches throughout: catch phrases, special shaders, opening and ending slates, in-game events."

[2:10] [Comment From John Hollingsworth:] "CG or gameplay?"

[2:10] Kevin Kelly: "The trailer was all CG, no gameplay."

[2:11] Kevin Kelly: "Here comes TQ Jefferson and Frank Tieri from Marvel."

[2:12] Kevin Kelly: "FYI, for the post part, this is the image we're seeing on the fake comic cover. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/91/Marvel_vs._Capcom_3_Fate_of_Two_Worlds_artwork.png"

[2:12] Kevin Kelly: "With a few additions."

[2:12] Kevin Kelly: "TQ and Frank are talking about the importance of creating a compelling story, and I think we all can agree with that."

[2:13] Kevin Kelly: "Frank just said "THIS WILL BE THE GREATEST FIGHTING GAME OF ALL TIME!""

[2:13] Kevin Kelly: ""This game does not suck. The gameplay is awesome. The roster is awesome. The writing is awesome.""

[2:14] Kevin Kelly: "Frank is a big fan of the old school Marvel Super Heroes arcade game."

[2:14] Kevin Kelly: "Frank is making sure that all the dialogue and action from the Marvel characters are authentic."

[2:15] Kevin Kelly: ""The game is Marvel vs. Capcom, not Marvel vs. Marvel, so I owed it to you fans to do the Capcom research and make sure all of that stuff was nailed down too. I did my homework.""

[2:16] Kevin Kelly: ""The endings are going to be a particular treat for the fans. Marvel and Capcom have let me use their entire libraries for these, and there are going to be characters in these that won't be playable, but they'll appear. You'll see everyone from Ghost Rider to Man-Thing in here.""

[2:17] Kevin Kelly: "Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is the inspiration
MVC3 is for everyone
Open and limitless gameplay engine
New features"

[2:17] Kevin Kelly: "We've shifted over to Ryota by the way. He's speaking Japanese and it's being translated."

[2:18] Kevin Kelly: "There are new characters in this game that have never been played before."

[2:18] Kevin Kelly: "They want you to choose a character you like, play the game, and have fun. Okay, that's a deal."

[2:19] Kevin Kelly: "We're updating the fighting system, and there will be some treats. We're working to make sure balance issues are not a problem."

[2:19] Kevin Kelly: "Four new characters."

[2:19] Kevin Kelly: "Here comes a movie to show them off."

[2:19] Kevin Kelly: "Doctor Doom"

[2:20] Kevin Kelly: "Wow, he's fairly tall."

[2:20] Kevin Kelly: "Awesome Doom Blast attacks."

[2:20] Kevin Kelly: "Chun Li."

[2:20] Kevin Kelly: "YUB YUB YUB YUB YUB YUB YUB"

[2:20] Kevin Kelly: "Skrull"

[2:21] Kevin Kelly: "Nothing like an ugly green goblin clone!"

[2:21] Kevin Kelly: "Trish from Devil May Cry"

[2:21] Kevin Kelly: "They're playable here on the floor at Comic-Con."

[2:22] Kevin Kelly: "Doctor Doom was in the last game, and they knew they wanted him in this one."

[2:23] Kevin Kelly: "Man, the Super Skrull is fairly ugly."

[2:23] Kevin Kelly: "He has a lot of unique features. Quirky movements, and he can use all of the Fantastic Four's abilities. (durrr)"

[2:23] Kevin Kelly: "None of the Fantastic Four will be playable characters in the game."

[2:24] Kevin Kelly: "Chun Li is here, requires no explanation."

[2:24] Kevin Kelly: "And Trish, we thought we'd put in a character with some sex appeal."

[2:25] Kevin Kelly: "Here are some other characters...."

[2:25] Kevin Kelly: "Thor, of course."

[2:25] Kevin Kelly: "His lightning hammer attacks are pretty awesome."

[2:26] Kevin Kelly: "Yes, Playable Thor. Hammertime."

[2:26] Kevin Kelly: "Mega-giant whirlwind attack K.O. wows the crowd."

[2:28] Kevin Kelly: "Here comes a new Capcom character...."

[2:28] Kevin Kelly: "Yes, it's Amaterasu."

[2:28] Kevin Kelly: "Holy crap, he just took down Hulk."

[2:29] Kevin Kelly: "That is one badass wolf."

[2:30] Kevin Kelly: "She's the wolf from Okami."

[2:31] Kevin Kelly: "That's all the new characters, apparently. Now they're going to show off some gameplay."

[2:31] Kevin Kelly: "They're going to settle the Marvel vs. Capcom battle right now."

[2:31] Kevin Kelly: "Picking out audience members to battle it out."

[2:32] Kevin Kelly: "The winner gets a Marvel vs. Capcom arcade stick autographed by Ryota."

[2:33] Kevin Kelly: "Projector is showing black and white only, "This is our Wizard of Oz version" quips Seth."

[2:35] Kevin Kelly: "Well, they're battling it out in downtown New York, while giant Daily Bugle and Spider-Man parade balloons float in the background."

[2:35] Kevin Kelly: "It's still in black and white, and the sound is completely hosed. Nice work, Comic-Con."

[2:36] Kevin Kelly: "Captain America, Deadpool and Iron Man are facing off against Trish, Dante and Hulk. (So much for M vs. C?)."

[2:37] Kevin Kelly: "And "Capcom" wins. With the Hulk. Wha, huh? REMATCH!"

[2:38] Kevin Kelly: "They're going to have another match. People are going nuts trying to get chosen."

[2:38] Kevin Kelly: "Now they're saying that Marvel needs to choose an all-Marvel team, while Capcom has to pick an all-Capcom team. Um. Duh?"

[2:38] Kevin Kelly: "The prize: another arcade stick that magically appeared."

[2:39] Kevin Kelly: ""Trish can summon portals and Ryota can summon fight sticks." says Seth."

[2:39] Kevin Kelly: "Deadpool, Captain America, and Doctor Doom"

[2:40] Kevin Kelly: "vs. Ryu, Felicia, Morrigan"

[2:41] Kevin Kelly: "Deadpool just took out Ryu."

[2:41] Kevin Kelly: "Wow, noob pulled up the PlayStation XMB."

[2:41] Kevin Kelly: "Doctor Doom is massive and packs sweet blasts."

[2:42] Kevin Kelly: "Deadpool takes out Morrigan."

[2:42] Kevin Kelly: "Felicia is pwning Cap."

[2:43] Kevin Kelly: "Time ends.... and Marvel wins by default."

[2:44] Kevin Kelly: "One more thing about the game. They've made specific songs for all of the characters."

[2:44] Kevin Kelly: "Updated old school favorites with new mixes."

[2:50] Kevin Kelly: "And that's all she wrote, folks!"

[2:50] Kevin Kelly: "Well, they are now throwing out shirts, and people are going completely nuts."

[2:52] Kevin Kelly: "That's all she wrote, for real. We'll have more from the floor, folks!"

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